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Soon after getting into the cigar hobby, stogie enthusiasts realize they need somewhere to safely store their cigars. Instead of elucidative, an online search may only serve to overwhelm, given the seemingly endless selection of humidors for sale online. In this article, I’ll review Case Elegance, one of those humidor manufacturers you may come across on the web.

Accordingly, I’ll be taking a look at various options from Case Elegance’s range of Klaro humidors, as well as their proprietary humidification system, to determine what exactly sets them apart from the rest:

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When it comes to differentiating itself from other brands, Case Elegance’s humidors boast numerous discernible characteristics that help them stand out.

First among these is the interior of Case Elegance’s desktop humidors. Constructed of solid wood, these humidors are lined with plenty of cedar, ensuring the humidor retains the relative humidity level you desire. In conjunction with custom hinges and tight-sealing lids, Case Elegance’s desktop humidors effectively create an air-tight wooden “coffin” around the cigars while closed.

Case Elegance Kobi Humidor Inside

Case Elegance Kobi Humidor

Indeed, a poor seal tends to be the downfall of most humidors. This is because a leaky humidor will need constant maintenance to keep the internal RH where you want it. Case Elegance has gone above and beyond to ensure all its humidors require as little maintenance as possible.

Case Elegance’s Humidification System

Towards this end, Case Elegance also developed its own proprietary humidification system, the Hydro System, to help season and humidify its humidors. This system is shipped with all of their humidors at no extra cost.

Humidor Hydro System by Case Elegance

CE Hydration System Included w/ Humidors

Their patent-pending Hydro System consists of a tray that you fill with one of their solutions and place inside the humidor. Once the humidor stays at your desired RH for a few days, you then empty out a pack of gel beads that will absorb the liquid and maintain the humidity level inside the humidor.

If the RH level drops due to frequent openings or changes in your environment, you can add solution to the tray until the desired RH level is reached. If you’ve added too much solution and the RH is too high, simply leave the humidor open for a few hours to let the RH levels drop down once more.

Case Elegance Humidor Hygrometer & Gel Beads Tray

Renzo Humidor, Hygrometer w/ Silicone Seals; Hydrated Gel Beads in Tray

My experience with seasoning and maintaining the three Case Elegance humidors reviewed here was trouble-free. The initial seasoning of the humidors was easy, and I did not have any issues with the RH level once I added cigars to the humidors. Of course, I was carefully monitoring the relative humidity of each humidor with their respective hygrometers (which also display the temperature.)

Case Elegance Hygrometer For Kobi Humidor

Hygrometers Have RH & Temperature Readings

At this point, it’s worth noting that Case Elegance calibrates the hygrometers before they’re shipped with your humidor. Moreover, whenever the hygrometer is integrated into the humidor itself (such as with the Renzo and Military humidors), you can see that they’re sealed into the humidor with silicone gaskets that ensure an airtight seal.

Evidently, much time and research were put into making Klaro Humidors as effective as possible. All of the aforementioned characteristics are geared towards controlling the environment within the humidor to your ideal level, resulting in cigars that are stored exactly how you want. Hence, you get the most enjoyment out of them.

It’s surprising that Case Elegance’s humidors are priced so affordably, given the effort that went into designing them. Often, such advanced storage solutions in the cigar world tend to be priced just as extravagantly. Still, Case Elegance refrained from this practice, making their varied range of humidors available to most, if not all, cigar smokers.

Next, I’ll take a closer look at some of Case Elegance’s varied humidor options.

The Flint Travel Humidor Case

The Flint is a leather-clad, zipper-close cigar travel case with various characteristics that make it ideal for traveling with cigars. Most critical is the hard shell inside the case, which fits up to five individual Toro cigars.

Flint Travel Cigar Humidor by Case Elegance

Opposite the plastic shell are three distinct pockets. Two of these have magnetic flip-up covers and are ideal for a cutter and lighter, while the third has a fabric net intended for a hydration pack.

On its outside, the Flint travel humidor has a leather handle for carrying and a front pocket for storing any other accouterments you have. I’ve used this large front pocket for my phone and found it fit well.

Case Elegance Leather Travel Humidor Case 2

Priced around $100, I think the Flint is ideal if you’re looking for a cigar case you can take when you head to your local cigar lounge or even on the golf course. It properly protects cigars while on the go and is also quite dapper; I’ve already received numerous compliments, often from non-cigar smokers.

