Vaultskin Wallets Reviewed Leather Manhattan City And Chelsea Slim

A relatively young brand, Vaultskin crafts leather accessories intended to be not only fashionable but also useful in everyday life.

With this ethos in mind, they’ve designed a number of different RFID-blocking leather wallets. In the following review, we take a closer look at some of their most popular (and enticing) models via the following categories:

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About Vaultskin London

Brown Minimalist Wallet For Men On Table SmallVaultskin got its start in London in 2010 when the brand’s founders, of architectural and engineering backgrounds, created their first product, a phone case.

Since then, they’ve enjoyed the commercial success that has allowed them to expand their catalog to include a larger line of leather-clad phone cases, minimalist leather wallets, and the Vaultcard, among others.

Vaultskin proclaims that its products are designed with functionality and style in mind. After spending some time with three of their most popular wallets, it’s difficult not to agree.

What Quality Of Leather Does Vaultskin Use?

Most of Vaultskin’s products appear to employ leather in one form of another. Seeing as how the brand’s offerings are high-contact personal items such as wallets and phone cases, it’s crucial that a good quality leather be used if any durability is to be expected.

Vaultskin indicates that the leather used is top-grain Italian leather. Top grain is ideal not only because it’s velvety smooth but also cause it’s more durable. Moreover, it should age nicely and develop a sort of patina with extended use.

Packaging Of Vaultskin London Wallets

Vaultskin RFID-Blocking Wallets

All of Vaultskin’s wallets possess RFID-blocking technology that is intended to prevent cards from being inadvertently “skimmed.” However, it’s not just credit or debit cards that use this technology – some passports and other important IDs are also impregnated with chips that could be compromised. Accordingly, Vaultskin offers different types of wallets for different documents or cards.

Vaultskin’s line of RFID-blocking wallets can prevent your information from being stolen without compromising style or function. In fact, if you’re not actively looking for it, you wouldn’t even notice the mesh that Vaultskin employs in their wallets as a “shield” against card skimmers.

Vaultskin Packaging Of Leather Wallets With Protective Foam & Paper



For this review, I opted for the City, Chelsea, and Manhattan wallets from Vaultskin. They were shipped from Europe and arrived on the east coast of the USA within one week.

As seen above, they were all securely packaged with protective paper and foam elements to prevent damage while in transit.

The Vaultskin Chelsea Slim Card Holder

  • Material: Black Pebbled Leather
  • Price: $59.99 $35.99 [Shop On Vaultskin]
    • $32.40 w/ Code VSF-BESPOKEUNIT10

In my personal life, I tend to lean towards very small wallets as they are the least cumbersome. The Chelsea ultra-slim card holder was perfect in this regard.

While 10 different colors were available for the Chelsea wallet as of writing, I went with the black pebbled leather even though it carried a $5 premium over the other options. I am very glad I did. The pebbled leather is not only soft and supple but it’s also quite attractive.

Packaging Of Vaultskin London Wallets

The Chelsea is supposed to hold as many as 8 cards in its middle pocket. However, I think this is probably too much; personally, I wouldn’t try carrying more than 6 so that the card holder doesn’t become too bulky.

Initially, I assumed that only the cards carried in the middle “pocket” would be protected by the RFID-blocking mesh as they are the only ones completely wrapped in the fabric. However, I was able to confirm that this is not the case – all cards carried in any of the wallet pockets are protected. Nevertheless, the two outside sleeves, one on each side, are largely intended for cards that can be quickly retrieved such as a metro or business card.

The Chelsea has a nice detail that I didn’t learn of until it was delivered and I first inspected it. There is a leather “tab” on one side of the wallet that, when pulled, ejects the cards that are deep inside the center pocket. This makes it incredibly easy and quick to retrieve any card you may need without having to dig for it.

Black Leather Vaultskin Chelsea Ultra Slim WalletI was very satisfied with the Chelsea wallet overall. The leather feels great in the hand and the features of the wallet indeed make it very useful. Yet, the Chelsea remains a slightly casual style of wallet.

For this reason, and with more formal occasions in mind, I also picked up the Manhattan wallet.

The Vaulstkin Manhattan

  • Material: Brown/Burgundy Leather
  • Price: $54.99 $39.99 [Shop On Vaultskin]
    • $36.00 w/ Code VSF-BESPOKEUNIT10

cVaultskin Manhattan Leather Wallet Closeup Of Outer DetailsWhile the pebbled leather is nice for a slim card holder like the Chelsea, a more traditional smooth leather is more apt for a leather wallet style like the Manhattan.

I opted for the deep brown-tone leather that borders on burgundy depending on the light, though pebbled leather is also an option. There’s also a green color that was very enticing.

As with the Chelsea, no detail of the design has been overlooked with the Vaultskin Manhattan wallet. It’s easy to tell that the leather is of great quality simply by handling it. Up close, the stitching is crisp and precise without any loose threads. There are two embossed logos, one on the inside and the other on the outside, both of which are quite subdued.

Vaultskin Manhattan Wallet RFID Protection In Brown Italian Leather

As far as “storage capacity,” the Manhattan wallet possesses 4 slots on the inside, one on the outside, and a long compartment intended for larger bills such as US dollars. If you have a need to carry 8 or more cards, I can definitely see the Manhattan fulfilling your needs.

The Vaultskin City Wallet

  • Material: Black Leather
  • Price: $54.99 $39.99 [Shop On Vaultskin]
    • $36.00 w/ Code VSF-BESPOKEUNIT10

If you’re partial to the Manhattan but you live in a country that uses smaller bills such as the UK or somewhere in Europe, the City is likely the best choice for you. Nevertheless, I can just as easily see a US person reaching for the City if they don’t tend to carry much cash.

City Wallet From Vaultskin In Black Top Grain Leather

The Vaultskin City wallet boasts all of the same desirable aspects of the Manhattan except in a more compact package. It also folds in a different manner, if that’s a sticking point for you.

There are some slight differences in storage with the City wallet. It does indeed have 4 card slots on the inside, however, it also possesses two “hidden” slots within the cash compartment. On the other hand, it does not have the outer slot that the Manhattan did.

Outside of these small changes, the City also enjoys the same clean stitching, subdued branding, and smooth leather finish.

Inside Of Vaultskin City Wallet With Cards

Vaultskin Wallets – Value For Money

Overall, I was more than pleasantly surprised with the quality and design that Vaultskin offers for the money. I’ve no doubt that if these wallets had a more prominent brand name on them, they’d easily cost twice as much; this is without considering the RFID-blocking technology that all of Vaultskin’s wallets possess.

Generally, such high-quality leather goods command a price premium. Vaultskin is able to offer them at such a value that it makes it worthwhile to get a couple at a time (as I did) and go for both a casual and formal style that you can alternate between depending on the occasion.

"Thanks to their attractive, minimalist designs and Italian leather construction, Vaultskin's wallets present an unmatched value proposition."
Bespoke Unit Rating: ★★★★★

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