Colibri Quasar Cigar Cutter with whisky and cut cigars

If you’re like us here at Bespoke Unit, you may have already noticed how the world of cigars can become somewhat of a lifestyle. Accordingly, we’re always interested in new, innovative, and well-designed accessories that can enhance the smoking experience.

Towards this end, in the following article, I’ll be introducing and reviewing one of the most popular cigar cutters from Colibri, the Quasar tabletop cutter. Along with expanding on this Quasar cigar cutter’s features, I’ll also give you my thoughts on quality and value for money. Naturally, this review includes a good amount of pictures that will help you get an idea of how this cutter looks and feels up close.

Given that the Quasar desktop cigar cutter sells new for around $150 (Amazon) and in used condition for slightly less (eBay), this is probably not a purchase you want to take lightly, so read on to see if it’s worth it!

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First-Look: Colibri Quasar Tabletop Cigar Cutter

The modern Colibri “Quasar” line is inspired by the hobnail pattern that can be seen on some vintage Colibri lighter models from back in the 1970s. Along with the Quasar tabletop cutter I’m reviewing here, the Colibri Quasar Series also includes pocket cutters, cigar ashtrays, humidors, and other smoking accessories featuring similar design themes.

Unlike the vintage Colibri lighters, the hobnail pattern on this Quasar tabletop cigar cutter has been exaggerated to the point where only a single peak or pyramid is present on each side of the cube. Nevertheless, I think it’s a neat, minimalist design that also gives a nod to Colibri’s past.

Colibri Quasar Packaging

When it comes to the box of the Quasar tabletop cigar cutter, it’s no different from what one has already come to expect from the brand’s premium products: the cutter was very nicely presented in a sturdy display box. I must add, the box certainly makes it easy to gift this to someone else (or perhaps even yourself.)

Quasar Table Top Cutter- Two-In-One Combination

As with the previously released Colibri Quasar SV-Cutter (Amazon link), this Quasar desk cigar cutter is a two-in-one combination – it incorporates both a straight guillotine and a V-cut option.

Guillotine and V cigar cut of Quasar

To cut your cigar with the Quasar, you first have to open the cutting mechanism. This is easy enough to do, as you simply push down on the top peak of the cutter to release the blades into the open position.

The Quasar possesses a spring-loaded release, so by pushing down, the entire cutting mechanism rises from inside the cube. It exhibits the oiled quad pistons that ensure smooth action of the blades when cutting your cigar.

Next, you place the cigar into either of the two openings depending on the type of cut you want. Finally, you make a decisive push down on the cutter to cut the cigar. Conveniently enough, all of the cigar clippings aggregate within an internal chamber inside of the cutting unit.

Guillotine (Straight) Cigar Cut

Guillotine Cigar Cut By Colibri Quasar

Per Colibri’s own website, the straight-cut aperture will accommodate up to a 70-ring gauge size cigar.

2022 Update: After years of owning and using Colibri Quasar Tabletop Cigar Cutters, I’ve yet to struggle with a cigar where the straight-cut aperture was insufficient.

Colibri Quasar Depth Guard For Perfect Cigar Cut

For me, the best feature of the straight-cut side is the “perfect cigar cut” guard just inside the edge of the cutting blade; this can be seen in the above picture.

These guards prevent the cigar from going too far into the cutter, essentially stopping you from accidentally cutting too much of the cap off your cigar. Cutting too much can lead to issues with smoking, a couple of which we’ve covered in our cigar-cutting guide.

Not only is this feature helpful due to a slight lack of visibility when cutting, but it also avoids any potential issues if an inexperienced smoker wants to give the Colibri Quasar Tabletop cutter a try. Indeed, it’s practically foolproof!

Quasar Desk V-Cut

V-Cut Cigar By Colibri Quasar

Opposite the straight-cut side is the V-cut side. The V-cut aperture of the Quasar cutter accommodates cigars up to 60 gauge and cleanly cuts a wedge as deep as 7mm when the cigar is inserted all the way into the divot.

In my experience, the v-cut side works best with cigars that are closer to that 60-ring gauge size as opposed to cigars that are smaller.

Moreover, and unlike the straight-cut side, the v-cut is a bit less forgiving if you’re not decisive when pushing down on the top peak of the cube when cutting cigars. This is to say, you should use a firm force throughout the cut so that it works properly.

If you don’t, you may ruin the cap of your cigar or worse. It’s worth noting that this is a concern with basically all V-cut cigar cutters, not just this Quasar cutter.

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Overall Quality & Feel

Cutter in hand to show relative size

Like all of this brand’s products, the Colibri Quasar Tabletop unit itself feels very well made. The sturdy, all-metal form not only looks cool, but it also fits well in the hand, for instance when passing it around a table.

Overall, it definitely feels like a luxury item. And most importantly, it has provided extremely clean straight and V-cuts on basically all the cigars I’ve thrown at it.

Rubber gasket of Colibri Desk cigar cutter fot stability

As far as cleaning out the collected cigar clippings, you’ll notice in the above image that the bottom has a twist cap and a large opening for removing the cigar debris.

There’s also a strong rubber gasket that keeps the unit stable and stuck to your desktop whenever you’re using it. Aside from helping to cut cigars more cleanly, this gasket also prevents scratches on the desktop surface.

Weight of Colibri Quasar tabletop Cigar Cutter

Even though it’s quite small in stature, being an all-metal construction, it packs quite a punch in the weight department, adding to its overall presence in quality.

At just under 600g (1lb 5oz), it is truly a desktop item.

How Does The Colibri Quasar Rate As A Tabletop Cutter?

Many of you may own or have at least seen/used the “Scorpion” desktop cutter below. This is what I’ve personally seen in the US to be the most popular/prevalent tabletop cigar cutter.

So, how do the Colibri Quasar Table Top and Scorpion Desktop Cigar Cutters compare? Below is my breakdown by category.

Colibri Quasar Vs Scorpion

  1. Design: Given the Quasar’s stunning design, I think it definitely wins this category, but you may feel differently.
  2. Operation: we also give that to the Quasar, as it feels more sturdy and less awkward
    1. I personally get a better cut from the Quasar as the quad pistons ensure absolute smooth action while cutting, but the Scorpion does offer some different gauge options
  3. Capacity: Tie between both cigar cutters. If you have home/office use, the Quasar should be fine. If, however you’re in a cigar bar/shop, the smaller size of the Quasar shall require many more emptying events
  4. Price: for home use, I think that I would personally buy the Quasar again,  even though it’s double the price. I just feel it fits my needs and design eye better

Overall the Quasar performs great as a tabletop cutter, especially in the home/office, due to its premium quality, great design, compact size, ease of use, and cutting performance.

Read more about the Scorpion tabletop cutter here.

Final Thoughts On The Quasar Desk Cigar Cutter

Colibri Desk Cigar Cutter and presentation box

Overall, I think the Colibri Quasar is a great tabletop cigar cutter that is a perfect addition to my cigar accessory repertoire! I shall be keeping it close by in my office, to be enjoyed by myself and guests for many years to come.

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