Azzaro Chrome Fragrance Review

Azzaro Chrome is a classic summer fragrance that was released in 1997. Although it’s been overlooked in favour of other fragrances of late, we have introduced it among our top 10 summer fragrances for men. In this review, you will discover Azzaro Chrome with a focus on the following topics:

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A classic and celebrated fragrance that led to a range of well-known flankers, Chrome by Azzaro was developed by perfumer Gerard Haury in 1996. A fresh aromatic citrus fragrance, it promises to be an excellent summer fragrance option.

Azzaro Chrome Sky Background

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Azzaro Chrome Composition

In the following section, we’ll break down Chrome’s individual notes and accords:

Head Notes

  • Rosemary
  • Bergamot
  • Lemon
  • Pineapple Leaf

I admit that when I get my first whiff of this every time I try it, it’s a little bit sour and it kind of makes my nose curl. However, that dissipates very quickly and we’re left with a very aromatic and unusual head composed of aromatic rosemary leaves, fruity bergamot, zesty lemon, and pineapple leaf.

While I’ve heard people refer it to as the pineapple itself, I feel it to be more herbaceous and I would liken it to the leaf rather than the fruit.

Heart Notes

Azzaro Chrome Bottle Detail

  • Oakmoss
  • Coriander
  • Neroli
  • Jasmine

Shortly afterwards, you will get a floral heart, which has an oakmoss and coriander accord. The coriander’s spiciness and the oakmoss’ fresh moistness contrast nicely. Meanwhile, there’s a little bit of neroli and jasmine, which produces a citrus influence that is played against the floral bouquet.

Towards, the end of the heart, a hint of rosewood reveals itself and helps the fragrance transition towards the base.

Base Notes

  • Rosewood
  • Cedarwood
  • Tonka Bean
  • Labdanum

The rosewood is quite fragrant and is accompanied by crisp cedarwood. Gourmand tonka bean adds an alluring element while labdanum provides musky substances. Personally, I’m not overly enamoured by the base. I find it to be a little bit soapy, fatty, and somewhat aldehydic, but it is pleasant nonetheless.

Chrome’s Life-Cycle, Wake & Strength

Azzaro Chrome In Olive Tree

With regards to the performance, I found that the sillage was probably the most effective property of its overall strength. It leaves a nice trail behind the wearer.

Meanwhile, the projection is very tight. You’d have to wear a lot of it, and by then it’d be overwhelming if anyone got close, or you’d have to expect people to come a little bit close to you, and then they’ll be able to appreciate some of this fragrance.

And finally, the longevity is quite short. Expect about four or five hours of wear before needing to top it back up.

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What People Think Of Azzaro Chrome

Azzaro Chrome In Rosemary

In terms of third party feedback, this was an interesting fragrance to read about. Generally speaking, people find it quite pleasant and inoffensive. It’s clean, fresh, very soapy, and some people have compared it to stepping out of the shower.

Somebody noted that it reminds him of a summer’s day in an English garden. However, I imagine that would be probably when it’s not raining! Overall, I wouldn’t say that Chrome has aged much. It’s still quite relevant today.

It tended to be more popular among men and women in their thirties and above. I wouldn’t say that younger people were put off by it. They found it to be overall quite inoffensive but didn’t they find it to be particularly alluring either.

When To Wear Azzaro Chrome

Needless to say, the seasonality of this fragrance is very much on the hot weather side. In fact, this is an excellent fragrance for the summertime. I’d say it’d be better for the summer rather than spring as it’s fresher and lacks the warmer tones that you’d want when it’s still slightly cool.

As for our impressions of this fragrance, which refers to our usage thoughts, as mentioned earlier, Chrome would be more popular for people in their thirties or above. Indeed, as a very zesty, fresh, youthful fragrance, I think it’s best for men in their thirties.

It’s definitely a daytime fragrance that you would want to wear when the sun is up. And it is certainly a casual office fragrance. I wouldn’t really wear this for a date or a formal occasion.

Finally, the masculinity is moderate, slightly mild, and certainly not strong or overbearingly virile.

Presentation & Value For Money

Azzaro Chrome Packaging In Sage

The bottle is very nice with a sleek, elegant shape. It has a square front with a curved side. I’m fond of the cap’s machine-finish aesthetic, which covers an excellent atomizer that produces a very thin mist that isn’t too widespread either.

As for the packaging, it’s okay. It has a blue square at the centre that mimics the cap’s top. It’s not particularly eye-catching. It would certainly make a decent gift, but it doesn’t really scream its identity.

Finally, it offers plenty of value. On Fragrance X, a variety of sizes are sold for just $21! However, it’s surprisingly limited on Amazon and you can only buy the largest bottles for around $70. That being said, all the flankers are available at much lower prices.

Closing Thoughts

Azzaro Chrome is a very cool, refreshing scent that’s inoffensive and ideal for a hot summer’s day. Indeed, it’s versatile, understated, and great for a casual, professional man who’s looking for an affordable signature scent.

However, it does lack in identity and that certain “wow” factor that you may want in a fragrance. Nevertheless, it’s a firm four-star rating with 76 out of 100 using the Fragrance Formula above.

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"An inoffensive and professional fragrance that may lack personality but provides a clean and refreshing bouquet of notes."
Bespoke Unit Rating: ★★★★

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