Tudor Vintage Oyster-Prince Ranger

If you weren’t privy to the fact that Tudor is a sister brand to Rolex, would you think the same of Tudor’s timepieces?

Tudor has persevered for many decades in the shadow of its more successful sibling, often gaining praise for their watches, though seemingly always mentioned in the context of Rolex.

Yet, many of their timepieces, particularly their latest releases, are outstanding wristwatches in their own right. On this page, we will be comparing a model from each brand in various thematic categories:

There’s a lot that ties the two brands together as well as various aspects that set them apart, even within the same style category. Let’s take a closer look at what these are.



Tudor Watches vs. Rolex Watches

It should not come as a sudden surprise that many of Tudor’s propositions form part of the Black Bay line. The Black Bay watch family has been popular since Tudor launched it, and every subsequent variation has shared in the success as well.

The above links will allow you to jump down to a specific “versus,” though going through the whole lineup will give you a great overview of Tudor’s versatile watch models and how they stand up to its sibling’s most established offerings.

If rather than model comparisons you’d prefer background on either brand, visit our individual Rolex and Tudor brand guides.

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As an overarching theme in our Tudor vs. Rolex watch showdown, you’ll find that there are indeed very similar models within the catalog of each respective brand. That being said, Tudor watches lean towards a more utilitarian or “tool watch” aesthetic, while Rolexes are luxury watches in almost every regard.

Additionally, and to the surprise of very few, you’ll also find that Tudor watches retail at a significantly more modest price point, even when the specifications are near identical to those of Rolex counterpart.

Tudor Heritage Ranger M79910 vs. Rolex Explorer 214270 [The Adventurer Watch]

When considering timepieces from each brand that are intended for extensive outdoor wear, there are no better options than the Tudor Ranger and the Rolex Explorer 36. At first glance, both can appear very similar, but there are some key distinctions that set them apart.
First and foremost, the case size. The Ranger is 41mm while the latest Explorer model saw its case size reduced from 39mm to 36mm. Though not a massive difference in case size on paper, those fewer millimeters are completely tangible when the watch is on the wrist.

Tudor Ranger vs Rolex Explorer Collage
The faces of both watches are similar in their markings, though Rolex shines here with their 18K white gold applied indices. On the other hand, Tudor’s indices are “painted” directly onto the dial, making for a bit less elegance in execution.
Internally, the Tudor is powered by an ETA 2824-based caliber, a reliable Swiss caliber widely regarded as a workhorse. The Explorer 36 movement is Rolex’s most modern 3230 in-house movement, boasting a COSC-chronometer certification, 70 hours of power reserve, and the brand’s latest technology, like shock resistance and a Chronergy escapement.

While both models are sold on full steel bracelets, innate to an “adventurer’s watch” is the need to change the bracelet for a strap. In this department, the Ranger definitely triumphs as it has drilled lugs that make switching out the band a breeze. With regards to the quality of the bracelets themselves, indeed Tudor’s will be of an exceptional build, but Rolex’s Oyster bracelets are arguably the best in the industry.

Tudor Ranger On Bundt Leather Strap

Instagram: @tudorwatch

Lastly, we consider the ever-important aesthetics. The Heritage Ranger appears more rugged than the Explorer 36 as a whole, with the latter being executed in a more elegant and premium way.
This last point of contention will come down to the buyer’s preference as some may prefer the subdued look of the Ranger over the flash of the Explorer 36, particularly if they intend to wear the watch in settings where it’s going to get scuffed and scratched. The price difference, about $4,200, will also come into play.

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Tudor Black Bay GMT M79830RB Vs. GMT-Master II “Pepsi” 126710BLRO [The GMT Sports Watch]

At Baselworld 2018, Rolex and Tudor simultaneously introduced “Pepsi” style GMT watches. Tudor Watches launched the Black Bay GMT 79830RB, and Rolex Watches the much-awaited Pepsi GMT-Master II 126710 BLRO.

