Sir Winston Churchill was an exceptional gentleman. His manifold characteristics have been the inspiration for Davidoff’s Winston Churchill cigar line in honor of the bon-vivant, statesman and artist.

In this article, you will discover the Davidoff Winston Churchill Limited Edition 2021 as we review it according to the following considerations:

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  • Brand: Davidoff
  • Range: Winston Churchill Limited Edition
  • Reviewed Vitolas: 6 x 52 Toro
  • Wrapper: Ecuador
  • Binder: Dominican Republic Hybrid 257 Seco
  • Filler: Piloto Ligero, Hybrid 20-20 Seco, San Vicente Mejorado Ligero Visus (Dominican Republic), Esteli Visus (Nicaragua)
  • Factory: Tabadom, Dominican Republic
  • Handmade: Yes
  • Body: Medium – Full
  • Estimated Smoking Time: 120  Minutes
  • Pricing: $32 / Single [Buy Now]

2021 sees the return of Winston Churchill’s Limited Edition. This year the cigar features an elegant chess theme, highlighting one of Sir Winston Churchill’s many traits. The box comes with a grid design of a chessboard, the cigars are presented in just one vitola, a 6×52 Toro.

Davidoff Winston Churchill Limited Edition Square Feature

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Davidoff Winston Churchill Limited Edition 2021 Look & Feel


  • Wrapper Hue: Walnut brown
  • Rolling Consistency: Even
  • Spring: Firm
  • Aromas: Dried Cep, Bitter Chocolate, Barnyard

Prestigious elegance is the theme: the first glance at the Limited Edition 2021 meets all these expectations. The wrapper looks oily and glossy, featuring a most inviting walnut and milk-chocolate brown, with a few veins and seams detectable.

The cigar feels rather soft in my hands, even though the cold draw has just enough resistance. The aromas coming off of the wrapper and foot offer dried ceps and barnyard, a faint touch of sweet cocoa, butter toffee, as well as bitter chocolate. The promising intro whets the appetite for what’s to come next.

Davidoff Winston Churchill Limited Edition 2021 Review

All cigars smoked for this review were stored in an acrylic Boveda humidor in a closely monitored environment of 69% relative humidity.

Pre-Lighting Experience

  • Draw: Ideal
  • Aromas: Earth, Wood Sap, Nougat

Similar to the look and feel, the pre-light is a pleasurable experience all by itself. Showcasing nuances of oily mahogany, creamy nougat and rich soil, the cold draw is rich and complex.

That said, the spices from the wrapper’s aromas were also present and I could pick out a few hints of nutmeg and clove in the aftertaste too.

1st Third Smoking Experience


  • Notes: Moss, Musk, Pink Grapefruit

Gently caressing all senses, the Limited Edition 2021 starts wonderfully mellow and creamy. The first few puffs already reveal the cigar’s complexity, depth, and richness. There’s a wet, green aroma of moss, spiced up by a lively Szechuan pepper and fresh lemon zest.

Pear is there, and so is a fousty, bitter walnut, slowly fading into a rather classic muskiness I would associate with Davidoff’s Dominican Republic tobaccos.

There’s an underlying theme of pink grapefruit, with a rather soft leathery connotation that rounds everything off. To add an extra layer of sweet charm, brioche is thrown in for good measurement, featuring an intricate mix of crispy caramelized dough with a smear of butter and honey drizzled on top.

2nd Third Smoking Experience

  • Notes: Terragon, Vetiver, Olibanum

With every single sample I tried, the second third evolved into a more robust and full-bodied state. More oomph not only affected the sensory richness but also the perception of nicotine strength.


Whilst the body is still medium-plus, I feel more impact from the overall strength, even though it’s harmoniously interwoven with the complexity of the flavour profile. I sense tarragon and vinegar-like sour note that also offers grainy mustard and a colorful assortment of green herbs, lovage being the most prominent.

Parsley and ripe Parmigiano mingle into an interesting umami kick, that counterbalances a dry, astringent woodiness.

