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The newest release from Cain’s repertoire by Oliva cigars, the Daytona is the line’s milder counterpart. Blended only from tobacco grown in Nicaragua’s Jalapa Valley, it features only ligero filler as well as a Nicaraguan binder and Habano wrapper.

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  • Brand: Oliva Cigars
  • Range: Cain
  • Reviewed Vitolas: 6 x 60 Gordo
  • Filler: 100% Jalapa Ligero
  • Binder: Nicaragua
  • Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano
  • Factory: Oliva Cigars Estelí Factory
  • Handmade: Yes
  • Body: Full
  • Estimated Smoking Time: 90  Minutes
  • Pricing: $170 (24) MSRP [Shop On CigarPage]

A twist on the Oliva Cigar’s Cain series, the Daytona is composed solely of Jalapa Ligero. Although Ligero tobacco leaves are still quite strong, those grown in the Jalapa Valley are somewhat milder compared to its Estelí and Condega relatives. The result is a milder albeit relatively full smoking experience.

Cain Daytona Cigar Look & Feel

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Cain Daytona Look & Feel

  • Wrapper Hue: Oxidised Copper
  • Rolling Consistency: Mostly Even
  • Spring: Firm Resistance
  • Aromas: Hay, Hazelnut Chocolate, Brandy Butter

All Cain & Nub Straight Ligero Cigars Side By SideAlthough the lightest wrapper of the Cain series, the difference is surprisingly small. However, there is noticeably less of an glossy sheen even if there are traces of oils in the wrapper.

Furthermore, the Daytona’s wrapper is quite toothy with a somewhat rough texture with small traces of veins throughout the body.

In terms of rolling quality, the Daytona is the softest of the four cigars by offering some mild resistance. Nevertheless, the construction is consistent throughout.

As for the aromas, the body gives off a subtle hint of ammonia. Meanwhile, the foot releases rich notes of hazelnut chocolate that dominate the bouquet. Behind it, you can pick up on some musty barnyard hay as well as a heady touch of brandy butter.

Cain Daytona Cigar Review

As with every review, at least three Cain Daytonas had been smoked in order to provide a full perspective of the cigar’s experience as well as account for any anomalies.

Pre-Lighting Experience

  • Draw: Some Resistance
  • Aromas: Cedar, Brandy Butter, Cinnamon

With a little effort, the cutter worked its way through the cap to provide a clean cut. Being a thick and tightly packed cigar, it doesn’t just snip right off! The initial pre-light draw wasn’t overly tight but did give some resistance.

As for the aromas, the brandy butter note picked up early is much more present. Meanwhile, there’s a hint of cedar with some mouthwatering cinnamon. Although an overall subtle bouquet in the prelight, it does show promise.

1st Third Smoking Experience

  • Notes: Cedar, Brioche, Petrol

Cain Daytona Cigar First ThirdAdmittedly, the slightly tight draw is rather uncomfortable after a few draws due to the large 60-ring gauge. However, it begins to loosen after about a dozen draws.

Overall, the first third is as mild as expected. Tongue stimulation is slight and can be felt on the front and lateral sections of the palate. Meanwhile, the texture is quite creamy and thick. However, the flavours are subtle and maybe even bland during the first inch.

Once this inch has passed, the Daytona develops an overt cedar note accompanied by a hint of toasted brioche. On the retrohale, there’s an aroma that’s somewhat reminiscent of petrol, which isn’t unpleasant.

2nd Third Smoking Experience

  • Notes: Citrus, Porridge, Bay Leaf

Cain Daytona Cigar Second ThirdArriving at the second third and finally the Daytona begins to reveal some complexity and flavour. A hint of bittersweet citrus can be perceived on the retrohale as well as a savoury note that I couldn’t quite identify at first.

With a little persistance, I could begin to get some cereal until it became apparent that this was an oat note. In combination with the creaminess of the smoke, it evoked unsweetened porridge.

As the cigar works through the second third, a distinctively aromatic note has developed that closely resembles charred bay leaf.

Meanwhile, the smoke has begun to also stimulate the lateral rear of the palate causing excessive salivation.

Final Third Smoking Experience

  • Notes: Pepper, Charred Bay Leaf, Oak

Cain Daytona Cigar Final ThirdAs I approach the final third, I begin to feel a prickling sensation on the tip of the tongue and the body begins to grow in fullness almost instantly. The bay leaf is still very much present but comes across as more charred than before.

