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BOSS Bottled is the flagship fragrance by Hugo Boss. Having now been in circulation for twenty years, it is something of a staple in men’s colognes. Therefore, it’s time to see whether it will stand up to the Bespoke Unit Fragrance Formula?

In the following review, you’ll discover our assessment of BOSS Bottled with a focus on the following topics:

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  • Brand: Hugo Boss
  • Fragrance: BOSS Bottled
  • Concentration: Eau de Toilette
  • Introduction: 1998
  • Olfactive Fragrance Family: Woody Aromatic
  • Related Fragrance: Mont Blanc Individuel, Diesel Fuel For Life
  • Price On Amazon: $75 [Buy Now]
  • Price On FragranceX: From $30 [Buy Now]
Hugo Boss Bottled Sky Background

Released in 1998, BOSS Bottled was developed by Annick Menardo, the same nose behind Diesel Fuel For Life released ten years later. Whilst Hugo Boss’ release wasn’t insomuch a game-changer, it offered a balanced and sensible alternative to the trend in daring fragrances.

BOSS Bottled is still in circulation today with a number of variants released since including Bottled Night, Oud, Sport, Tonic as well as an Intense version.

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Hugo Boss Bottled’s Composition

BOSS Bottled offers a consistent experience throughout its life-cycle, which you’ll learn about below. Its overall composition consists of an assorted bouquet of aromatic notes on a woody base. Therefore, this is a Woody Aromatic fragrance.

Head Notes

  • Bergamot
  • Apple
  • Plum
  • Cinnamon

Hugo Boss Bottled On Floral TextileOpening with a surprising burst of fruity notes including apple, plum and bergamot, BOSS Bottled begins by showing off its wilder side. Balanced with warm cinnamon, the head avoids being too sharp or zesty for a rounder opening.

Heart Notes

  • Mahogany
  • Geranium
  • Vanilla
  • Targete

However, BOSS Bottled soon resumes its role as a serious fragrance. As the head fades, we experience a small transitional pique in what can be best likened to fresh wood chippings. This brief wood workshop aroma acts as a precursor to the mahogany that emerges along with a few floral notes.

Whilst targete and geranium provide sweet, earthy notes, a touch of vanilla adds a tasty gourmand finish to the fragrance’s heart.

Base Notes

  • Cedarwood
  • Sandalwood
  • Vetiver

As the saw dust notes fade and the vanilla begins to dwindle, the base starts to come into play. Playful notes of both cedar and sandalwood create a vigorous woody base whilst earthy vetiver brings in an alternative earthy note.

BOSS’s Lifecycle

Hugo Boss Bottled On Leather ChairBOSS Bottled’s overall experience can be likened to an afternoon walk in an early autumn or late spring forest. The ground, still damp with the morning dew, is starting to feel the heat of the sun cutting through the trees.

As the sun cooks the earthy ground, the ensuing vapour rises, bringing with it all the aromas from the dead wood and blossoming flowers. Although this description paints a somewhat romanticised and overly-poetic picture, it feels quite appropriate.

After all, the opening begins with the fruit notes that have fallen onto the ground’s top layer. As the sun pierces through, we then begin to experience the flowers beneath it until we arrive at the dead wood and leaves at the bottom.

Generally, the life-cycle is rather conventional but we can still enjoy this structured sequence of classic notes.

Wake & Strength Of BOSS Bottled

When freshly sprayed on, BOSS Bottle provides an admirably sillage for the first few hours, which feels rather appropriate for this comforting and classic scent.

However, if BOSS has a weakness, it has to be its longevity. After but a few hours, it loses its essence and only leaves a trace of its former self. It becomes less of a fragrance and more a mild odour at the very best.

That said, you can probably still pick it up on your skin a day later. But you have to bring your nose very close to the skin to even get a hint.

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Do People Like BOSS Bottled?

Hugo Boss Bottled Close UpDue to its weak longevity and mild strength, BOSS Bottled tended to suffer during its 3rd party tests. Some people struggle to pick anything up from the fragrance save for a few mild woody notes. However, when a fresh layer was applied, people tended to find it very pleasant.

Whilst not an overly seductive fragrance, it’s an enjoyable and comforting scent. Whilst men generally said that they’d like to wear it, women found it rather attractive. However, it proved more successful with somewhat mature crowds.

Nevertheless, no-one was really blown away by BOSS Bottled. Many enjoyed it and some were enthusiastic, but it never came across as a potential signature scent.

When Should You Wear BOSS Bottled?

Hugo Boss Bottled Oak FloorboardsAlthough it’s far from a summer scent, BOSS Bottled can be comfortably worn throughout the rest of the year. However, it’s best reserved for the colder months thanks to its warm woody composition.

As was hinted above, it’s also a fragrance best reserved for older men. However, if you’re still in your twenties, you could probably wear this if you consider yourself as somewhat mature.

Furthermore, whilst we suggest that this is more of a nighttime fragrance, it’s actually a very suitable scent for the workplace. Of course, few people work the night shift but it’d likely be fine to wear during the day at the office.

In fact, we’d go as far to say that its compatibility with a professional environment is so strong that it even overrides the time of day to wear it. If you’re someone looking for a pleasant and conservative scent to wear at work but don’t want to wrinkle noses, BOSS Bottled is a great mild option.

Finally, we’d say that this is a moderately masculine fragrance by conventional standards. Whilst it features an overtly woody base, its head composed of fruit notes curb its machismo into something more laid back.

Presentation and Value For Money

Hugo Boss Bottled & Packaging On Oak DeskAs bottles go, Hugo Boss’ concoction is sealed in an understated container. This simple bottle features few details save for a confident “BOSS” embossed into the glass on one side. Meanwhile, the reverse side features “Hugo Boss” written backwards. This is so that you can see it written the right way around when looking through the bottle from the front.

Our only complaint is the cap, which is something of a shame. Instead of opting for cheap plastic, stainless steel would have been far more effective and eye-catching.

With regards to the atomiser, it works correctly but doesn’t offer the control and delivery that you may want. Although it provides a healthy cloud, it’s a little too thick, which leaves a dense layer on the skin. A thinner mist would be easier to apply for a smoother spread.

Additionally, the packaging isn’t award-winning. Overall, it’s an understated silver box with a silhouette of the bottle designed on the front. Interestingly though, it features a list of notes on the back, which is rare for fragrances.

This might be that because the packaging lacks character, a need was felt to explain the contents and what to expect. For instance, most fragrance bottles and packaging are designed in a way that influences the buyer and their expectations.

Finally, BOSS Bottled’s value for money depends largely on where you buy it. For instance, 100 ml will cost you over $70 on Amazon. Meanwhile, it’s priced for a much more reasonable $30 on FragranceX.

Closing Thoughts

If you’re looking for an outgoing and wild fragrance, then BOSS Bottled is probably not for you. However, if you’re searching for a confident and serious fragrance that’s ideal for conservative daily wear but is still elegant, it may be of interest.

Whilst BOSS Bottled is a touch on the milder side, it offers a rich bouquet of vivid woody notes that are comfortable to wear and enjoyable for your entourage.

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