Vessi Waterproof Mens Sneakers

In the summer of 2018, the team at Vessi Footwear were working diligently to deliver their waterproof sneakers to the almost 8,000 backers on Kickstarter.

Twelve months later, they’ve replicated their footwear’s success in campaigns and revenue, this time with newer styles and colorways. Today, I’ll be reviewing the recently-dropped ‘The Everyday’ model in the all black style via the following categories:

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Specifications Of ‘The Everyday’

  • Brand: Vessi Footwear
  • Made In: Taiwan
  • Style: Sneaker
  • Formality: Casual
  • Upper: Multi-Layered Waterproof Knit
  • Construction: Cemented
  • Price: $135 USD [Buy From]

Reviewed here in All Black, The Everyday from Vessi is also available in Carbon Blue and Dustry Rose colors.

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Style & Appearance

The Everyday model from Vessi is an athletic sneaker style. It’s constructed of a pliable rubber sole and a black-and-grey knit upper. It also boasts flanking segments of a textured synthetic material to which the laces attach, and which appears at a distance like leather (but isn’t.)

The sole itself possesses a minimal design motif and very discreet branding. A small Vessi ‘V’ logo can be found on the front of the sole, while the brand name itself is in relief on the back.

Vessi The Every Waterproof Shoes

While I understand why brands like to make their brand visible on shoes, and especially in sneakers, it can easily become distasteful. Vessi has done a proper job integrating theirs into the shoe, where it’s clearly visible without it being detrimental.

In this all black colorway, the knit upper is mostly black though speckled with dark gray throughout. There’s also round laces of a similar theme, and which impart their own athletic aesthetic to the overall look of the sneaker.

The Everyday Knit Waterproof Upper

All in all, The Everyday touts a sleek profile and uncomplicated design. Technically it’s composed of just a few elements. But together they become more than their individual parts, resulting in an attractive and visually intriguing sneaker. It’s also different to the major sneaker or runner styles I’ve come across, namely those produced by the most recognized brands, which is certainly refreshing.

Fit & Comfort

E-Vessi Everyday Knit Upper DetailsIn the fit and comfort categories is where these Vessi shoes really excel. In fact, I’d compare putting on The Everydays to slipping on a pair of waterproof socks with a lightweight rubber sole. If that doesn’t sound enticing to you, then read on.

The knit upper is stretchy and comfortable, wrapping around the entire foot snugly. Moreover, it’s so snug and secure that I found no need to tighten the laces, even while exercising. Nevertheless, when taking them off, they slide off the foot just as easily as they slipped on.

The rubber sole is cushy while remaining flexible and bouncy, easily bending along the footbed as I walked. Even out of the box, they felt pliable – there was no stiffness or break-in period here.

Vessi Waterproof Shoes On Feet With Joggers

It’s certainly a pleasant deviation from our other shoe reviews which deal mostly with leather varieties that, even in the best case, require a couple of wears to fit just right. These also fit true-to-size, yet another concern found in leather examples not encountered here.

The Everydays also include a pair of anti-microbial foam insoles; these provide a nice additional layer of cushion to the shoe. They also make it so that these Vessis can be worn sockless, something I’m not necessarily partial to, though admittedly some are.

Waterproof Upper

Aside from helping the shoes envelop the foot comfortably and completely, the knit upper also shields from the outside environment. It’s a fully-waterproof, multi-layered membrane that allows the foot to “breathe” while still barring out any liquids or dirt. I’ve yet to put these to the test during a Philly rainstorm, though I did do a sort of “water bottle test” which proved the claim.

Vessi Cemented Construction Sneak Closeup

I’m also interested to see how they’ll fare in a Philly snowstorm. If nothing else, the rubber soles should provide some good grip. These Vessis are also supposed to offer insulation from wind and cold, though I did not have a chance to assess this. Expect an update with first-hand experience in the coming months.

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Dress Code & Formality

We’ve previously reviewed a premium-leather GAT (German Army Trainer) style which could pass off as a formal sneaker style. These Vessi shoes are definitely not that. These are athletic sneakers that in today’s day and age could be worn for very casual outings and in the workplaces that already allow sneakers.

Vesis The Everyday Men All-Black

Just about anyone who spends the day on their feet, for instance those in the healthcare industry, could benefit from these. The light weight of the rubber sole coupled with the comfort imparted by the sock-like upper make them an ideal choice. We’ve already covered this in greater detail in our guide for the best shoes for work.

This is outside of the place where sneakers are king, and the setting I found most apt for them, the gym. Not only are they extremely cushy, they also look great, which isn’t necessarily always the case with sporty sneakers. To see what we mean, check out our guide to the best running shoes for men.

Lastly, these could also serve as a great option for those who already carry two pairs on their daily foot commute. They’re light and flexible enough to be stored in a small bag or even a briefcase, while also allowing you to keep your more formal work pair clean and ready for the boardroom.

Presentation & Value For Money

These Vessi The Everyday shoes were delivered, naturally, in a corresponding Vessi-branded shoe box with not much else. The insoles were already inside the sneakers themselves, and though they are removable, I recommend against it as they play a signifcant role in providing comfort.

Vessi Shoes In Box

As far as value for money, let’s consider the quality. In the more than two dozen wears I’ve given The Everydays, particularly after numerous cardio sessions in the gym, these sneakers have given no indication that the durability is to be questioned.  The sole shows no signs of separating from the upper which itself remains tight and taut.

Vessi The Everyday Review

Indeed, sneakers should hold up over hundreds of wears, particularly at the price point, so time will tell though the future looks promising. Currently, The Everyday is available on Vessi’s website for the pre-order price of $135, though the advertised MSRP is $150.

Closing Thoughts

The Everyday from Vessi offers  the comfort of a sneaker in a contemporary style, with the convenient technology of a completely waterproof shoe, and at a fair price point.

Vessi The Everyday Shoes Black On Feet

Indeed, you can find cheaper sneakers out there, though you may not come across the same look and certainly not the same resistance to the elements. Yet if you’re not so concerned with your sneakers’ resistance to water or mud, and aren’t so bothered by aesthetics, then you may be better off looking elsewhere.

Alternatively, in the present-day, it’s acceptable to wear sneakers in more settings than ever. If you’re the person who wants just one pair for all of those settings (and everything in between), then these Vessi shoes are certainly ones to consider.

They’ll be comfortable, they’ll look good while doing so, and are essentially guaranteed to stay free of stains. What more do you want from your sneakers?

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"The Everyday is a great looking pair of sneakers that are also incredibly pleasant to wear. I'll definitely be putting them to the test with consistent and all-terrain wear over the coming seasons."
Bespoke Unit Rating: ★★★★★

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