ST Dupont Défi Extreme Vs XXtreme Cigar Lighter Review

After having now reviewed both the ST Dupont Défi Extreme and ST Dupont Défi XXtreme, I felt that I’d compare the two with another article.

In this review, I will be comparing the two by cover these talking points:

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Extreme & XXtreme Pricing

ST Dupont Défi Extreme Vs XXtreme Side By Side

  • Défi Extreme:
  • Défi XXtreme:

Firstly, the recommended retail price for the Défi Extreme is $260, but you can usually pick them up for around $220 online. Mike’s Cigars has a great selection but they’re all sold for $251.95. Otherwise, Amazon varies in price depending on the seller.

The Défi XXtreme has a retail recommended price of $400. Nevertheless, you can find it for significantly less on Amazon for just $269.

Main Differences

ST Dupont Défi Extreme Vs XXtreme Jet Covers

So, what are the main differences between these two lighters? Well, one has a single jet and one has a double jet. That’s really the main difference!

However, with the single jet on the original Défi Extreme, it does have a jet cover. Meanwhile, the new Défi XXtreme, doesn’t have one. Personally, I’m not fond of the bare jets as they can easily get dirty or damaged when loose in a bag or pocket.

ST Dupont Défi Extreme Vs XXtreme Fuel Gauges

Otherwise, they both feature a nice, attractive fuel gauge window, which I think is one of the best features on this lighter. In fact, it’s probably one of the best in the industry for that.

They both feature a very nice, tactile, fuel adjustment gauge on the bottom. Even though there isn’t much travel, there’s no fiddling around or tools required to change the amount of fuel that’s being fed into the jets.

Finally, they also both have a safety feature in that the fire buttons are locked unless held at the upright position.

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Extreme Vs XXtreme Performance

ST Dupont Défi Extreme Lighting Cigar

As for performance, I prefer the original Défi. Not only does it surpass the XXtreme in windy conditions, but it’s generally superior to the double jets of the XXtreme in its own right. It produces a more precise flame, too. This is particularly handy when you may need to do touch-ups on your cigar.

Although the XXtreme probably has a stronger flame, it tends to flicker under heavy wind. Therefore, it can lose its precision. Furthermore, the XXtreme is larger, bulkier, and heavier than the Extreme, which may be an issue for some.

My Closing Recommendation

ST Dupont Défi Extreme Vs XXtreme In Hand

Overall, I would strongly recommend the original single-flame Défi Extreme as the lighter I would choose between the two. In fact, it’s actually my favorite lighter to use.

I use it when I’m at golf and I also use it while in a suit. Indeed, I think it’s a very versatile lighter. It’s got a nice fuel capacity, a great precise flame, and it works well in lots of extreme conditions.

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"The Défi Extreme not only outperforms the double-flame XXtreme but is also one of my favourites lighters that you can buy."
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