Tudor Black Bay GMT vs Rolex GMT-Master Pepsi
The move was initially seen as controversial by the two Swiss watchmakers, namely due to the similarity of the timepieces given that both possessed a Pepsi bezel and steel construction. But with a keen eye, most observers can see that though the complication and Pepsi bezel are analogous, these watches fulfill two different niches.
Looking at the Tudor Black Bay GMT, it boasts a much more utilitarian style. It’s a larger watch in just about every dimension, with a dial in matte black, darker tones of red and blue on its Pepsi GMT bezel, and a full riveted bracelet.

Rolex GMT-Master II Pepsi 126710BLRO

Instagram: @rolex

On the other hand, the new Rolex GMT-Master II is a luxury watch through-and-through. Moreover, it has now taken a step into the realm of dress watches as its available with a modern Jubilee bracelet, a bracelet/watch combination that hadn’t been available from Rolex in decades. This latest Rolex Pepsi GMT also touts the flawless and shiny blue-and-red Cerachrom bezel, a glossy black dial with Chromalight indices, all of which are presented in the smaller and sleeker, 40mm stainless steel Oyster case.
When comparing movements, it’s a bit of a tough choice. Yes, the Rolex GMT Master II definitely contains the more technologically advanced components, but the Tudor GMT is not far behind in performance. Both possess a GMT function with date, both are COSC-certified chronometers, and both have 70-hour power reserves.

Ultimately, the styles of the watches target two different customers: the one searching for the “tool watch” look and the other seeking a more sophisticated aesthetic. As a result, it’s not obscene to think of both of these fulfilling roles in the same collection.

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Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight M79030N Vs. Rolex Submariner 114060LN [The Essential Diver]

Tudor and Rolex have decades of experience making professional divers’ watches. In fact, not so long ago, both the Tudor Submariner and Rolex Submariner were manufactured by Rolex.
In the modern day, the Rolex brand and Tudor Watches are much more distanced. Specifically, Rolex has continued on its own path of luxury mechanical watches, while Tudor has taken profound steps to blaze its own trail and establish its own identity.

Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight vs. Rolex Submariner
The Heritage Black Bay line was the Tudor Watch professional diver offering, but not until 2018 did it really become a closer competitor to the parallel Rolex models such as the Submariner. This change came with the premiere of the Black Bay Fifty-Eight M79030N.
The Black Bay 58 boasts a reduced case profile compared to its predecessor, from 41 to 39mm, which significantly alters how the watch wears. The normal Black Bay case borders on bulky. Even on large wrists, its case height can only be disguised so much. The smaller size makes for a much more wearable Black Bay while keeping the essence of the popular style.

Tudor Black Bay Fifty Eight 79030 On Wrist With Bracelet

Tudor Black Bay 58

Ironically enough, in 2020, Rolex released the Submariner 124060. This Rolex Submariner revealed that the case diameter had increased from the traditional 40mm to 41mm. In spite of the width increase, the watch retained its slim case profile.
Both the Rolex and Tudor possess in-house movements, though the Submariner now boasts the latest Rolex 3230 superlative chronometer caliber.

Between the two, the choice will most likely come down to style. The Rolex Submariner is an absolute icon, and if you truly want a Sub, then nothing will fill its shoes. But those with broader horizons and potentially a smaller budget can look to the Black Bay Fifty-Eight to fulfill the exact same role at less than half the price.

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Tudor Pelagos 25600TB vs. Rolex Submariner Date 126610LN [The Premium Diver]

Rolex Submariner Date Cyclops Magnifier CloseupHaving just covered the essential dive watch options in this Tudor vs Rolex face-off, we’d still be remiss if we didn’t include two additional dive watches, given that they are trademarks of each brand’s catalog. Accordingly, we’re calling this the Premium Dive Watch category.

The premium diver is what you reach for when you want just a little more than just the most basic Rolex Submariner or Tudor Black Bay. For example, what if you want your dive watch to have a date complication?

In such a situation, you’d reach for a Rolex Submariner Date. Boasting all of the same technical specs as the base model Submariner 124060, the reference 126610 packs a date with cyclops and a price increase of $1,150 – and that’s pretty much it.

TUDOR Pelagos Dive Watch

TUDOR Pelagos with helium escape valve

With Tudor watches, however, the next step up from the Black Bay is the Tudor Pelagos. Unlike the Rolex watches, with Tudor, you get a lot more watch when you step up from the Black Bay to the Pelagos.

