Wet Shave Club Razor And Brush

SEPTEMBER 2019 UPDATE: Unfortunately TheWetShaveClub.com is no longer active, but we are searching for similar services and will be reviewing them here on BespokeUnit.com, so stay tuned!

Subscription-based services are growing to be a popular trend amongst consumers. It’s an attractive concept – a customer pays a fixed monthly rate in order to access goods or services without the inconvenience of ever leaving the house.

Once upon a time, this would be carried out through catalogue orders but today, the internet takes precedence with the products now available in a downloadable or streamable form.

However, the relatively young concept of internet subscription is being adapted by innovative minds to fit time-old, physical products. The service is now not only available for music and video, via Spotify and Netflix respectively, but also funky socks through Foot Cardigan, and even unique and high-quality personal grooming products through Wet Shave Club. 

Wet Shave Club History

Founded in 1972 and based in Tampa, Florida, Wet Shave Club is a purveyor of traditional shaving products that delivers a new selection of soap, blades, and aftershaves to the doorsteps of its subscribers every month. Embracing principles that blend both service and adventure, Wet Shave Club represents the gateway to the fantastic world of traditional wet shaving.

What You Get

Embracing the artisanal Southern image that embodies the Club’s independent foundation, the goodies arrive in a craft-style cardboard box decorated with their old-timey barber-inspired logo. Inside, the products are insulated with straw rather than bubble-wrapping or polystyrene. The resulting feel is not only welcoming and rustic but also ecologically sound with recyclable packaging.

Wet Shave Club monthly box

The highlight of the experience centres around the sense of discovering a plethora of unique products supplied by Wet Shave Club’s range of high-quality independent brands. Aside from providing a thrilling adventure to the subscriber, Wet Shave Club opens the door to a world of alternatives from overpriced commercial consumables.

Upon opening the box, the customer is presented with a generous supply of products that will last for the month until the next box arrives. As a special treat, newcomers receive a double-edged safety razor and brush as well as a guide on shaving. In theory, a new subscriber will have everything they need in order to start shaving.

Shaving supplies from subscription service

The razor is a screw-top double-edged razor, solidly built, with “Wet Shave Club” printed on the head. It arrives with a leather cover, which adds a great stylistic flair to the set. Just be mindful removing it when half-asleep as my index finger found out last week!

The shaving brush supplied is basic, with hard bristles and a simple, plastic handle. Although hard-core shaving aficionadi will probably already have a better brush in their possession, the one provided is an invaluable necessity for newcomers.

Razor and brush

Aside from the razor and brush, the box includes two packs of Gillette razorblades, a book of alum matchsticks, a bottle of Whiskey Ink and Lace aftershave and two blocks of Red Leaf shaving soaps. A rich selection for the following month of shaving.

Shaving matches for cuts

Although alum sticks aren’t to everyone’s taste, one can’t help but admire the presentation of these disposable ones from The Legends, London. Like an old-school matchbook reminiscent of those great film noir moments when the private detective discovers an address jotted inside, the alum styptic sticks are ripped off like matches to be dabbed onto a cut in order to close it.

Emphasizing the principle that a subscriber need not shop externally for shaving provisions, the two packs of Gillette blades are an excellent gesture. Although both are of the same brand, one packet is labelled as Gillette Silver Blue whilst the other is Gillette 7 o’clock Sharp Edge – it would be interesting to know whether this is only an aesthetic difference. Nevertheless, the blades are an ideal complement to the stock of supplies.

old school gillette razor blades

With a focus on providing choice and variety, two soaps from Red Leaf have been included in the bundle featuring diverse essences – English Coast and Honey, Oatmeal. Although I was unaware of this brand, I was impressed with the lavish lather they provide as well as their striking aromas. The rich soaps moisturised and cleaned the skin whilst leaving a bolstering scent. A healthy quantity is supplied that should last well over a month for even the daily shaver.

Shaving soap bars

whiskey_ink_lace_cedarwood_aftershaveWithout a shadow of a doubt, the champion of the selection was the Whiskey Ink and Lace Cedarwood aftershave. Boasting a rich scent and soothing oil-based composition, the aftershave was a delight to splash on as a final note to the overall experience. Moreover, its impressive base-notes provide a lasting odour throughout the day that has a pleasant, natural smell. Coming in a generously large bottle, it should easily provide a few months of fragrance.

Thoughts On The Service

Ever since I first heard of Wet Shave Club, I keenly awaited the day when their services would become available internationally to review one of their boxes. I’m delighted to say that it was well worth the wait.

Every month, subscribers get to experience the thrill of trying new products that they may never have considered. As we find ourselves leading more rushed lifestyles, us men find less time to take care of ourselves with a well-needed pamper. The beauty of the services offered by Wet Shave Club lies in the principle that they take care of the inconvenient part. You simply enjoy the spoils of their discoveries with peace of mind.

Should a subscriber find himself overstocked, or have found a brand with which he wants to continue, the service can be cancelled or put on a few months’ hold without hassle.

Wet Shave Club also makes the service available in single month purchases – a great way to give it a try without commitment or ideal gift. Moreover, the subscription tariff is similar to a month’s supply of multi-bladed razor cartridges. If you’re still using that to shave, do yourself a favour and try at least one month with Wet Shave Club.

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