Perpetually remembered as the “little brother of Rolex”, Tudor has been exponentially gaining momentum and lining dealer exhibits with bold and captivating watch releases.

Equally as promising is their value proposition, given the exceptional quality and aggressive price point that characterizes the brand.

Today, we’re reviewing the now-discontinued Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze 79250BM. Ahead of the bronze craze when it was initially released, this 43mm Black Bay set the bar for future bronze watches to come.

We’ll be reviewing this Tudor 79250BM, as well as taking a look at the latest Black Bay Bronze release, via the following sections:

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Tudor Black Bay Bronze 79250BM W/ Box Set



Tudor Black Bay Bronze 79250BM Wrist Shot Philly

Tudor 79250BM Price & Specifications

  • Retail Price: $3,975 (Discontinued)
  • Reference: 79250BM
  • Case Diameter: 43mm
  • Case Material: Bronze
  • Strap: Brown Distressed Leather
    • Additional Fabric Strap, NATO-Style
  • Crystal: Scratch-Resistant, Sapphire
  • Dial: Brown
    • Gold Hands & Indices w/ Luminous
  • Bezel: Brown Aluminum
    • Diver’s Bezel
  • Movement: Tudor Manufacture MT5601, Automatic
    • COSC-Chronometer Certified
    • 70-Hour Power Reserve
  • Discontinued as of Baselworld 2019, replaced by slate-gray dial variation

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Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze 79250BM On The Wrist Review

This Black Bay Bronze 79250BM, while a true Black Bay through-and-through, represented the first time that Tudor changed the case size on a variant in the popular model line.

Tudor Black Bay Bronze 2016 Model On Wrist

The case is 43mm as opposed to the standard 41mm, and is constructed of a copper-aluminum alloy. Without diving into a chemistry lesson, the importance here is that the particular bronze employed by Tudor lends to a unique and more even patina.

Tudor 79250BM Case Flank Size Picture On the other hand, this same metal alloy is also deemed the culprit for the case size increase. Apparently, when crafted in a 41mm case size, the structural integrity of the watch was not to Tudor’s standard.

Once on the wrist, this Bronze Black Bay wears tall and wide. The base Heritage Black Bay model has a case depth of ~14.5mm, a dimension which has gone unchanged in the Black Bay Bronze 79250.

The sporty nature of this Tudor diver easily lends itself to the larger case size; we certainly didn’t find it to detract from the watch’s appeal. At the same time, it’s easy to see how the case size can be the main point of contention on this watch.

Bronze Case Details

Size aside, the case itself is phenomenal. The satin finish of the bronze makes for a rugged look. Conversely, the sharp edges and delicate details, like the rose on the crown and the lug holes, bring in an element of finesse.

One thing is evident after handling the watch – the construction is remarkable. The watch head is sturdy, although not too heavy. Likewise, the click of the diver’s bezel inspires confidence in the longevity of the timepiece.

Tudor has established a standard of quality, one which was not overlooked when crafting the Black Bay Bronze 79250BM. Tudor Black Bay Bronze 79250BM Steel Caseback

On the back side, the contrasting caseback represent’s Tudor’s response to a problem encountered with bronze watches. A PVD-coated steel caseback maintains the color scheme while also preventing oxidation stains when on the wrist.

Powering this 2016 Baselworld premiere is the Tudor Manufacture MT5601 calibre. The first in-house movement in the brand’s history, the MT5601 boasts a 70 hour power reserve as well as a COSC-chronometer certification.

Box Set Contents

The box set that accompanies this Black Bay Bronze is the standard black lacquered Tudor-branded box. To protect its glossy finish, a brown outer box is also included.

Tudor Bronze 79250BM Watch w Box Contents

As has become customary with the Tudor Black Bay line, this Black Bay Bronze brings with it an additional NATO-style strap. This secondary strap is olive / khaki green in color and made of a springy fabric. Naturally, this fabric strap also possesses a bronze buckle.

Tudor Black Bay 79250BM Bronze Strap Buckles CloseupThe 79250BM is primarily displayed on a distressed calf leather strap. Undoubtedly, this strap is sure to develop some character with wear and time, not unlike the change expected on the case itself. Similarly, this effect is to be expected on the buckle, given that it’s presented in bronze as well.

In addition to the above accessories, the box set also includes an instruction booklet, a warranty booklet, and a document holder for both as well as the warranty card. Given that the Black Bay Bronze we review here was purchased pre-owned, it did not happen to include the original warranty card.

The only issue we can find with the box set is the fact that there’s no strap-changing tool included. Indeed, it is clear that the intention is for customers to change the strap on their timepiece; so why not include some sort of tool to help them do it without risking damage?

Panerai, among other brands, is known for including a small plastic tool in their box sets for strap-changing needs. Likewise, Tudor could have included something similar here, even if its presence tipped the retail price over $4,000. Surely the box set would have been better for it.

Tudor Black Bay Bronze with Second Strap In Box

Final Thoughts

In its own right, the Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze 79250BM is an incredible watch. Not to mention the fact that it was ahead of the curve of the bronze trend, it also established a standard of value and quality for future bronze watches to measure against.

Tudor Black Bay Bronze with Phillies Cap

The muted gold and brown hues give it a unique look, while the case size provides the wrist presence expected from a true tool watch.

Tudor Black Bay Bronze 79250BM on Perlon StrapMoreover, the size almost ensures that it’s worn in the proper environments, notably outside an office. This watch deserves to be worn outdoors, where the environment can take its toll and be reflected in the unique patina.

Finally, we were quite surprised to learn how well the watch paired with different strap combinations. At the beach, the Black Bay Bronze 79250BM looked surprisingly attractive on a purple perlon strap. Indeed, this Tudor Black Bay Bronze 79250BM is assured to hold “classic” status for years to come.

Baselworld 2019 & New Tudor Black Bay Bronze 79250BA

In March of 2019, Tudor made a foreseeable move – they continued to expand on their already successful Black Bay line. Interestingly, the new variations that we are accustomed to seeing year after year from Tudor have yet to become boring.

Among the premieres was a new dial variant of the Black Bay Bronze, the Tudor Reference 79250BA. Outside of the dial and bezel colors, there’s not many new things to unpack here.

Nevertheless, this slate grey dial Black Bay looks outstanding. The fumee effect on the dial, along with the presentation of the bezel and straps in black, play wonderfully against the golden hue of the bronze case.

Previous to this year’s show, Tudor had deviated from the brown dial and bezel only for special editions, such as the blue seen in the Carl F. Bucherer Black Bay Bronze. With this Baselworld 2019 release, they’ve dared to push their own boundaries once more, and they’ve made it accessible for the masses.

The new Tudor Black Bay Bronze 79250BA retails for $4,050 (see on Tudor’s site).

Want more Baselworld 2019? Check out our top 5 trends seen at that year’s show.

Tudor Black Bay Bronze 79250BM Video Review

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Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze 79250BM
Reviewed by Rafael Dominguez, on .
"A memorable trendsetter among bronze watches. Tudor easily proved that bronze, good looks, and value aren't mutually exclusive."
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