Black Allen edmonds boots with blue pantsThe chill has finally -FINALLY!- arrived here in the Northeast Corridor. I couldn’t be more welcoming of this weather if I’d rolled out a red carpet and poured it a glass of champagne.

While it’s no secret that I am a full-blown shoe fanatic who might be wise to seek professional help on the matter, I couldn’t help myself and ended up with these gorgeous Sullivan Street boots by Allen Edmonds.

In short, I love them. They’re comfortable, they look fantastic, they’re sartorially versatile, and they’re exceptionally well-made.

Full review is below.

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Allen Edmonds Sullivan Boot Review

allen edmonds sullivan street boot

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Allen Edmonds is no stranger to the footwear game, having been in business for nearly a century. One of the last remaining footwear brands manufacturing shoes here in the States, they pride themselves on an excellent product.

The Sullivan Street boot looks like a simple design at first, but when you get up close you notice the details that make it a truly special pair of footwear, such as:

  • Pebbled leather tongue and quarters on an otherwise smooth calfskin upper
  • Cap toe detail
  • Double-thick Dainite soles

Not that you would notice it by looking, but these boots are exceptionally well-crafted. More on that below.

What’s In The Box

allen edmonds shoe box

As is typical of higher end shoes, these Allen Edmonds numbers came in a sturdy, handsome box. Just as if not more importantly, they came with individual flannel bags, which are always great for storage and travel.

The Look & Versatility

Even sitting in a box, these boots are beautiful. They feel extremely substantial while being held in your hand, and they look fantastic on the foot.

black allen edmonds boots with blue pants

Initially, I paired these boots with an outfit consisting of navy cotton trousers, pink/white striped shirt, striped tie, light blue/lavender sport coat, and a black beret, just for the hell of it:

paul anthony in allen edmonds boots

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As you can see, this ensemble is based more along tailored clothing, so you can see that the boot dresses up quite nicely. In the cold or inclement weather, you could even wear these with a dark charcoal or navy suit.

Conversely, these boots can dress down very easily. Though the lines of this boot are slim and streamlined enough to be worn with a suit, they still look very much at home with denim and can stand up to a bit of moisture too!

black allen edmonds boots in the rain

The Feel

Allen edmonds boots on fire escapeI simply cannot get over how comfortable these shoes are. While they’re not my first pair of Allen Edmonds shoes, they will definitely not be my last.

Right out of the box, and every time I’ve worn them since then, they have felt like slippers on my feet. Substantial, well-made slippers to be sure, but extremely comfortable nonetheless.

I can confidently say I’ve worn these boots roughly twenty-five times since I got them, and at no point did they show any signs of giving me physical discomfort.

Mens Rain Boots & Dainite Soles

While the Sullivan Street boot isn’t technically a rain boot, it’s constructed in such a way that if you get caught in the rain for a bit, you don’t have to worry.

About a week ago, I found myself in this very situation. Granted, I make it a point to protect my shoes with proper spray and polishing, but still I was elated at how well these boots performed under pressure:

black dainite sole allen edmonds boots in rain

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This particular downpour was no slouch; it was raining quite hard and it was rather unpleasant. You can see the rain water on the upper of my right shoe and the sole of my left one. Still, my feet stayed dry as a bone! As it happens, Dainite soles are great for this purpose, and Allen Edmonds’ partnership with them has made me quite the happy customer after my experience with this most recent storm!

Dainite Sole & Goodyear Welt Construction

three shoes with dainite solesAs we’ve mentioned in our other reviews of Dainite sole shoes, they are a rubber sole with inset studs and a built-in heel tap. Rubber isn’t porous like leather is, so you have natural water resistance there.

The other aspect of these boots that adds a lot of value in terms of water resistance and general longevity is the fact that they’re Goodyear welted. Allen Edmonds constructs many of its shoes using this method, and while it often increases the price tag, the value in having shoes able to be repeatedly resoled is far more than what you might pay (these retail at $445).

We’d much rather buy one pair that we love and keep it for decades as opposed to replacing shoes every year or two.

Rating: 5 Out Of 5 Stars

Again, I own more boots than I’d like to admit publicly, especially on the Internet (hint: the number is well into the double digits). The reason I say this is that I know boots and what makes for good quality versus lackluster quality.

The Allen Edmonds Sullivan Street boot is about as good as a dress / casual boot gets. I enthusiastically endorse them!

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Allen Edmonds Sullivan Street Boot

Reviewed by Paul Anthony, on

“These boots are amazing!
The look, feel, versatility, and high-quality construction make this boot a must-have for any shoe enthusiast. Absolutely recommend.”

Rating: 5.0 ★★★★★

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