Emily Anne Professional Glasses Stylist

Looking for those prefect frames?

Can’t decide which ones will suit you best?

We have deep resources that can help you research and find the perfect frames. But say you still can’t decide or don’t have the time?

Well then, let our resident professional glasses stylist Emily Anne help you!

For a mere $29.95, she shall assess your individual needs. All you need to do is:

  1. Provide 1 – 3 face on pictures
  2. Provide 1 side profile picture
  3. Give 2 face measurements, and
  4. Fill out a quick survey to assess you style and lifestyle preferences

That’s it!

Personalized Glasses Report & Recommendations

Just wait 3-5 days and Emily shall give you a PDF report detailing your face shape (which is critical for correct frame choice), your complexion and contrast profile too.

Further, she shall provide you with an array of choices from top online retailers that will be good “matches” based off the above and you’re lifestyle profile.

See example report below.