However, there’s still plenty of creaminess and mellowness to be found – a complex mix of ethereal freshness, herbaceousness, in constant dialogue with a mellow but full body.  The velvety mouthfeel resembles a dense, rich smoke coming off of the foot of the cigar.

Final Third Smoking Experience

  • Notes: Nougat, Salt, Black Olive

The umami note continues into the final third, this time presented in form of black olives, salted pickle brine, and laurel. Ancho chiles and bitter cocoa make for an intriguing spice blend, combined with coarse sea salt and pink grapefruit.

Every now and then I’m greeted by a new flavor that I couldn’t put my finger on in the beginning. The best way to describe it is a reminiscence of grape pomace, aged grappa and dry cellar – a touch of residual fruit, a delicate whiff of spice, encompassed by a darkly roasted layer of earth and wood.

Overall Burn


  • Ash Backbone: Flaky
  • Burn Angle: Mostly Straight
  • Temperature: Cooling
  • Draw: Ideal
  • Final Smoking Time: 120 – 130 Minutes

Interestingly enough, despite the burn being mostly straight and the draw just offering the right resistance, the ash backbone of the Limited Edition 2021 was quite flaky.

A mentholated, cooling mouthfeel made the lengthy smoke very enjoyable. I found myself indulging in the experience for well over two hours.

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Overall Experience

Overall, the Winston Churchill Limited Edition 2021 offers a superbly complex, layered experience. With every single puff there are new layers to be detected and new facets revealed.

In that regard, the cigar perfectly fits the core theme of Winston Churchill, highlighting the complexity and bandwidth of the statesman’s character.


Besides the complexity, the cigar shows great length with a wonderful evolution on the palate, Davidoff continuously and most proudly talks about the overall stimulation of the palate, with all taste buds being actively engaged in the perception. This is certainly the case with the cigars I have had the pleasure of smoking thus far.

The cigar has a hefty $32 price tag per stick to it. As a matter of fact, this is an occasional cigar and you will probably spare it for special people, shared during a celebratory moment.

As often with Davidoff’s Limited Editions, the cigars feel on point, very much at ease and exactly where they need to be around the official launch date. But I sensed an intriguing evolution from some of the pre-release samples all the way to the latest cigars I enjoyed.

This line shows great potential for further aging, so I recommend you keep some in your humidor and smoke them in a year’s time from now. Taking notes will help you identify the evolution and make it easier to follow along with the journey.

Pairing Recommendations With A Davidoff Winston Churchill Limited Edition 2021 Cigar

Since I mentioned the pomace flavor during the final third, try a glass of well-aged Grappa as spirits pairing. Even though this might not be your typical standard cigar beverage, in this particular case, it makes for a delicious pairing.

Alternatively, a rich, mellow Chardonnay with quite a bit of punch and character works a treat. The creamy aftertaste, a touch of minerality and an ever-so-gentle acidity all help the enjoyment of this cigar tremendously.

If you prefer non-alcoholic pairing options, I could wholeheartedly recommend a sip of grapefruit juice or a combination of apples and carrots freshly juiced. If you fancy, pour a few droplets of olive oil on top to give it some extra richness and added character.


My preferred snack pairing with this line is hummus and pita bread. Ripe Parmigiano, another descriptive I used in the smoking experience, would also sit proudly alongside the cigar.

A piece of soft, fresh goat cheese or cottage cheese would underline the creamier, mellower profile but still offer some of that funkiness with a hint of umami. For those of you with a sweet tooth, try some milk chocolate-coated walnuts or almonds.

Closing Thoughts

I can assure you: the Winston Churchill Limited Edition 2021 in my humble opinion is an excellent smoke. Yes, it’s an occasional cigar that comes with a pretty high price. Nevertheless, the experience is definitely worth your money.

Try some now, whilst they’re fresh and hot, and grab a box whilst they’re still out there. Make sure to keep some of them in your humidor and you’ll be amazed by the evolution over the next years.

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"An excellent cigar for special occasions - limited, sought after, classic and elegant."
Bespoke Unit Rating: ★★★★★

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