Flat feet with low arches can be particularly painful, especially when you’re not wearing the right shoes. If your shoes don’t offer the correct motion control, you can experience overpronation, which can lead to stress on the knees, hips and back.

Therefore, we’ve gathered the ultimate list of the Top 10 Best Men’s Shoes For Flat Feet:

  1. Boat Shoe: Allbirds Tree
  2. Derby Shoe: Amberjack The Original
  3. Oxford Shoe: Wolf & Shepherd Crossover
  4. Casual Boots: Ross & Snow Riccardo
  5. Brogue Shoe: Allen Edmonds Strandmok
  6. Bit Loafer: Vionic Mason
  7. Sneaker: Brooks Beast 18
  8. Orthotic Brogue: Rockport Business 2
  9. Business Casual: Mephisto Cap Vert
  10. Formal Loafer: Ecco Seattle

Use the links above to jump ahead. We’ll also offer a brief guide on low arches and other effects you may experience with flat feet.

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What Are The Best Shoes For Flat Feet?

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1. Allbirds Tree Skippers [Boat Shoes]

Allbirds Tree Skippers Sneakers
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Inspired by traditional boat shoes, Allbirds created the Tree Skippers to be completely carbon neutral. They’re designed using a proprietary knit of FSC-certified eucalyptus fibres while also featuring lightweight and durable foam soles.

The soles offer anatomical flexibility, which will help alleviate Plantar Fasciitis. Meanwhile, the insoles are crafted from a unique foam made from castor bean oil, which is a welcome change from petroleum-based foam. Furthermore, they feature merino wool, which offers natural moisture-wicking to reduce odours and sweat.

"Original and versatile, the Tree Skippers offer premium comfort technology while avoiding all the synthetic and resource-hungry resources."
Bespoke Unit Rating: ★★★★★

2. Amberjack The Original [Derby Shoe]

Amberjack The Original Shoe Sole Detail
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When John Peters created Amberjack, he sought to introduce a versatile shoe that was both affordable and comfortable. He teamed up with designed John Kraljevich who had worked with brands like Allen Edmonds and Coach. Learn more about its story with our review.

Together, they created The Original, a hybrid shoe that marries traditional craftsmanship with the latest athletic footwear technology. Its stylish design is ideal for business casual wear. Thanks to features like heat-activated arch support, it’s ideal for men with flat feet.

Nevertheless, the footbed is removable and you can use your own orthotics instead. Finally, Amberjack tends to run a little large so be sure to order a half-size smaller than usual.

3. Wolf & Shepherd Crossover Longwing [Oxford Shoe]

Wolf & Shepherd Crossover Longwing Flat Feet Dress Shoe
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When we first heard about Wolf & Shepherd, we were admittedly sceptical of the hype. Therefore, we decided to put their shoes to the test ourselves. Indeed, we were quickly swayed and impressed by their all-day comfort.

As the name implies, Wolf & Shepherd’s Crossover line aims to bring together the sophisticated look of a dress shoe with the comfort of athletic sneakers. Indeed, they accomplish this with their Crossover Longwings, which feature a full-grain Italian leather upper and the brand’s shock-absorbing memory foam soles.

While this Crossover line is simply too casual for a business professional setting, it will fit right into more relaxed business casual workplaces, providing support and style for days on end.

4. Ross & Snow Riccardo [Casual Boots]

Ross & Snow Riccardo Boot
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Ross & Snow specialise in beautiful Italian-crafted boots that are both stylish and functional. While they’re on the premium side, it’s important to note how they’re made. For instance, they’re lined with ethically-sourced organically-reared genuine shearling.

This combined with its supple leather uppers results in a wonderfully comfortable boot that is reminiscent of a weatherproof slipper. During winter, they provide warmth and insulation. However, they can still be worn in the warmer months thanks to the shearling’s natural properties.

We like to wear ours casually with the laces loosely tied so the quarters roll back. This provides a stylish look but is very comfortable to wear throughout the day.

5. Allen Edmonds Strandmok [Brogue Shoe]

Allen Edmonds Strandmok Brogues
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We’ve owned a pair of Allen Edmonds Strandmok for a number of years and they were even among the first pairs of shoes that we reviewed here. All these years later, they’re still a regular choice.

Over time, they wear in wonderfully and are perfectly comfortable. The 360° Goodyear welt moulds to your feet and provides just the right level of comfort. The Dainite soles offer additional benefits with shock resistance and a nice bounce in your gait.

If you have severe flat feet, you’ll probably need to add some insoles. However, for people with moderate issues, this is a solid choice.

6. Vionic Mason [Bit Loafer]

VIONIC Mason Bit Loafer
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The bit loafer is a classic slip-on shoe that features a decorative metallic buckle across the throat, which resembles a bridle bit. Also made by Vionic, these stylish loafers are seamlessly designed with orthotics in mind. The same EVA footbed as the chukkas offer fantastic arch support as well as motion control for flat feet.

