To say that we’re extremely passionate about shoes would be an understatement. We are shoe fanatics, collectors, and aficionados. Thankfully, there are innumerable companies that sell them, both ready-to-wear and made-to-order.

In our series of shoemaker guides, you’ll not only discover new brands but also what sets them apart from the rest. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about their rich history and heritage as well as their core identities and philosophies.

After all, not all shoes are just made to protect your feet, some are made with passion, dedication and an appreciation of tradition.

Maglieriapelle handmade Pamukkale & Cunda Painted Shoes

Bespoke Unit’s Shoemaker Guides

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What Will We Explore?

Much of the content is forthcoming, but know that we will be focusing on brands that we feel provide the best value. Sometimes, these will be expensive brands. Sometimes, they will be inexpensive ones.

We define “value” in terms of more than just cost, though that is indeed a factor. Our definition of value includes:

  • Craftsmanship and construction techniques: Are the shoes made in a way that increases their longevity?
  • Aesthetic sensibilities: Do they look great?
  • Quality of materials: Is the company using high-quality leathers, suedes, and other materials?
  • Retail price: Is the price justifiable given all of the above?

Why Analyze Shoemakers?

We men tend to be creatures of habit. A common trope is a guy finding a particular suits or shoe style and buying it in every color way because he loves the look, the feel, and whatever else about it that speaks to him.

We don’t necessarily think this is a bad thing. In fact, it’s particularly helpful when shopping for shoes.

Buying shoes is a unique process because fit is more crucial than with any other article of clothing. If a shirt fits poorly, you won’t look good and maybe you’ll be a little uncomfortable. If a shoe fits poorly, it often goes past the point of discomfort into downright pain. It can range from minor soreness to an inability to walk, and the effects can reach your legs and back, creating long-lasting damage.

brown allen edmonds penny loafers

From a health perspective, it’s more important to buy well-made, properly-fitted shoes than anything else in your wardrobe.

Certain shoemakers have lasts that agree (or disagree) with any given man’s feet. It behooves us to know the ins and outs of quality shoemakers, try on their offerings, and see which brand has the best fit, both literally and figuratively.

Blue Loafers On Concrete Step

If one of the brands we cover makes a shoe that makes your feet sing, you are well within right and reason to buy up every last pair you can in every color.

Who Will We Be Showcasing?

Crimson Longwings Showing Sole

To start, we’ll be talking about Allen Edmonds, Undandy, Samuel Windsor, Wolverine, and Grant Stone. We look forward to doing deeper dives into all these brands and more as time goes on.

Some brands will be strictly ready-to-wear, some brands will be MTO (made-to-order) focused, and some will be a hybrid of the two.

Regardless of who we name in our guide, you can rest assured that we included them here based on these factors and these factors alone:

Are the shoes…

  • Comfortable?
  • Well constructed?
  • Good-looking?
  • Appropriately priced for the materials and construction used?

We look forward to creating a top-notch guide that speaks to all of our readers regardless of age, style, or financial position in life.

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Dark Brown Suede Semi BroguesAs we mentioned above, we are shoe fanatics and have written about them extensively. We cordially invite you to take a look at our shoe blog roll wherein we talk about our favorite pairs and discuss the ins and outs of what makes a good shoe a good shoe.

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