The Flint is available in brown and black leather. I preferred the brown and was quite pleased with the leather tone when delivered. There is a bit of leather cracking in a small segment, but I’m not particularly bothered. Over time, it should wear in and even out with the rest of the case.

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Renzo Glass Top Desktop Humidor

While not the cheapest, the Renzo is one of Case Elegance’s best-value humidors for smaller collections.

Case Elegance Humidor Renzo Glass Top

As far as specs – it fits up to 50 cigars, employs tempered glass for the top, and comes with an integrated digital hygrometer. On the inside, the Renzo humidor includes a Spanish cedar tray and cedar coaming on the lid to ensure a tight seal.

Accessory Tray Of Renzo Humidor

Externally, the wood has an elegant dark walnut finish and a practical accessory tray for storing smaller tools such as cutters and lighters.

Aside from looking great, the Renzo is very well-built. It’s a sturdy desktop humidor with high-quality hinges and a magnetically-sealed lid. Overall, the feel of the humidor is confidence-inspiring, even before you get a chance to store your cigars within

Inside View Of Case Elegance Humidor

Case Elegance’s Kobi Humidor

As you can see with the previous Renzo humidor from Case Elegance, the brand does a proper job crafting more traditionally-minded humidors. However, the Kobi humidor (as well as the following Military humidor) also proves how Case Elegance can go outside the box in its designs without crossing over into the gimmicky spectrum.

Case Elegance Kobi Humidor Japanese Design

Much like the Renzo, Case Elegance’s Kobi desktop humidor is crafted from solid wood with a handsome slatted design. However, in this case, the exterior is painted black for a minimalist color scheme. Of course, there’s also the accessory tray, which hides away in the wooden slat design when closed.

The Kobi is a large humidor that fits up to 150 small cigars. Inside, it has 5mm-thick cedar surrounding the entire interior. It also has a recessed cavity to hold the Hydro tray and includes a cedar divider. Given that the glass-top lid is substantial, the humidor likewise has robust hinges that assuredly support the weight.

Case Elegance Kobi Humidor Inside

Kobi Humidor With ~30 Cigars

Lastly, and unlike the other Case Elegance humidors reviewed here, the digital hygrometer of the Kobi is not integrated into the humidor itself. Instead, it is stored inside with an angled cedar holder so RH readings can be easily monitored through the top glass.

Military Humidor In Green

Case Elegance’s Military Humidor is my favorite of the lot reviewed here. At a glance, you can probably see why.

Case Elegance Green Military Humidor

As the name implies, this humidor’s design has a clear military theme. More specifically, it’s designed to look like an army foot locker or an ammo crate, as it has bright yellow stencils on the side, carry handles, and toggle-style latches for the lid.

However, that’s as far as the army comparison goes, as the rest of the details here are nothing short of fancy. For instance, the metal accents throughout the humidors are finished in a polished gunmetal hue. As with the other humidors, there’s also an accessory tray on the bottom with a gunmetal drawer handle.

View Of Hinges On Case Elegance Humidor

Inside, there’s enough space to hold up to 100 cigars. Moreover, you can segment your stogies into two sections with the included sliding tray. The hydration tray also recesses into the bottom of the humidor, maximizing the storage space for your cigars.

I’ve not mentioned it yet, but this military humidor and all of Case Elegance’s humidors can be monogrammed (on the top glass) for a fee when you purchase.

Military Green Humidor by Case Elegance

The military humidor is undoubtedly the least subdued of Case Elegance’s humidors. Still, if you’re looking for a unique humidor to have in your man cave or one that your friends will comment on when they come over to indulge, then this is the best option.

Closing Thoughts

Overall, I must admit that I was quite surprised by Case Elegance’s humidors. The price at which they’re sold leads one to believe that they’re average or middle-of-the-road desktop humidors.

However, once they were delivered and I got a chance to test them out, it was impossible not to notice the quality and construction; it is absolutely discernible when you use them.

Aside from the quality and aesthetics, I’ve had great success maintaining the RH inside the humidors over the past few months. Once I finished the initial seasoning phase and started storing the cigars in the humidors, I had to make very few adjustments when it came to adding more solution.

I reviewed three models here, but Case Elegance has many more desktop humidors, cabinets, and coolidors on its website. If you’re searching for a modern, affordable, and most importantly effective way to store your cigars, I can easily recommend giving them a try.

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"Designed not only to look great but also to make easy work of safely storing your cigars, Case Elegance humidors are some of the best on the market."
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