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Code41 Day41 Watch Review



CODE41 Day41 Technical Specifications PVD Black

CODE41 Day41 Watch Specifications

  • Movement: STP6-15 (26 jewels – 28,800 turns per hour / 4 Hz)
  • Power Reserve: 44 hours
  • Case Diameter: 37 mm or 40 mm
  • Lug to lug Diameter: 44 mm or 46 mm
  • Case Depth: 10.5 mm
  • Weight: 60 grams (80 grams with leather strap)
  • Case Material: 316L Stainless Steel
  • Dial: Luminova-Coated
  • Crystal Material: Anti-Reflective Sapphire (front & back)
  • Bracelet & Size:
  • Water Resistance: 100 meters (pressurized chamber tested)
  • Special Features & Complications:
    • Incabloc Shock Absorber
    • Bidirectional Automatic Oscillating Weight Rewinding
    • Manual Winding
    • Hacking Seconds
  • Price: From $1,180 (USD) [Buy Now On Official Site]

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CODE41 Day41 Movement

CODE41 Day41 Steel With Perforated Strap

CODE41 chose STP’s 2016 6-15 movement for the Day41, a skeletonised central-rotor automatic with a clockwise balance clock and screw regulator.

As mentioned in the specifications above, the STP6-15 movement features 26 jewels and delivers 28,000 turns per hour with a frequency of 4 Hertz. It’s powered by an automatic oscillating weight, which provides bidirectional rewinding through a central rotor.

The movement features a hacking seconds complication to allow for synchronised time adjustment. Meanwhile, it can also be manually hand-wound if needed.

With the STP6-15, the Day41 will usually provide you with a daily difference of no more than 15 seconds a day. Furthermore, its pivots are made from rolled steel while a high-quality treatment prevents premature wear. Similarly, an Incabloc shock absorber helps protect the mechanism.

To guarantee a greater level of precision, each STP6-15 movement has been tested in five different positions. Meanwhile, only one out of fifty watches usually gets tested in just two or three positions by other manufacturers.

Finally, the automatic weight is visible thanks to a crystal on the back, which we’ll detail below.

CODE41 Day41 Dial & Design

CODE41 Day41 In Steel with Alligator Beige Strap

Both the front and back case feature the same scratch high-resistant and anti-reflective sapphire glass. Given that the movement features a skeleton design, the dial has been laid out in a way that showcases the mechanism.

Geometric shards extend across the dial, revealing the mechanical movement between them. The display is polished yet raw, creating the sensation that shards merge with the case as a whole. It forms even an illusion that the case and shards cradle the delicate movement in its grip.

The result is particularly effective and the openwork dial marries traditional craftsmanship with a futuristic aesthetic. While the design is alluring, it isn’t overwhelming.

The dial is functional and clearly displays the Luminova-coated hour, minute, and second hands as well as the hour markers.

CODE41 DAY41 Black PVD Brown Perforated

Both the dial and case, which we cover below, have been produced in China. However, CODE41 is totally transparent about this detail. Indeed, the brand doesn’t even claim its watch to be Swiss!

For a watch to be officially regarded as “Swiss Made”, at least 60% of its value most come from Switzerland. Although CODE41 would easily fulfil these criteria, it has deliberately chosen not to label its timepiece as Swiss while most other brands wouldn’t hesitate.

In fact, CODE41 partnered with Grade A Chinese workshops who have been contracted by Swiss brands for now over half a century.

CODE41 Day41 Case & Details

CODE41 Day41 Anthracite With Perforated-Beige Strap

The case seamlessly follows the dial’s mesmerising attention to detail. Its sleek lugs merge nicely into the case’s body. Meanwhile, the machine-knurled crown elegantly produces symmetry to the dial’s angular design by offsetting the “CODE41” logo.

The case that we reviewed is made from high-quality 316L stainless steel. However, the 40-millimetre model is also available in anthracite and black PVD. Meanwhile, the 37-millimetre variant can also come in rose gold PVD and stainless steel set with diamonds in addition to the larger model’s options.

Thanks to its short, 4-millimetre lugs, the 40-millimetre width doesn’t take too much wrist real estate. Therefore, even men with smaller wrists won’t feel dwarfed by its size.

Code41 DAY41 Steel & Black Perforated Strap

Although the case’s 100-metre water resistance is pretty standard, CODE41 guarantees its underwater performance by individually testing each one in a pressurised chamber.

Finally, in addition to a host of leather straps and a steel bracelet, CODE41 has introduced eco-friendly straps made from recycled leather, flax, and even paper!

These each feature a 3-blade deployment buckle with pushers for simplicity, which still offers sufficient security. With the help of its simple tool-free assembly system, these 21 mm straps can be easily swapped out for a different material or colour.

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CODE41 Day41 On-The-Wrist Experience

CODE41 Day41 Black PVD With Overcoat

CODE41’s characteristically contemporary and minimalist style certainly draws attention. Although the brand isn’t quite as famous as some of the Swiss giants, it has garnered a notable reputation among the community of watch enthusiasts.

Therefore, CODE41’s distinctive DNA is instantly recognisable on the DAY41. As such, it often presents itself as an interesting topic of discussion. Generally speaking, it’s often well-received, even among those who tend to appreciate more conventional watch designs.

At 80 grams, its weightiness is surprisingly light and not at all cumbersome. Even if you don’t need to check the time, it’s easy to find yourself reaching up to admire the skeletonised dial decorated by glistening shards when wearing the Day41.

Code41 DAY41 Steel & Bracelet

The reasonable case depth of 10.5 millimetres meant that it didn’t catch on a French double shirt cuff when worn with a suit. It was occasionally a bit large for slimmer barrel cuffs but since most feature two buttons so it wasn’t an issue.

Although it features a somewhat understated design, you quickly become accustomed to the spartan use of markers to get accurate readings.

Furthermore, its sleek design is probably best worn with business casual attire. Nevertheless, it would simultaneously fit in a stand out with a contemporarily-cut business professional suit.

That being said, even those fond of traditional tailoring and tweed could find creative ways to integrate the Day41 into a central part of their wardrobes. Its glinting design can be worn so that it’s poking out from under the cuff to add a subtle hint of additional style and attention to detail.

Final Thoughts

CODE41 Day41 Men & Women

CODE41 has grown to be a celebrated independent brand that’s particularly well-known in European countries like France, Germany, and even Switzerland. Its community continues to grow around the world.

After testing the watch, it’s easy to see how the first edition of the Day41 was so successful. Indeed, the brand sold nearly 2,000 timepieces with a total value of over 2,15,000 CHF ($2.4 million USD) just among the preorders.

Following its achievement, a strong community of women had shown interest in a new watch model for them. In fact, out of CODE41’s fellowship, 42% of them were women.

Code41 DAY41 40mm Steel & Black Perforated Strap

After sampling the CODE41 Day41 ourselves, we were pretty impressed, to say the least! Its rich attention to detail and construction is breathtaking, especially upon noticing its starting price of just $1,180 USD.

As we have detailed in our brand review, CODE41 is completely transparent with the production costs that reflect its pricing. The total cost of each watch comes to 340 CHF (375 USD).

Although the difference of $805 seems like quite a markup, it’s far less than the majority of other Swiss brands.

The versatile DAY41 Edition 2 timepiece became available for preorder on the 26th of November 2020. With a limited production of just 800 timepieces until the 18th of December, be sure to act quickly if you want to add it to a Christmas stocking!

To learn more about CODE41, head to its official site. In the meantime, why don’t you check out the release video above?

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