Although a more casual shoe that can be worn with chinos or corduroy, you can probably dress these up for a more business casual look. We like the idea of sporting them with jeans, an open-collar shirt and tweed jacket.

Although available in black, grey and a tan brown, we’re only really fond of the brown. The black shoes are too dressy for the style and the grey suede would be a difficult colour to integrate in most wardrobes.

7. Brooks Beast 20 [Sneakers]

Brooks Beast '20 Flat Feet Sneakers
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If you have very severe flat feet, one of the key features that you’ll need is motion control. In short, this corrects your stride so you don’t overpronate. Out of all the shoes we tried, the Brooks Beast 18 offered the best performance with high-level cushioning and an external heel counter.

Exceedingly casual to the point where these are basically sportswear, they’re hard to integrate into a wardrobe. However, if your profession allows or even requires athletic footwear, you’ll be assured all-day comfort with these sneakers.

If to be worn professionally, the black shoes with grey accents in the soles are your best bet. However, if you want something a touch flashier, there is a variety of different colours available too.

8. Rockport DresSports Business 2 [Brogue Shoe]

Rockport Business 2 Wingtip Brogue
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We recently discovered the new Rockport DresSports Business 2 range and we’re impressed to say the least. Taking a page out of Wolf & Shepherd’s book, Rockport have developed attractive dress shoes that conceal their orthotic capabilities.

While they’re not quite as eye-catching, they’re more affordable. If you’re on a restricted budget, it might be a decent alternative. Furthermore, Rockport specialises in true orthotics so they offer additional benefits.

For instance, the truTech technology used features shock absorption. Meanwhile, the cushioned insole provides excellent comfort. Finally, this range comes in a number of business professional and smart casual styles. Therefore, you have a wide variety of choice depending on your needs.

9. Mephisto Cap Vert [Business Casual]

Mephisto Cap Vert Penny Loafer
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Honestly, we’re not usually fond of Mephisto as they’re often quite expensive and not particularly attractive. However, the Cap Vert really surprised us when we found it!

Designed as a classic slip-on penny loafer with a moccasin toe, the Cap Vert is quite elegant and produces a dapper casual look when worn with the right wardrobe. The padded tongue reduces pressure points, which really helps alleviate sore flat feet. Similarly, the Air-Relax cushion provides additional breathability.

10. Ecco Seattle [Formal Loafer]

Ecco Seattle Venetian Loafer
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Ecco’s Seattle range is far less clinical than their usual designs. As such, it’s a great option if you need something with orthotic support in mind. They’re also available as loafers and Oxfords so you can some choice in the overall design.

If your discomfort is severe, you might fare better with the loafers. They slip on easily and provide a comfortable, wide fit to your feet. Both models features removable footbeds and the PU sole functions with the brand’s Comfort Fibre System for additional air circulation.

What Are Flat Feet?

Your feet arches develop their shape through ligaments and tendons between the metatarsal and tarsal bones. They’ve evolved in such a way that the feet can support the entire body in an erect posture by spreading the weight.

Furthermore, the arches of your feet act as natural shock absorbers, which guide your steps and the way your foot lands on a surface.

As with foot sizes, the arch shape can vary between different people. Whilst the difference is usually quite small, there is a minority that can have fallen arches or even high arches. That said, as much as a third of adults can have flat feet.

Different Types of Foot Arch Pronations

If you’re not sure what yours are, you can do what is known as a wet foot test. This simply requires you to walk across a surface with wet feet that leaves prints behind. You can then check the silhouette of your footprints and compare them with the graphic above.

If you can see most of your foot, you likely have fallen arches. Whilst this isn’t quite a disorder, your feet may tend to overpronate, which means that they roll inwards when you walk.

Overpronation can apply stress on your knees, hips and back. Therefore, if you don’t cater to it with the correct footwear, you could suffer from chronic pains as well as heel spurs.

How To Support Flat Feet

As with any arch type, the key is to support its natural shape with the correct type of shoe. Although this can be achieved with inserts or orthotics, some shoes are designed with low arches in mind.

Shoes that best cater to low arches usually offer the following features:

  • Motion Control: This feature usually stems from a heel design that ensures your feet land in the correct position when walking or running.
  • Stability: Usually found in the midsole, stable shoes keep your stride in check by preventing them from rolling in or outwards.
  • Arch Support: A featured found in the footbed’s cushion, the arches can vary in height. It’s important to find a comfortable cushion that doesn’t apply too much pressure on your feet.

Often you’ll be able to find the right shoes that cater to your foot shape by simply perusing different options available online or in-stores. However, if your case is really severe, it may be worth seeing a podiatrist before the condition degrades even further.

Having flat feet doesn’t stop you from undertaking the same activities as anyone else. As long as you have the right shoes that feet, you’ll be able to run just as far and for just as long as your arched brethren!

What Next?

Now that you have read about the best men’s shoes for flat feet, check out some other related guides, which may help you on your search:

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