Without a doubt, this is one of the most widely recognized Cachaças on the market. In this review, you will discover Cachaça Pitú as I cover the following topics:

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Drink Overview

  • Distillery: Engarrafamento Pitú
  • Expression: Pitú
  • Variety: Cachaça
  • Region: Brazil
  • Age: n/a
  • Casking: n/a
  • Cask Strength: 40% ABV
  • Pricing:
  • Parent: Engarrafamento Pitú

When thinking about Brazil, Cachaça and Caipirinha are amongst the first things that come to mind. The country’s national spirit and cocktail are deeply engraved in the DNA of the people and there are few other brands as commonly found in bars and liquor cabinets as Pitú. Even though Cachaça is most often blended into the rum world, it’s actually an entire spirits category by itself. Nevertheless, we have categorized this review under our rum section.


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Pitú’s Robe


  • Hue: Colorless
  • Clarity: Crisp
  • Viscosity: Medium

In short, the liquid is crystal clear. Despite being rested after distillation, Pitú has no age indication and no signs of maturation in oak, which would color the spirit and eventually give it a brownish hue.

The colorless spirit has a certain viscosity, which I would describe as medium. The legs are running down the side of the glass rather fast, and with 40% alcohol by volume, this is definitely not one of the most viscous or thick and oily spirits.

Pitú’s Nose

  • Notes: Fresh cut grass, sugar cane, leather
  • Nosefeel: Prickly

The nose is greeted by a blast of freshly cut, green grass. This initial sensation transcends into dried hay, sugar cane, caster sugar, and a very funky, almost herbaceous quality that I can’t put my finger on exactly.

Pitú also has a few sweaty notes underneath, which offers layers of meat, juicy rich leather, all bringing a certain complexity to the olfactory sensation.

These aromas are somehow interwoven with ample amounts of sweetness, presented as sugar caramel, even though a very light one, and sprinkles of icing sugar, again. Yes, the overall nose is sweet, but it’s also herbaceous, at times floral and green, almost like a mix of unripe bananas and lilies. The profile is not overly complex, rather crisp and clean, with an alcoholic note on the back.

Pitú’s Palate & Mouthfeel


  • Primary Taste: Sweet
  • Mouthfeel: Mellow
  • Opening:  Citrus peel, icing sugar, green banana
  • Heart: Cane juice, lime, raisin
  • Finish: Short [herbaceous, toffee, leather]

The qualities from the olfactory are consequently carried over to the gustatory sensation. Clean, fresh, minimalistic.

The mouthfeel is light and fresh since there is a nuance of citrus right from the get-go. What started as lime zest quickly shifts back into a sweeter gear with some more sugar cane juice, and caster sugar cake icing.

Only on the second layer, the characteristic green, unripe banana makes itself heard and is soon thereafter met by a distinct herbaceousness. To me, it feels like tarragon and thyme, however towards the finish it all shifts back to that funkiness, which fades into a meaty, leathery aftertaste.

When I use the word “sweaty”, I’m not meaning it in a negative way, but I find I challenging to precisely name or characterize this odd sensation that is present both on the nose and on the palate. At times, it is musky, then more fusty and reminiscent of leather. The overall balance is certainly there, even though complexity is medium at best.

Nevertheless, Pitú it’s an entertaining spirit to drink. It’s rather uncomplicated and it gives you a clean, fresh finish.

How To Drink Pitú


It comes as no surprise, that Pitú is clearly intended as a mixing spirit. Of course, the caipirinha needs to be on the top spot of any Pitú drink recommendation list.

I would wholeheartedly recommend that you mix it with fresh fruit juices though, making for a zesty, refreshing long drink. Especially when you’re in Brazil, where the quality of fruit is beyond anything I have ever experienced, one could pretty much pour any juice on top of this Cachaça.

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Pitú Cocktail Suggestions

As mentioned above, Cachaça is inseparably linked with Caipirinha. However, we can also suggest the following cocktails with Pitú:

  1. Caipirinha
  2. White Negroni
  3. ‘ti Punch

Besides the obvious classic, try mixing Pitú with Suze and dry vermouth for a White Negroni, or serve it short with a few dollops of sugar and fresh lime as a ‘ti Punch. If you need more ideas, check out our guide to the best rum cocktails!

Best Pairings With Pitú


Because of its zesty freshness and ample sweetness, oscillating between unripe banana and icing sugar, many different fruits make for a wonderful finger food snack. I choose fresh raspberries, which were peak-ripe and just in season when writing this review. The combination worked exceptionally well and revealed almost a lemongrass-like aftertaste which was quite enjoyable.

As we all know, what grows together, goes together, at least thematically in this case. Davidoff Escurio, which features Brazilian tobaccos and encompasses the Brazilian lifestyle, the rhythm, and vibe that the Brazilian people have in their blood, offered a charming contrast pairing.

From a gustatory perception, the Davidoff Escurio has quite a rich, earthy profile, with distinctive spice, yet a mellow underlying core theme. Thus the Pitú counterbalanced it with freshness, citrus peel, and herbal nuances, acting as a flavor-enhancer.


Overall Experience & Value For Money

Packaging and the overall impression of Pitú are all rather simple, minimalistic, and clean.


This is a very affordable bottle, intended for everyday use, suitable for all cocktail and longdrink applications.

It’s probably not the most prestigious product that makes for a show-off centerpiece in your back bar, but it sits proudly in your speed rail or liquor cabinet, ready to be used.

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"An uncomplicated fun to drink and versatile beverage."
Bespoke Unit Rating: ★★★★

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