Diesel Boots Grey Kudu Leather Details

Grant Stone has been winning over shoe enthusiasts for nearly a decade, primarily through their exceptional range of men’s dress shoes and boots.

However, my initial experience with this dynamic brand was through their Coast leather sneakers, which have performed admirably in the four months I’ve owned them.

Crafting sneakers and Goodyear-welted boots are distinctly different challenges. In the following review, I’ll explore how Grant Stone’s tangible commitment to quality and construction translates to its Diesel boot via the following categories:

Grant Stone Diesel Boot Specifications

  • Brand: Grant Stone
  • Made In: Xiamen Island, China
  • Style: Service Boot
  • Formality: Casual
  • Upper: C.F. Stead Kudu Leather (Antelope)
  • Construction: Goodyear Welt
  • Sole: Leather
  • Price: $380 USD [Buy From Grant Stone]

The Diesel Boot is somewhat of a flagship within Grant Stone’s catalog. Accordingly, it’s offered in a variety of leather uppers including ostrich, Chromexcel, bison, and (seemingly) everything in between.

For some time, I’d had my eye on Kudu leather boots but had yet to pull the trigger. When I saw Grant Stone’s Diesel Boots in Kudu, it was a perfect opportunity to experience both this unique leather type as well as Grant Stone’s renowned Diesel boots.

Grant Stone Diesel Boots Kudu Leather In Shoe Box

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Diesel Boots Style & Appearance

I currently have over a dozen different pairs of boots in my wardrobe. They are quite varied, but common across them is the fact that very few are non-cap-toe boots.

This is no coincidence.

Goodyear Welted Diesel Boots In Kudu Leather

I generally shy away from them as I find boots without some sort of cap toe too simple or sterile. The same could be said of Grant Stone’s Diesel, but I think the Kudu leather really transforms the look of these boots.

In other boot styles, the design can be the main focus. With Grant Stone’s boots, I find the Diesel design serves more as a blank canvas on which to spotlight the excellent C.F. Stead Kudu leather used in their construction.

Kudu Stitching Details On Quarter Of Diesel Boots

Right out of the box and even before developing any patina, the Kudu of these Diesel boots has a ton of depth and character. The scars and natural texture of the hide make for a very intriguing look that instantly attracts attention. The unique look of the Kudu leather upper is only augmented by the stark contrast with the split-reverse Goodyear welt.

When it comes to the construction, the same attention to detail I previously encountered with GS’ Coast sneakers is also present here. All the stitches around the welt are perfect. The same can be said for the matching gray thread that brings together the quarters of the upper and which also attaches the heel counter.

Rawhide LAces & Speed Hooks Diesel Kudu Boots

Visually, these Diesel boots from Grant Stone are striking. Can this translate to comfortable wear, too?

Fit & Comfort

As soon as one takes the Diesel boots out of the Grant Stone shoe box, it’ll be easy to notice that these boots are quite substantial. I wouldn’t say they are too heavy, but you’ll definitely feel them when they’re on your feet.

Back Side Diesel Boots Designed by Grant Stone

If you’re used to wearing boots, this is normal. On the other hand, if you generally sport athletic sneakers, it may take some getting used to. The weight should come as no surprise, though, given the leather sole, leather heel stack, thick leather upper, steel shank, and more.

Grant Stone recommends going down half a size from your Brannock size for their boots. Whereas I generally wear a size 12, I opted for a size 11 as I knew I wouldn’t be wearing these with thick socks. If you think you’ll be wearing these during the colder months, I certainly recommend heeding the brand’s advice.Grant Stone Diesel Boots Worn With Brown Trousers

Personally, the size 11 fits perfectly. They were a bit snug out of the box, particularly in the vamp of the right boot, but they’ve already stretched slightly and don’t cause any discomfort.

As far as comfort, the leather insole and smooth leather lining also make for very comfy wear. On arch support, the Diesel boots don’t provide much, so I’d take this into consideration if you’re looking to use these with inserts.

I’ve only worn the Diesel boots for just over a month, perhaps as many as a dozen times. They still have some ways to go as far as completely molding to my feet, but I can nevertheless certify that they’re a pleasure to wear.

Diesel Boots Grey Kudu Leather Details

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Dress Code & Formality

As these Diesel boots are essentially designed like service boots, they’re quite a casual style. However, I think these could be integrated into smart casual and perhaps some business casual settings.

If, over time, you put too many miles on them, it’s likely that the welt and upper will tarnish and the dressier characteristics will fade away. I don’t mention this as a negative aspect, more so stating that these will be most formal when they’re newest and will likely become more casual as you wear them.

Kudu Boots By Grant Stone

Moreover, Grant Stone ships these with both rawhide (pictured) and grey cotton laces. I much prefer the rugged look of the rawhide laces, but the gray accessory laces will help bring these up a notch on the formality scale.

Ultimately, the patina that this Kudu leather will develop is the most desirable aspect, and if you’re looking for a pair of dressy boots, I’d say opt for these same Diesel boots but perhaps in the Crimson Chromexcel variety which is also priced at $380.

Presentation & Value For Money

Grant Stone’s presentation as a whole is top-of-theline. I first discovered it with the Coast sneakers, and it is no different with the Diesel boots.

Grant Stone Diesel Boots Kudu Leather In Shoe Box

The boots are delivered in a large branded shoe box that is quite thick. Inside are two individual shoe bags as well as a large fabric cleaning cloth. Furthermore, there is a small drawstring bag with the second pair of laces and a small shoehorn with a bottle opener. To top this all off, the brand also includes a couple of postcards, one of them personally signed.

I recently listened to a podcast with Grant Stone’s founders, and one of them mentioned that they spend a lot of money in their packaging. I think he even described it as “ridiculous,” referencing how much it costs them.

Grant Stone Box Accessories Shoe Horn Extra LAces

I wouldn’t call it ridiculous; instead, I’d call it impressive! It makes the experience of receiving a pair of Grant Stone shoes a very memorable one and certainly sets the stage for the phenomenal pair of shoes you’re receiving.

Priced at $380, I think there is value to be had with Grant Stone boots. No, they are not cheap. However, when you consider the quality, construction, materials, and package as a whole, it is my opinion that you are getting plenty of value for your money.

Review Diesel Boots Kudu Leather On Feet

The only caveat is that you must make sure you get the right size so that you actually wear these boots comfortably for many years to come. I had no issue with sizing, but I understand that the GS customer service team is quite adept at helping customers find the right size. If you have any issues, I highly recommend reaching out to ensure you’re satisfied with the shoes you invest this significant chunk of change into.

Closing Thoughts

Prior to these Diesel boots, I held Grant Stone in very high regard. After wearing these Kudu boots, I’ve only become a bigger fan of them.

Diesel Boots On Feet Kudu Gray Leather

The brand clearly knows what they’re doing. They put a lot of pride into their product, and it shows, not just in the aesthetics but in the entire experience, from buying on their site to first opening the box and, most importantly, to wearing their shoes.

If you’re looking for a premium pair of boots, whether it be these Diesels or any of Grant Stone’s other shoes, and you can afford to make this up-front investment in your footwear, I have no doubt you’ll be completely satisfied.

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"There's a reaosn why the Diesel boots from Grant Stone are some of the most popular across men's style forums - their excellent construction and design makes them a must-have for all boot aficionados."
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