Dupont Défi XXtreme Double Flame Jet Cigar Lighter Review

Having now owned several models of the ST Dupont Défi Extreme, I have decided to share my thoughts.

Following my review of the ST Dupont Défi Extreme, I have decided to now take a look at the newer double flame version, the Défi XXtreme. I’ll review it according to the following:

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St Dupont Défi XXtreme Price

Dupont Défi XXtreme Design

While the regular single-flame Extreme is available on Amazon, Mike’s Cigars, and Smoke Inn, the XXtreme is quite as easy to find. Nevertheless, you can find it on Amazon for just $269, which is significantly less than its full RRP.

Indeed, for the additional features (spoiler alert, it’s an extra flame), the recommended retail price of the Défi XXtreme is $400 compared to the original Extreme, which is $260.

What Is The ST Dupont Défi XXtreme?

Dupont Défi XXtreme Lighting Up Cigar

So, why has ST Dupont brought out the Defi XXtreme? Well, the main reason appears to be that ST Dupont wished to offer a version with a dual-flame, which offers a tactical experience.

It seeks to be an everyday pocket carry item, and I suppose that they felt that adding an additional jet flame, as we see a lot of tri and quad flames out there, would appeal to a different segment of the market.

For that extra flame, you’re going to be paying an additional $140 on the recommended retail price. This particular lighter comes in at around $400 versus the $260 for the original ST Dupont Defi Extreme.

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Dupont Défi XXtreme Performance

Dupont Défi XXtreme Flame Performance

I would say there are a couple of benefits to the XXtreme compared to the original model. Firstly, you get the dual flame if you think that’s going to be beneficial. Secondly, you get a really nice fuel window on the side of the lighter and, aesthetically, it’s quite nice.

There are two models in this review. One is the golden one with skulls from the Haute Collection, which ST Dupont Europe sent me after my original black one melted.

ST Dupont Défi XXtreme Cons

Dupont Défi XXtreme Melted Housing & Uncovered Jet Flames

Note open jet flames the slightly melted housing on the left.

Having owned this lighter for some time now, I’ve been relatively pleased with the performance. However, as mentioned above, it must be known that this is the second one I’ve owned. The first one’s casing on the top actually melted!

This leads me to the point of the “Extreme” statement. If this lighter is supposed to be extreme, can withstand extreme cold and warm temperatures, extreme elevations up to 3,500 meters, as well as relatively extreme wind conditions, melting under the heat of its own flame isn’t really indicative to its namesake.

Therefore, its let down by its particularly cheap construction. The Haute Collection version is better. Nevertheless, the original single-flame version has a cover that closes automatically when the lighter isn’t being fired.

However, neither XXtreme model has one. If it’s in my pocket, dirt and debris get in there or my keys could hit it, which could damage the lighter’s functionality.

Again, I don’t think that really lines up with the “extreme” name given to this lighter. Likewise, I also find that the flame can be quite jittery and temperamental as well as needing two strikes sometimes to get the lighter lit, which is a problem that I personally have not had with the original ST Dupont Defi Extreme.

Closing Thoughts

Dupont Défi XXtreme Touching Up

With those pros and cons now outlined, would I buy this lighter or recommend it someone? Honestly, I would say no. I think that the original ST Dupont Défi Extreme offers better value for money.

I think the addition of the jet, the removal of the jet covers as well as some of the other issues I’ve explained did not warrant the additional price point, especially when the ST Dupont Défi Extreme itself is a superior performer.

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"Although indeed a luxury lighter, the Défi XXtreme has too many quirks to justify its price point."
Bespoke Unit Rating: ★★★

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