Idrese is an ambitious custom footwear brand that specializes in Goodyear-welted dress shoes, boots, and sneakers. This brand provides men with Goodyear welted footwear starting at $335 (often less when on sale) and the ability to design their own unique style. It was founded by Jawad Malik who was just 21-years old when he left college to pursue a dream despite a 3.5 GPA!

In this guide, you will discover our detailed review of Idrese Shoes and you’ll learn where and how its shoes are made:

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Idrese Shoe Review

Idrese Shoes Reviews

Idrese Shoes & Indochino Solid Seersucker Suit

Before we present our full overview of Idrese, we’ll take a close inspection of the different models and services that it offers through its website. Currently, you can read about the following footwear:

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Idrese Custom Shoes Review

By Paul Anthony

Wearing Idrese Shoes
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Style & Construction

Idrese Shoes & Box

As we describe below, ordering custom shoes is a treat but it can quickly be overwhelming when faced with all the choices. As I have a penchant for monk strap shoes, I had a clear idea of what I wanted.

Rather than something in full-grain leather, I instead opted for a more business casual double monk that I could wear in Florida alongside my Indochino seersucker suits.

Idrese Custom Shoes

In that light, I chose green suede as it’s a little different from the usual offerings. Nevertheless, you may notice a little bordeaux strip down the back for extra visual interest. After all, it would have been a shame to just go for full green when you can choose the colour of each section!

Meanwhile, I also opted for a toe medallion for additional ornamentation as well as painted leather soles in red to complement the Bordeaux strip. Similarly, I selected copper buckles rather than silver. However, with hindsight, I may have preferred silver.

Otherwise, I’m delighted with the result. It’s a beautifully stylish shoe that will certainly enjoy a lot of wear as it’s perfectly suited to my environment as well as my usual dress code.

Fit & Comfort

Idrese Shoes In Car

Being a 14EEE, I often find it challenging to find shoes that fit! Unfortunately, I rarely have the opportunity to try many of the brands that we review myself because even their largest sizes are too small.

Therefore, I was delighted to hear that Idrese specialises in large and wide shoe sizes! Nevertheless, I was somewhat apprehensive as I’m usually reassured by brands that their largest sizes will fit only to find that they’re too small when they arrive.

Idrese Custom Shoes Comfort

Upon receiving Idrese’s custom shoes, I was both thrilled and relieved to find that they fit. However, it wasn’t even a tight fit as is generally the case. Indeed, the shoes fit me perfectly.

I was also surprised by just how comfortable they are to wear. As you can see in the accompanying photographs, I’m happily wearing them without socks in Florida’s mild winter heat. Admittedly, this is a rarity for me but I found that the lining was smooth and pleasant to the touch.

Value For Money

Indochino Custom Suit & Idrese Custom Shoes

A Goodyear-welted shoe for less than $350 that you can design yourself seems too good to be true. As you can see, however, it’s far from it! Indeed, the shoes are expertly made according to the specifications that I requested.

I was very impressed with both the quality and design of Idrese’s shoes and the value for money is extraordinary. While you may have to wait for the shoes to be made specifically for you, it’s certainly worth it as you won’t be disappointed by the result!

Idrese Custom Boots Review

Idrese Custom Dress Boots Reviewed
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Styles & Construction

Art Patterns On Leather Soles Of Idrese Boots

When picking out a few different pairs of boots from Idrese, I wanted to make the most out of their customizing interface; I didn’t just want to opt for the traditional boot silhouettes in the usual leather colors.

Paul Anthony Initials Detail On Idrese Boot HeelAccordingly, I went for their Galahad Jodphur-style boot, the Victa cap-toe, and the Octavian buckle boot. Moreover, I ordered all of the boots with leather soles and personalized the soles of the Galahad & Octavian with different patterns. For the Victa Cap-toes, I kept the leather soles sterile, but I did pick a purple leather lining for the interior.

Overall, I was very satisfied with how the three pairs of boots turned out. While Idrese’s interface for customizing is digital, upon delivery of the final boots, I found the depiction on the interface to be very true to what I received.

Fit & Comfort

Idrese Octavian Buckle Boot In Red Leather

Having only received the Idrese boots about a month ago, I haven’t had a chance to wear them in fully just yet. However, much like the double monk straps above, they were quite roomy and comfortable out of the box as I was able to order my true EEE shoe width.

The leather uppers and soles on the boots will take a couple of uses each to wear in and start to mold to my foot and gait, but even before this process has occurred, the leather feels quite soft and supple. I don’t have any pinch points, and externally the boots are simply beautiful to gaze at.

Value For Money

When it comes to price, Idrese is confidently not the most affordable boot brand out there (nor is it trying to be). In spite of this, the high-quality materials, Goodyear welt construction, and customizability make them an outstanding value.

