Dunhill Century Blue Bottle and Packaging

A new release hitting the shelves in 2019, Dunhill Century Blue is quickly becoming a favorite fragrance. It has a touch of spice balanced with floral, making it a well rounded cologne. Even though it is a new release, we see if moving quickly into top lists and could soon find a spot in our favorite spring fragrances.

In this review, you will discover Dunhill Century Blue with a focus on the following topics:

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  • Brand: Dunhill
  • Fragrance: Century Blue
  • Concentration: Cologne
  • Release Year: 2019
  • Batch Reviewed: JG10
  • Olfactive Fragrance Family: Woody Aromatic
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  • Price On Amazon: From $37 [Buy Now]
  • Price On FragranceX: From $37 [Buy Now]

Released in 2019, Century Blue is a modern fragrance but stays true to the contemporary ideals of the heritage brand and design. Century Blue has a crisper scent compared to the original Century cologne which was released in 2018.

Dunhill Century Blue

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Dunhill Century Blue Composition

Bottom of Century Blue Bottle

Century Blue is known to be a woody aromatic fragrance, there are rich notes of patchouli and oak moss supporting the aromatics. The iris adds a smoothness to the scent topped with the sharpness of ginger and black pepper.

Head Notes

  • Black Pepper
  • Mandarin Orange
  • Bergamot

The initial dry-down starts Century Blue off on a strong note. The black pepper starts off strong but is short lived. The citrus of the Mandarin adds a juicy layer to the top, followed by the tartness of bergamot. The opening is strong and pleasant, drawing you in to discover more depth.

Heart Notes

  • Iris
  • Ginger
  • Neroli
  • Styrax

Following the spiciness from the head, the heart is dominated by the spicy notes of ginger and the powdery floral of Iris. Styrax and Neroli support these with hints of added citrus and woody nuances.

Base Notes

  • Ambroxan
  • Sea Salt
  • Oak Moss
  • Patchouli

At the base of the fragrance, you’ll find the fragrance is still quite full and brings the woody floral musk to life. Sea-Salt is the signature base note in the dry-down, adding an interestingly fresh marine note. Ambroxan rounds out the musk with warmth.

Century Blue’s Life-Cycle, Wake & Strength

Century Blue is a long-lasting fragrance that lingers with hints of spice, floral and wood.

The sillage offers an easy-going trail and is not heavy by any means but it brings a particular presence to the room. As for the projection, it creates a lovely scent bubble, although depending on how long after applying you may not get to enjoy all of the different levels of the fragrance.

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What People Think Of Dunhill Century Blue

Atomizer of Dunhill Century Blue Bottle

Century Blue is one of the newest releases from Dunhill and it’s gotten mixed reviews from people across the fragrance world. One of the main things that people either love or hate in this is the presence of ambroxan. While this is a synthetic scent, it adds a sense of familiarity and brings the dry musky smell.

Century Blue is still a “blue” fragrance though, found in both the blue liquid of the cologne and blue packaging. This lends it to being an aquatic scent but the citrus, ambroxan and patchouli all add their own bite.

Outside of the fragrance world, the general public seems to enjoy the scent but also found a hint of something they had smelled before. It was overwhelmingly liked by men in their late twenties and early thirties, who said they would wear this while having a casual weekend and the occasional office day.

Women also found the scent appealing, and a few even asked to try it on themselves.

When To Wear Dunhill Century Blue

Contemporary dice design of Century Blue BottleLike many Dunhill fragrances we’ve reviewed, Century Blue is suited for the warmer weather of spring or summer. As we mentioned, there is a nice aquatic layer to the fragrance which brings many people back to thinking of warm days at the beach.

Because of the warmth of the scent, it’s best worn during the day but can be worn casually at night. We are in agreement with the general public and see this most fitting for men in their thirties, or slightly younger. The citrus and aromatics of this make it more suited for the weekend rather than an office. If the office is more casual this could make the occasional appearance.

It’s a light scent and while there are the musk and more masculine oakmoss and patchouli, the citrus and florals lifted the scent. There is no reason this couldn’t be worn by both men and women.

Presentation & Value For Money

The bottle and packaging are both well-thought-out and complement each other. The bottle has been designed to look like dice from the 1960s. The round concave indents on four sides of the bottle make it easy to grip.

Completing the bottle is the rounded magnetic lid that is very easy to remove and snaps back into place when you’re done applying. Under the lid is an atomizer that provides a nice thick spray of fragrance without dispersing to widely.

The box also has a similar design to the bottle. On the top, sides and back there are rounded details reminiscent of the concave sides of the bottle. The front of the box adds depth, making it feel like you’re being drawn into the box if you look at it too long. The silver medallion has a fisheye reflection, also mimicking the way the bottle bends light.

Finally, even with this being a newer scent, Century Blue is great value for the money. It provides a wide range of scent and depth for spring and summer, and it can be worn as a unisex scent making it a great share fragrance. It can be found on FragranceX for $37 or on Amazon for $37! For a 4.5oz (135mL) bottle, this is great value.

Closing Thoughts

This is a scent that is still gaining traction in the fragrance community but already seems to be well-liked by the general public. It offers a masculine yet light scent for the warm days ahead.

While the ambroxan makes some leary of enjoying the fragrance, overall the elements lift nicely and continue to expand throughout the day. Since the scent is new, and it does have some strong characteristics, we recommend a tester before committing it to your collection, even though it is an affordable purchase. What we love is that Century Blue is an attractive fragrance for both men and women with the hint of spice, floral and woody aromatics.

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"Dunhill Century Blue made a statement and immediately caught my nose. There's a nice touch of spice on top of florals and aquatic scents."
Bespoke Unit Rating: ★★★★

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