Beckett Simonon Lopez Service Boot Black Review

We’ve previously reviewed a number of Beckett Simonon shoes, though only a couple of their boot styles have made it across our desk. Fortunately, today we’ll be able to add to that short list with the brand’s formal take on a traditionally rugged style – the service boot.

With its sleek design and sturdy construction, the Lopez Service Boot can easily fit into the business casual realm. On the other hand, it can just as easily be paired with jeans and button-down for a dressy yet brawny look.

On this page, we’ll be exploring the Lopez’s versatility via the following segments:

Lopez Service Boot Specifications

  • Brand: Beckett Simonon
  • Made In: Bogotá, Colombia
  • Style: Service Boot
  • Formality: Business Casual
  • Upper: Full-Grain Calfskin Leather
  • Construction: Blake Stitch
  • Price: $259 USD [Buy From Beckett Simonon]
    • 20% OFF with Code “BU20”: $207.20

The Lopez service boot is available in 4 different colors of leather uppers; they are Oak, Tan, Bordeaux, and Black. We’ve selected the black variety as it’s seemingly the most authentic to a service boot.

Nevertheless, all of these options make for an alluring pair of boots, and you may find you prefer the complexity of the Bordeaux tone, for example. Seeing all of the colors also highlights the flexibility of these Beckett Simonon boots, and how the different tones can serve different roles in your particular outfit choice.

Beckett Simonon Lopez Service Boot Review Colors

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Style & Appearance

Crafted from full-grain calfskin leather, the Lopez service boot’s look is instantly elevated by the hand-polished black finish. The black leather, in a minimal number of distinguishable leather segments, comprises the entire boot. This helps impart an inherently sleek profile.

BS Lopez Service Boot Black Calfskin

The Blake-stitched welt, presented in mahogany color, also offers a bit of contrast while adding a touch of elegance. In other styles like the Beckett Simonon Ellis Chukka, we’ve seen the brand employ a thin welt; this is not the case here. The welt on the Lopez is prominent, helping the boot retain its classically rugged aesthetic.

Nevertheless, it’s rendered in a refined manner, a theme encountered throughout the boot; all of the elements of a classic service boot are there, except they’ve all been kicked up a notch.

Beckett Service Boot Black Side Profile

Other examples of this include the smooth leather lining on the inside, the double sole (veg-tanned leather and SRB rubber), and the slim waxed laces. The boots also retain the historically-accurate seven eyelets, as well as the above-ankle height.

There’s a fundamental challenge in transforming a traditionally informal style like that of the service boot into a formal one. With premium materials, careful design, and tactful execution, Beckett Simonon has proved successful once more.

Fit & Comfort

Beckett Simonon Boot Vegetable Leather Stacked HeelOut of the box, the full-grain leather of the Lopez is very soft, smooth, and supple. And as is customary with Beckett’s shoes, these boots also fit true-to-size.

Initially, I found the sole to be a bit stiff. This came as no surprise, though, as I was familiar with the boot’s double sole. The rubber and vegetable-tanned leather need some time to wear in, as does the leather midsole, which will mold to the sole of your feet.

The inside of the boot is lined with a light-colored leather, which itself is svelte and pliable like the black external components. This aspect makes the Lopez boots easy to put on and comfortable to wear.

Though the Lopez service boots fit true to size, I had plenty of room in the toe box and vamp. Keep in mind, I wore these with normal socks (it’s currently summer) as opposed to thick winter socks.

Beckett Lopez Service Black Boot Grey PantsThe extra space was not bothersome, and in fact, I experienced no heel slip as they ‘strap’ securely around the entire ankle. Additionally, it will definitely come in handy when winter comes back around and I wear them with a more hearty pair of socks.

Aside from being comfortable, I must also note that the Lopez is a heavy boot. Or, at least it’s not a lightweight boot.

When you’re wearing them, there’s no forgetting that you’re wearing a serious pair of shoes. As a boot aficionado, I definitely enjoy and almost prefer this heft.

A potential concern here is the fact that, if you’re wearing a heavier boot like the Lopez and it doesn’t fit properly, you’re likely to suffer. Luckily, Beckett Simonon has a very flexible exchange policy and a friendly support team who can help ensure your pair fits perfectly.

Lopez Black Service Boot On Feet

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Dress Code & Formality

The Lopez may be the only pair of service boots that I’ve ever been able to call formal. Indeed, I found that they wear perfectly with chinos, and even a suit, in business casual settings. Unfortunately, these are definitely a stretch for business professional attire.

Beckett Lopz Boot With Grey Trousers

Where the Lopez service boots shine the most is paired with jeans, whether it’s accompanied by a t-shirt or button down, they work equally well.

Although the case may be different for the other colorways, the black should be reserved for fall, winter, and maybe a couple of occasions in spring. Essentially, these are a no-go in summer. You have the chance to wear shorts, which certainly don’t work with service boots, so take it!

For nights out during the colder months, these will not only look great with some selvedge jeans, but also help prevent any slips or falls. I know I’ve had my share of close calls during late nights in center city Philadelphia where a sturdy pair of boots could have saved some embarrassment.

Presentation & Value For Money

The Lopez service boots are shipped in the standard Beckett Simonon shoe box. Inside were the boots themselves, each individually protected within a branded dust cover. Also included were extra insoles, replacement laces, and a small booklet detailing Beckett’s vision and practices.

Beckett Simonon Lopez Boots In Box w Covers

The inside of the shoe box lid also possesses a label indicating the shoe’s construction. It’s a small detail, albeit a nice one.

On value: I always consider how many times I may wear a pair of shoes, or how long they may last, and compare it to the sale price. In the case of the Lopez boot, their versatility almost ensures that they’ll get plenty of wear. The durability is likewise unquestionable.

Beckett Simonon Lopez Service Boot Black Review

So at $259, I find that the Lopez boots provide a ton of quality at a great value. What’s better is the fact that, with Bespoke Unit’s “BU20” coupon code, you can now get these at 20% off, for a final price of $207!

Closing Thoughts

If you’re in the market for a rugged yet dressy boot and are specifically looking for a service boot style, then the Lopez certainly merits your consideration. It’s true that it’s not the cheapest, nor is it of cheap quality or poor design.

The Lopez is built to withstand years of wear, has the possibility of being resoled in the future, and can be had at a significantly lower price than comparable examples thanks to Beckett’s MTO (Made-to-order) model.

Black Leather Service Boot Rubber Sole Welted

If you’re willing to wait, and I’ve always found that it’s worth it to do so, then don’t hesitate in giving them a shot.

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Beckett Simonon Lopez Service Boot In Black
Reviewed by Rafael D., on .
"A formal and attractive take on the historically rugged service boot. Beckett Simonon elevates the style with pristine leathers and refined construction, expanding the range of the boot way past the casual realm."
Rating: 5.0 ★★★★★

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