Dior Homme Cologne Fragrance Review

Would you believe that we haven’t covered a Dior fragrance since Dior Sauvage? Well, it’s time to change that!

In this review, you will discover Dior Homme Cologne with a focus on the following topics:

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Released in 2013, this version of Dior Homme Cologne replaces the 2007 edition. It was designed by François Demachy, a perfumer best known for Dior Sauvage and other work under the LVMH umbrella.

Dior Homme Cologne Fragrance Floral Background

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Dior Homme Cologne Composition

In the following section, we’ll break down Dior Homme Cologne’s individual notes and accords, which you will discover is a distinctively citrus aromatic fragrance.

Head Notes

  • Bergamot
  • Lemon

This fragrance opens with a very simple accord that consisted of only a couple of notes. The head is described as bergamot, but I believe there is also some lemon there since it’s much zestier than bergamot. Typically, bergamot tends to be rather soft on its own.

Heart Notes

Dior Homme Cologne Fragrance & Stopper

  • Grapefruit Blossom
  • Calone

Once at the heart, we have grapefruit blossom, which is quite a herbaceous citrus note, however, I believe there’s also a slight hint of calone in there, which adds a somewhat aquatic property. However, it’s very faint and is used in moderation if it is there at all.

Base Notes

  • Ambergris
  • Cedar Wood

Once at the base, we have an element of muskiness, which adds some substance to the fragrance. I believe that it’s ambergris, which adds a muskiness that could be compared to pipe tobacco and suede leather. I feel that there’s just a hint of cedarwood as well that adds a little bit of a dry and powdery woodiness as well.

Homme Cologne’s Life-Cycle, Wake & Strength

Dior Home Cologne’s dry down is extremely simple and quite fleeting. As you can imagine with a limited quantity of notes, which are also quite volatile compounds, the longevity really isn’t there.

Indeed, this is a fragrance that will for a couple of hours. You do get a couple of whiffs of it, even once it’s become a skin scent, but in terms of projection, sillage, the wake it leaves behind you, the trail, it’s not going to be overly performance friendly.

Therefore, I would suggest that if you do wear it, you have a travel atomizer with you, so you can top it up throughout the day.

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What People Think Of Dior Homme Cologne

Dior Homme Cologne Fragrance Top Detail

When it comes to Dior Homme Cologne’s third-party feedback, I’ve got here a couple of comments, such as, “Smells refreshing and clean, great for summer.” Or, “Seems pretty basic. It’s nice, but not much going on.” Indeed, these tended to be the general consensus of the fragrance.

People really liked its purity. It’s very clean, bracing, and refreshing. However, many others find that it lacks character and personality. Overall, it’s quite well-received. It’s not seen as something that’s offensive and tends to be quite universally appreciated by different age groups.

I wouldn’t say it’s something that will attract a particular age group in particular, although it does strike me as overall youthful.

When To Wear Dior Homme Cologne

When it comes to the overall seasonality of this fragrance, as you can probably imagine, this is mostly centred around summertime and hot weather. Indeed, Dior Homme Cologne is the perfect option to wear by the pool. It’s a casual fragrance as we’ll get to later.

You could potentially wear it during the late spring, as well. However, it isn’t something that you would really consider for fall and winter. I would argue that it’s best worn by somebody in their twenties. That being said, it could also be worn by somebody in their thirties or forties or even a young guy in his late teens.

As for the time of day, it’s really a daytime fragrance. Dior Homme Cologne is something to wear when the sun is out and it is hot.

While it’s quite a casual fragrance, you could probably wear it at work. However, it’s best suited to a more business-casual office. Otherwise, it’s not really a formal or date fragrance.

It’s actually quite mild with regards to its masculinity. You could potentially wear this if you’re a woman, or if you prefer more feminine and less overbearing fragrances, this is something that seems to be quite versatile in that respect.

Presentation & Value For Money

Dior Homme Cologne Fragrance & Packaging

First of all, the bottle follows the same style as the whole Dior Homme range, which is this boxy, square shape with a smoked glass effect. On this occasion, the bottle uses a white colour, which results in a milky appearance. It plays well with that purity concept that was mentioned earlier.

The atomizer has some nice details, with Dior written on it, as well as the Christian Dior initials on the top. Overall, it’s quite nicely presented. I’m not a big fan of this bigger acrylic cap. I find it to be a little bit jarring, especially when compared with the glass. A different material could have perhaps been considered here.

Otherwise, the performance of the atomizer produces a very thick mist, which spreads everywhere. Overall, the performance is quite good. It does have a tendency to water gun if you don’t press it very firmly. And it does apply a lot. Then again, given its low performance, you’re probably going to want to lather it on.

The box follows the same theme. It’s white and the texture of the paper is quite nice. Its presentation is nice yet understated as can be expected from these big French designer brands.

Its pricing is about $100 RRP. Honestly, it’s quite expensive and doesn’t offer much value for money, especially compared to strikingly similar fragrances like Versace Eau Fraîche.

I would argue that Christian Dior does offer you better quality. Nevertheless, given the low price point and the versatility of Versace, it’s a tempting alternative. If you think that a casual, seasonal fragrance for over $100 offers good value for money, then go for it. Personally, I would not spend that kind of money on just a casual summer fragrance myself.

Closing Thoughts

Aside from its value for money, it’s a very good fragrance. It achieves what it is designed to do very well. It’s very fresh, bracing, it has some musky substance as well, so it doesn’t feel too fleeting. The notes are rich and vivid and extremely pleasant. Therefore, if you’re happy spending that sort of money on this style of fragrance, it’s certainly one that you’d enjoy.

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"While pricey for what it is, Dior Homme Cologne is a wonderfully refreshing summertime scent!"
Bespoke Unit Rating: ★★★★

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