As for the retrohale, it suddenly becomes quite harsh and hits the back of the throat on its way up to the nostrils. This accompanies a strong palate stimulation that shocks the tip of the tongue all the way up the rear.

With a build-up of oakiness, the final third is surprisingly full, which essentially comes as an unexpected finish to the overall smoking experience. Despite the harsh finish, it does leave a pleasant aftertaste in the mouth.

Overall Burn

  • Ash Backbone: Strong
  • Burn Angle: Slightly Wavy
  • Temperature: Cool
  • Draw: Some Resistance
  • Final Smoking Time: 85 Minutes

Cain Daytona Cigar Long AshAlthough the flavours aren’t overwhelmingly intense, the overall smoking experience is rather pleasant. With its relatively strong backbone, the ash reveals a soft texture with hues that range from steel grey to polar white. This contrasts nicely against the vividly blue smoke that it releases.

When the ash naturally fell off into the second third, it revealed an even burn. However, the filler’s outer area smoked considerably slower than the middle, causing it to spike out of the centre. Nevertheless, this improved after ashing.

Meanwhile, the burn is thick at first but slowly thins out as you progress. Although slightly wavy initially, it straightens out quite nicely. Similarly, the smoke is cool and although the draw is firm at first, it loosens up over time.

Finally, the smoking time came to around 80 minutes or so on average. While I also had some loosely rolled Daytonas that lasted less than an hour, the one smoked while writing this review endured for nearly 90 minutes.

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Ideal Pairings With A Cain Daytona

With its relatively subtle flavour that occasionally edges towards a certain blandness, the Daytona is a versatile cigar that can be paired with a number of beverages.

Rather than complement or contrast the flavour of the Daytona, a beverage’s character will instead be extended. Given the cereal notes in the second third, a good option would be beer.

Furthermore, your choice of beer would be quite varied. A blonde lager or Belgian beer would work quite nicely to create a refreshing accord. Meanwhile, a Real Ale or IPA would bring out the hop.

Otherwise, the Daytona also pairs nicely with a coffee. However, it’s best to aim for lightly roasted blends for the two to pair well together.

Overall Experience

Cain Daytona Cigar With BoxThe Daytona is presented in a very similar wooden box to the other cigars of the Cain range. The untreated wooden create is stamped with the Cain and Daytona logo, and the cigars inside are bundled together with an orange ribbon.

I’m quite fond of the Daytona logo that Studio Tobac has created. The orange colour and thick chevrons next to the Daytona type is reminiscent of automobile racing as the name suggests.

Similarly, the only band present on the Daytona is on the cigar’s foot. If you’ve read my previous reviews, I’m not overly fond of these as I find it to be a shame to remove them before smoking. However, they do seem functional in that they protect the foot from damage during transit.

In terms of the occasion for smoking a Daytona, this is a distinctively daytime smoke for the late morning or early afternoon. In fact, I’d say that it would be ideal to smoke on a sunny day with some friends during a barbecue.

With the same MSRP as the other Cain cigars, I find that it presents decent enough value for money. $170 for a box of twenty-four cigars brings the cost to just over $7 each, which is quite reasonable. Furthermore, they can often be found on sale through online retailers.

Closing Thoughts

Cain Straight Ligero Cigars On Nub AshtrayIf you have enjoyed Cain’s range of Straight Ligero blends, then this is certainly one to try if the opportunity arises. The branding is certainly attractive and unique yet I can’t help but feel that the experience is a little underwhelming as a whole.

While the milder ligero experience is quite enjoyable, the sudden shock of the final third can be off-putting for some. This may be off-putting for those who prefer milder blends yet want to try something of what Cain offers.

Indeed, the Daytona is not an unpleasant cigar at all and it does add an alternative to the Cain range. However, I don’t feel that it adds an experience that is particularly noteworthy compared to the previous instalments.

Nevertheless, like the other cigars from the Cain range, it’s very well constructed with a solid white ash. Still, the draw can be tight every now and then too.

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"A milder alternative in the Cain range. However, it's underwhelming flavour and harsh final third may be somewhat disappointing for those expecting a complex bouquet of aromas."
Bespoke Unit Rating: ★★★

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