Idrese Victa Cap toe Boots In Black Leather

Simply put, with Idrese, I was able to craft an exclusive pair of high-quality boots that I could not get anywhere else at this price.

You can see by the pictures that I brought together not only leather and fabric in a single boot but also two different types of leather (pebbled & smooth). This allowed me to customize the boots exactly to my liking and ultimately express my personality, style, and taste in a unique manner.

Purple Leather Lining On Idrese Boots

How Idrese Was Founded

Idrese Goodyear Welt Sole Assembly

As mentioned above, Jawad Malik was 21 years old when he founded Idrese. Indeed, he was in his final year at college with excellent grades when he decided to halt his studies in favour of launching a business.

Nevertheless, Jawad didn’t act on impulse. Instead, he had been developing the idea since he was a freshman and largely drew from his father’s inspiration. Jawad’s father was a salvager who was often hired by insurance companies to sell on goods that could be recovered after a claim.

When Jawad was young, a European insurance company called Jawad’s father following a shoe store fire. They travelled to Europe together to find the store filled with luxury designer goods from brands like Prada and Louis Vuitton.

After calculating the damages and negotiating with the insurance company over the salvaged items for resale, Jawad and his father obtained an international export permit. Once the brand labels were removed from the items, they were resold for pennies on the dollar.

Middle-Eastern Italian Connections

Jawad Malik Idrese Founder & His Father

Jawad Malik & His Father

Jawad was born in Chicago but had lived in Jordan for seven years. His father’s successful salvage career brought them back to the country where he and his brother-in-law launched a retail store. As American-made clothing is particularly popular in the Middle East, the business was very successful.

Jawad’s father travelled between Europe, the USA, and Jordan to source inventory for the store. On some occasions, he would obtain a permit to cheaply purchase overstocked or misprinted goods from Italian and American factory warehouses. Jawad soon learned that it was the exact same process as major American retailers like TJ Maxx and JC Penney.

Jawad’s experience wasn’t without hardship, though. Exhausted by the relentless travelling, Jawad’s father used his Power of Attorney to sign the business to his brother-in-law’s control. However, it led to their relationship ceasing almost overnight.

Idrese Shoes & Box

Much of the family’s income halted and upon their return to the USA, they had to resort to living on food stamps. Nevertheless, Jawad and his father didn’t give up and worked their way back into business via flea markets. Jawad sold many products himself and he often accompanied his father to meetings and negotiations.

He drew the conclusion from these experiences that once labels were removed from a luxury good, its value was only reflected by its quality. For instance, many designer brands will cheaply manufacture shoes with cement construction yet sell them for over $700.

Jawad’s Vision For Idrese

Idrese Locke Brogues

After his cumulative experience in touring various factories and warehouses, Jawad realized that he had the connections to launch his own brand.

Disillusioned by the practices of larger companies, he founded it with the four underlying principles:

  • The most competitive pricing possible.
  • Only Goodyear-welted shoes.
  • Nothing less than full-grain Italian leather.
  • Specialist shoe craftspeople with at least 20 years experience.

In order to fulfill each of these objectives as best they could, Jawad opted for a direct-to-consumer business model, which helped him reduce overheads by cutting out the middleman.

However, Jawad still had to sacrifice extremely tempting potential profit margins. Nevertheless, he firmly believes that improving his customers’ quality of life is worth it.

What Does Idrese Mean?

Idrese Nuno Sneakers

“Idrese” is an alternative spelling to “Idris”, which has multiple meanings for Jawad. In this most literal sense, it loosely translates to “Ardent Lord” in Welsh from the root “Udd, which can also mean “prince”.

As Jawad wishes everyone deserves the opportunity to feel as regal as a prince, he felt that the connection was quite appropriate.

However, “Idris” also has Arabic origins, which while unrelated to the Welsh word, is of particular importance to Jawad. Idris is an ancient Babylonian prophet who is mentioned twice in the Quran. On both occasions, he is referred to as an honest, patient, and compassionate man.

Incidentally, Idris is often associated with the biblical figure, Enoch, and they are often regarded as one and the same. Jawad shares these values and uses this integrity to guide his decisions along the paths that he walks in both his personal and professional life.

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Where Are Idrese Shoes Made?

Idrese Shoe Uppers Assembly

Idrese shoes are manufactured in Spain’s shoemaking capital, Almansa. Interestingly, its partner factory is just next door to both Umber and Magnanni! Indeed, the Albacete region has a long and rich shoemaking history.

Given Jawad’s demanding requirements, he sought a workshop that is manned only by highly-skilled and experienced craftspeople. As a result, he ensures that Idrese offers only the highest quality possible that fulfills his and his customers’ needs.

