Customized Sneakers by Hockerty in Suede Leather

In our comprehensive Hockerty brand guide, we previously delved into their online made-to-measure (MTM) suits, highlighting the brand’s evolution over its impressive 15-year history. We also explored their expanding range of menswear garments, many of which offer customization options for both fit and style during the ordering process.

Hockerty’s latest venture is particularly exciting: the introduction of a new line of sneakers, which, true to the brand’s ethos, also feature customizable options.

In this article, I’ll be sharing my experience with one of these custom sneakers, which I personally designed using Hockerty’s user-friendly online portal. The review will be broken down into the following categories:

Hockerty Zurich Sneaker Specs

  • Brand: Hockerty
  • Made In: Almansa, Spain
  • Style: Sneakers
  • Formality: Casual
  • Upper: Italian Suede
  • Construction: Cemented
  • Price: From $159 USD [Buy From Hockerty]

Hockerty’s custom sneaker collection features seven models that are primarily casual in design.

While customization options like smooth leather uppers can add a touch of formality, their sneaker models largely retain a relaxed, casual aesthetic.

Hockerty Custom Sneakers In Shoe Box

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Designing Custom Sneakers Online With Hockerty

Hockerty’s online customization interface offers extensive personalization for their sneakers. You can change everything from the material and color of the upper, including distinct colors for the quarters, to the soles, laces, and heel tabs.

Hockerty Custom Sneakers Interface Online

Choices range from smooth leather and suede to various fabrics. Additionally, you can customize the eye stays, vamp, tongue, and more, allowing for a truly unique design.

Name Engraved On Hockerty Sneaker UpperHowever, if you’re like me and are overwhelmed with so many options, I recommend starting with one of the base models on their site and then playing around with them. I did exactly this with the shoes pictured above and was very happy with how they turned out.

I disliked very little about this particular variation of the Zurich sneaker. The beige suede drew me to it in the first place, so I left this unchanged. However, I did alter the color of the laces to match the brown of the leather heel tab.

It’s worth mentioning that Hockerty allows you to emboss your name onto both left and right sneakers on the upper. Moreover, given that the Zurich is offered with perforations on the side, you can even include your initials as perforations as opposed to the standard pattern. I opted against either of these but thought they were a neat option.

Style & Appearance

Out of the box, the Hockerty Zurich sneakers stand out thanks to their solid build and attention to detail.

Suede Upper Close Up Of Hockerty Sneakers

The beige suede upper looks great, even if the color is a bit lighter in the flesh when compared to the online pictures. In the sun, they can look a bit more orange, but I didn’t find it to be too drastic.

Moreover, while the suede isn’t the softest I’ve come across in this price bracket (under $200 sneakers), it works well for a sneaker. When paired with the detailed stitching throughout the upper, it definitely makes for a refined pair of casual shoes.

Brown Leather Details On Hockerty Sneakers

I was also impressed by the fact that there’s no glue showing between the leather upper and the midsole. This is often a problem with cemented shoes, so it’s a clear example of their elevated quality control.

As for the custom touches I added, they’ve all been done just right. The details, like the perforations on the sides and back of the heel, add a nice touch, too.

Lastly, there’s the sole – a rugged, black rubber outsole matched with a white & gray midsole. Not only does it look great, but it also feels like it’s built to last. It’s comfy, too, providing good grip and enough cushioning to absorb shock.

Hockerty Sneakers In Suede Side View

Fit & Comfort

The fit of these Hockerty sneakers is spot-on. I ordered a size 12, and it was perfect. They offer the right amount of space in front of the toes, with no tightness in the toe box.

Hockerty Brown Suede Custom Sneakers

When it comes to comfort, the suede of these custom Hockerty sneakers puts in a lot of work. It’s quite pliable, molding comfortably around the foot. This flexibility in the upper material makes the sneakers feel snug yet not restrictive, a balance that’s often hard to strike.

Inside, Hockerty’s sneakers are lined with soft leather. It feels and looks like Vachetta, but I can’t be certain as it’s not explicitly labeled. Regardless, the interior is exceptionally smooth, contributing to delightful wear and breathability.

Ortholite Insole Of Hockerty Sneakers Suede

Adding to the comfort is the Ortholite insole. Known for its cushioning and support, Ortholite is an excellent choice for shoes meant for everyday wear. It’s not just about the softness; the insole also provides a decent amount of arch support, making them comfortable for extended periods of wear.

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Dress Code & Formality

Regarding formality, you may find the Zurich custom sneakers slightly restrictive. This is to say, they won’t fit into outfits outside of the casual realm.

Yet, they definitely shine in these settings, so if you want a refined pair of sneakers to pair with denim on a friend’s night out or with shorts in the summer, they’re more than up to the task.

Hockerty Custom Brogue Sneakers

Hockerty Milan Custom Sneakers

As mentioned earlier, Hockerty does offer other models of custom sneakers that are a bit more formal. For instance, their Milan sneakers possess broguing details that make them significantly more formal. As a result, you could comfortably wear these for business casual dress codes that have become so widespread in contemporary workplaces.

Presentation & Value For Money

When it comes to presentation, Hockerty’s custom sneakers offer a straightforward yet satisfactory unboxing experience.

Shoe Box & Accessories Hockerty Shoes

Each pair arrives neatly wrapped in paper and encased in a branded shoe box, a standard yet effective presentation. Accompanying the shoes is a shoe bag – a thoughtful addition that elevates the overall package.

In contrast to many modern sneaker brands that often include extra laces or other accessories, Hockerty keeps it simple. There are no additional accouterments, but this aligns with expectations for this price point. For a price of $159, the focus is on the shoes themselves, specifically their construction according to my unique specs. Hockerty got this absolutely right, and the additional shoe bag, while not extravagant, is a pleasant bonus.

Hockerty Zurich Sneakers In Suede On Grass

Considering the customizability and the quality of the delivered shoes, I could not have asked for more and could even expect the brand to command a higher price for this service.

Finally, at the time of publishing, Hockerty is offering a Black Friday discount on the standard custom sneaker price that brings them down to a starting price of $143, which makes them an absolute steal.

Closing Thoughts

Before coming across Hockerty’s custom sneakers, I had had no experience customizing my own pair of shoes. Customization wasn’t a feature I actively sought, which might explain why I stuck close to one of their standard models when making my choices.

Custom Hockerty Sneakers Zurich Style

However, even without the allure of customization, they are very competitively priced. Considering you can alter most aspects of each of their models, I think these are absolutely worth the money.

The construction exceeds what I expect at this price, and the shoes are holding up incredibly well after about a dozen wears. Considering this and all the other points covered in this review, I can easily recommend you try Hockerty’s custom sneakers service.

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