Membrane Solutions Air Purifier MSA3S

Whether due to weather conditions or simply convenience, there are many occasions in which cigar enthusiasts may choose to enjoy their stogie indoors. However, the copious amounts of smoke produced, as well as the potential residual odors, will quickly lead one on the search for a cigar smoke air purifier.

In the following review, I’ll be taking a look at a Membrane Solutions air purifier that, while not explicitly marketed towards cigar smokers, remains very highly rated on Amazon and employs a HEPA filter with activated carbon that can perfectly deal with cigar smoke.

Read along as I review the MSA3S air purifier via the following categories:

Membrane Solutions Air Purifier Specs

  • Brand: Membrane Solutions
  • Model: MSA3S Smart/Neo
  • Dimensions: 13.1″ W x 7.6″ D x 21.4″ H
  • Weight: 13.6 lbs
  • Coverage: 1590 sq. ft.
  • Noise Level: 22 dB – 47 dB
  • Energy Consumption: 44W
  • Smoke CADR: 112 CFM
  • Additional Features: Smartphone App, Alexa Compatibility
  • Pricing: $179.99 [Buy On Amazon]

For this article, I’ll be taking a look at the MSA3S Smart Air Purifier, which is a higher-end version of the more affordable Membrane Solutions MSA3.

As you can see above, this MSA3S usually retails for around $180 on Amazon. However, the MSA3 can be found for $160 or less. From what I can gather, the $20 difference in price only comes down to the smartphone app compatibility; air filtering functions are exactly the same across both units.

MSA3S Air Purifier Out OF Box JPG

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Membrane Solutions MSA3S Overview

This Membrane Solutions MSA3S Smart Air Purifier was delivered by Amazon in a branded cardboard box with a plastic handle on top. Inside the box was the unit itself as well as well as two instruction manuals.

Membrane Solutions MSA3 Air Purifier In Box

One manual was for operating the unit itself, while the second walked you through setting up the app. So far, everything is standard or as expected, though I will note that the main instruction manual is quite comprehensive and both manuals use proper grammar and spelling, which is not always the case with products purchased on Amazon.

The HEPA filter comes installed inside the unit. However, before turning on the air purifier, you’ll have to remove the front lid and open the filter, which is sealed in plastic.

MSA3 Air Purifier Before Using

When it comes to size, I’d say that this MSA3S is not too large; you can see the specific dimensions in the above section. It really doesn’t take up a lot of space in the current 200 sq ft office I’m using as a cigar-smoking room, but it’s certainly visible.

Moreover, you wouldn’t want to hide the unit behind furniture or anything like that, given that it needs to be able to circulate the air. If you need to move it around, it weighs slightly more than ten pounds and can be easily carried with one hand via the handle in the back.


According to the online specifications, this unit can be used in rooms as large as 1590 sq ft. This sounds quite ambitious, though perhaps it’s viable in a room that’s not used for smoking indoors. This being said, it’s performed well in the office in which I smoke, which as I mentioned, is about 200 sq ft.


Setting Up The MSA3S Air Purifier

Setting up the MSA3S Air Purifier is a straightforward process, starting with unpacking the unit and removing the protective plastic.

The heart of the setup involves preparing the new air filter—removing it from its protective bag and inserting it correctly into the purifier, ensuring it aligns appropriately with helpful directional arrows and pull tabs for easy installation.


Arrows On Side Of Filter Indicate Direction

Once assembled, the next step is simply plugging in the purifier and deciding on its new home within your cigar room. While using this unit is intuitive thanks to its user-friendly button panel, the true convenience comes from using the accompanying app.

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Using The App

Despite the slight annoyance of needing to register an account, the app significantly enhances the usability of the MSA3S.


The app makes it incredibly simple to connect the new air purifier, which also opens up a suite of “smart” features. Naturally, you can control all of the functions of the unit from the app. Yet, you can also set up schedules and other tasks that can run by themselves once you’ve configured them.

Though the app functionality can seem trivial, I definitely think it’s worth the premium over the base model. I’ve yet to leverage the app to its full extent, but I’ve already used it to keep the air purifier running on high by itself for a few hours after I’m done smoking cigars indoors.

Using The MSA3S Air Purifier

I’ve found the auto mode feature of the MSA3S Air Purifier to be the most useful. This intelligent setting adjusts the fan speed in response to the quality of the air in the room. Otherwise, the unit has remained in the low setting and is barely audible over other ambient noise.

Membrane Solutions Air Purifier MSA3 in low setting

Low Setting, Great Quality Air

However, whenever I light a cigar indoors, the unit will usually speed up to high within the first puffs.

To a large extent, this quick reaction to smoke in the air is satisfactory, and I interpret this Membrane Solutions air purifier as being quite sensitive and effective. I will note that I keep the unit next to my desk; I suppose it would take longer to activate if it was across the room.

Membrane Solutions Air Purifier MSA3 in high setting

High Setting, Poor Quality Air While Smoking Cigar

Depending on the weather, I’ll also open up a window to help clear out the smoke at a faster rate. Yet, while smoking by myself in this office and with the unit on, the room hasn’t been filled with smoke during a session as it used to before I using the air purifier.

Replacement Filters

While I haven’t needed to replace the filter in the MSA3S Air Purifier just yet, I’ve noticed a lot of Amazon reviewers stress the importance of using genuine Membrane Solutions replacement filters. Otherwise, it appears that if the filters used are not original, then the unit will not work at all.

The genuine manufacturer’s replacements seem to be fairly priced at less than $30 each. Considering the significant boost in air quality the purifier provides, the cost of these filters appears quite reasonable and well worth it for maintaining performance.

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Final Thoughts: Does It Work?

I’ve been using the Membrane Solutions MSA3S in my office for almost two months now. During that time, I’ve been very satisfied with its performance.

As alluded to earlier, I definitely notice that it’s working while I’m smoking cigars indoors. Otherwise, the unit is quietly working away at cleaning the air in my space. It’s difficult to say if I can sense a difference in air quality, but I’ve noticed that the air in the office is less “stale” in the morning when I first walk in.

Membrane Solutions Air Purifier For Cigar

If you’re looking for an affordable air purifying unit for smoking cigars indoors, I can recommend it. Given this, you’ll also want to restrain your expectations if you’re going to have multiple smokers in the room at the same time. Likewise, after the more extended smoking sessions with guests, make sure to clean any ashtrays from the room to help the unit accomplish its task.

Given the $180 price point, I’d definitely suggest going for this “Smart” unit with smartphone app compatibility. Finally, as is the case will all items from Amazon, they tend to be very lenient with returns if you find that it didn’t meet your expectations or fulfil your needs.

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