Idrese Shoes & Grand Cherokee

Furthermore, Idrese shoes are all crafted from nothing less than vegetable-tanned full-grain leather. Jawad sources the hides directly from Conceria Tolio, an Italian tannery that was founded in 1962 by Mario Tolio.

Tolio is well-known in the shoe industry and he supplies other celebrated brands like Santoni, Berlutti, Andres Sendra, Ferragamo, and even Louis Vuitton.

Additionally, Idrese shoes opt for thicker than usual hides. Consequently, they offer better longevity but the weight and structure helps reduce creasing.

How Are Idrese Shoes Made?

As mentioned earlier, Jawad’s initial criteria was that the shoes must be made using Goodyear-welting. In fact, he outright refused the possibility of Blake-stitching, which is quicker and cheaper.

Indeed, Goodyear-welting is a labour-intensive process that requires additional materials to produce. However, it offers a robust and sturdy construction with greater weather resistance. Similarly, a Goodyear-welted shoe can be resoled a greater number of times than a Blake-stitched shoe.

Idrese Goodyear Welt Shoes

All Idrese shoes are one at a time in order to grant them the full attention to detail that they deserve. Throughout the production line, there are multiple inspection points, which offer a high standard of quality control.

Any shoes that have suffered even the slightest cosmetic scuff are discarded and remade from scratch.

How To Order Idrese Custom Shoes

Idrese Dainite Sole Boots

Thanks to an intuitive 3D user interface, ordering shoes on Idrese is an easy and pleasant experience. In fact, it allows you to easily experiment and try different features as you craft your shoes.

Idrese Shoe Models

The process starts by simply choosing a basic shoe design, which can consist of monk strap shoes, Jodhpur boots, brogues, and loafers. You will also have the option to choose different sneakers and slippers, too.

The prices are clearly indicated for each style of shoe and there are no additional costs when customising the footwear. Therefore, you can freely tailor them without the fear of a surprise when checking out!

Goodyear Welt Colours & Styles

For all shoe styles, the customisation starts with the welt and sole’s design. As mentioned above, all Idrese shoes are Goodyear welted. Nevertheless, you can choose the style of the welt (storm, city, country) and its colour. You will then be prompted to choose the sole as well.

Idrese Sole & Welt Design

If you opt for a Dainite rubber sole as is the case in the military brogue boot reviewed above, note that you won’t be able to physically change its colour. However, its colour is decided on what you chose for the welt so bear that in mind. As you can see, it appears black in the designer but in the final written review, it’s rust like the welt.

Leathers & Uppers

Idrese Custom Shoe Designer

Using the arrows in the bottom left-hand corner, you can cycle through the different parts of the shoe. In the top-left hand corner, you will be presented with the different colours and materials that are available.

Each section of the upper can be customised independently. For instance, you’ll notice that the vamp is khaki suede whereas the toe and quarters are medium-brown box calf leather.

Idrese Shoe Review

Be sure to cycle through every option to make sure that you haven’t missed anything out. Not only can you dictate the colours of the leathers but you can change the laces as well as any metal hardware. In the boots’ case, you choose the colour of the eyelets. Meanwhile, the buckles can be changed on a monk strap shoe.

Once finished, you can simply click on “order” in the top right-hand corner. You will then be prompted to confirm every choice that you have made. This additional step makes sure that you’re happy with your choices and that you haven’t missed anything out.

Idrese Custom Shoe Colours

As Idrese uses a 3D-rendered designer to create your shoes, it might be difficult to visualise what the leather colours will actually look like in real life. Fortunately, the custom leathers use the same colours as on Idrese’s ready-to-wear collection.

That being said, they use different names so it might be confusing to associate each custom leather with its real-life counterpart. If want to compare the 3D-rendered leather options with a photographic reference, you can use the list below:

Meanwhile, here is a list of the custom suede leathers:

Overall, the 3D illustrations are pretty close to what they look like in real life. Nevertheless, it’s always handy to have a clear idea of what the end result will be. As you may notice by those listed as “not available” above, some colour options are only available for custom orders.

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What Next?

Idrese Andre Bit Loafers

Idreses focuses on producing affordable high-quality shoes with impeccable construction and leathers. Jawad hopes that the brand will soon receive global recognition for its efforts.

Once it surpasses a certain production threshold, it will help reduce his manufacturing costs. However, rather than enjoy a higher profit margin, Jawad wishes to use the additional funds for philanthropic projects.

For instance, he hopes to support low-income neighbourhoods through pre-existing mentoring programs. Similarly, he has shown interest in Toms Footwear’s “buy a pair give a pair” program but he would like the pursue such a project privately rather than publicly.

If you want to learn more about Idrese, head to its website. Otherwise, consider checking out some of the related guides below:

"Idrese offers high-quality yet affordable Goodyear welt as well as a competitively priced opportunity to wear custom shoes."
Bespoke Unit Rating: ★★★★★

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