ST Dupont Défi Extreme Cigar Jet Lighter Review

Having now owned several models of the ST Dupont Défi Extreme, I have decided to share my thoughts on this premium cigar lighter.

In this article, I will be reviewing the ST Dupont Défi Extreme as I cover the following points:

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St Dupont Défi Extreme Price

ST Dupont Défi Extreme In Hand

As the ST Dupont Défi Extreme has grown in popularity, it’s available to buy from a variety of retailers. Amazon has the greatest selection of models and different colors. However, the price may vary depending on the seller.

Meanwhile, Mike’s Cigars has a wide range of different colors and models, which are all sold at the same price of $251.95. Although aq more expensive option, Mike’s Cigars is a well-known and trustworthy independent shop.

Defi Lighter Testing Conditions

ST Dupont Défi Extreme Lighting Cigar

I recently tested the Défi Extreme in 15-mile consistent winds and 25-mile per hour gusts. This lighter is obviously pitched as being extreme so it’s meant to handle different weather conditions. From windy, to very cold conditions, to warm conditions, as well as high altitude, it should be able to handle and perform in all of them.

I could definitely attest to it being a good lighter at high altitude as I used it successfully in Bogota, Colombia last year at 2,700 meters, when several of the other lighters I took didn’t work. As for the wind conditions, above you can see me light a Nub Connecticut in windy conditions without any issues.

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Dupont Défi Extreme Lighter: Features & Benefits

ST Dupont Défi Extreme Cigar Lighter

So what do you get for your $260 of retail value? The Défi Extreme lighter features a single jet flame with a cover. It also has an attractive fuel gauge as well as pretty slick styling. Meanwhile, its flame is small but precise and accurate.

Although I had one that broke down on me, the support at Davidoff London was fantastic as I was in the UK at the time. They helped me to get it repaired and shipped back to me in the states. However, I will note that this was a lengthy process.

ST Dupont Défi Extreme Cons

ST Dupont Défi Extreme Flame Adjustment

Although I’ve thoroughly enjoyed using my Défi Extreme lighter, there are a few cons that I feel that I should mention.

Firstly I do not like that the fuel reservoir never seems to fully fill, even if I bleed the lighter correctly.

Construction Quality

As time’s gone on, I’ve actually owned a couple of these ST Dupont lighters. I’ve lost some while others have broken or worn with time as happens with daily use items.

They’re made in China, which obviously isn’t inherently a bad thing. Nevertheless, I do feel ST Dupont has cut more corners with the quality of materials that have been used for this lighter with every new one that I have purchased.

For instance, the plastic housing is less and less luxurious despite being from a luxury brand. Yet, I feel like these changes only reduce the final production cost by just a few cents.

One of the other things I do not like about the lighter as well is that the fuel gauge on the bottom has a very small amount of travel. Therefore, it can be hard to adjust or tweak the flame height.

Finally, while I had luck with Davidoff London’s customer support, another broke in the USA. I sent it to the New York service center and I’ve not heard about it in over a year. Depending on where you buy these lighters, you may have a different experience with regard to the support system.

Closing Thoughts

ST Dupont Défi Extreme Flame Precision

With all of that being said, I do believe that this is a great value for money lighter. I’ve owned several of them, but I believe that it’s worth knowing the pros and cons before you end up buying one.

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"Despite some minor quirks, the Défi Extreme is still one of the best lighters on the market."
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