Newest Tudor Pelagos 25407n 39mm in Titanium Black

Newest Tudor Pelagos 25407N (39mm)

For instance, with the Pelagos you get a case and bracelet that is crafted entirely from titanium. The depth rating increases to 500m, and most of the models have a helium release valve. Most recently, Tudor watches introduced a new 39mm Pelagos model that makes the watch a bit more accessible while still retaining the titanium construction. Most notably, all of these additional features possess a modest price point, about $4,700, less than half of the Rolex Submariner Date’s retail of $10,100.

Perhaps a more adequate comparison for the Pelagos in this Tudor vs Rolex face-off would be the Rolex Sea-Dweller, seeing as how their professional diving specifications are more analogous. By comparing price points, however, it’s difficult not to instantly opt for the Pelagos seeing as how it’s nearly a third of the Rolex Sea-Dweller’s $12,950 MSRP.

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Tudor Black Bay S&G M79733N vs. Rolex Sea-Dweller 126603 [The Luxurious Diver]

Originally designed for professionals who braved extreme depths in their regular work, the dive watch has had more than a couple of decades to evolve into a luxurious accessory.
It can be argued that the standard Sea-Dweller model is already luxurious, if only by its price tag. Nevertheless, this has not stopped Rolex from elevating the model even further.

Tudor Black Bay S&G vs. Rolex Sea-Dweller Two-Tone
The 126603 is Rolex’s brand new Sea-Dweller release, coming one year after the 43mm stainless steel Sea-Dweller (126600) was introduced. Although initially controversial due to its differences from the original models, namely the cyclops and case size, the 43mm version evidently proved successful.
Accordingly, Rolex forged ahead. With the 126603, the extreme diving functionality of the watch is retained and further upgraded with yellow gold elements in its bezel, bracelet, and dial.

Rolex Sea-Dweller 126603 Steel And Gold

Image: Rolex.com

The Tudor Black Bay S&G, the two-tone variety of the top-selling Tudor Black Bay diver, was released in 2017. It also proved successful and leaves us wondering if Rolex may have taken notice and consequently devised their future release, the two-tone Sea-Dweller, in response. We may never know.
Both watches offer a similar style, that of the gold-accented dive watch, at two completely different price points. Of course, Tudor remains the value proposition here, with its gold-capped bracelet links and $5,000 retail. The entire piece also boasts a more traditional “tool watch” essence that’s amiss in the Rolex.

Nevertheless, the Sea-Dweller is still a Rolex, one of the newest models, and it’s hard to deny that they’ve done a great job.

Once more, it’ll come down to budget and preference, with this Rolex Sea-Dweller retailing for $17,000. Either way, whichever you chose, you’re certain to be satisfied by the remarkable timepiece on your wrist.

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Tudor Heritage Advisor M79650TN vs. Rolex Yacht-Master II 116680 [The Complication Watch]

In this head-to-head, we compare the models that possess the most complicated function from the Tudor Watches and Rolex catalogs. The two selected are the Heritage Advisor, an alarm watch, and the Yacht-Master II, a regatta chronograph with a programmable countdown timer.
Tudor Heritage Advisor vs Rolex Yacht-Master II Collage
In this instance, the styles of the watches are completely different. One is crafted from titanium, while the other is full steel with a contrasting blue Cerachrom bezel. The dials are equally opposite in color, with the former in black and the latter in glossy white.
The complications are equally diverse. The Tudor’s alarm function can serve as a useful function in daily life, perhaps even for waking up every day. Alternatively, the Rolex is more fitting if you’re waking up on a yacht, a completely different thing.

Jokes aside, the programmable countdown with a mechanical “memory” is a very compelling complication. It may only reach 10 minutes, but if you’re wearing this $18,750 Yacht-Master II, then you probably want to keep close tabs on your time.

Yacht-Master II 116680 Dial Close-up
These are two complicated watches executed completely differently. The Yacht-Master II is Rolex’s attempt at a more expressive oversized watch and has proven successful. The Advisor, although not nearly as popular, serves as proof that the “younger sibling” has grown up.

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