CODE41 NB24 Chronograph With AeroCarbon Case

When it was first introduced in January of 2021, Swiss watch brand CODE41‘s NB24 chronograph was met with widespread enthusiasm. This enthusiasm was reflected not only in online communities but also in pre-sale numbers.

Below, we look back on this crowd-funded initiative’s winning formula and explore the return of the NB24 as a second edition via the following points:

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CODE41 NB24 Chronograph: 1st Edition Success

Upon its introduction in January 2021, the NB24 chronograph from CODE41 faced phenomenal success. However, this came not as a total surprise to the CODE41 team. This was due to the NB24 project possessing the same attributes that made the brand’s past projects successful: ambition, innovation, and a seldom-seen technical nature.

With its skeleton design and legendary 7750 chronograph movement, the NB24 effortlessly stood out. Yet, the lead-up to the January 2021 launch was not as effortless. Indeed, it took the team 9 months to see this project through from its genesis in April 2020.

Development took place, as per CODE41’s ethos, with the cooperation of their community, who were able to take part in both technical and esthetic decisions. These members, however, are neither experts nor professionals in the field of watchmaking, simply enthusiasts happy to have finally found a brand that listens to their desires.

Swiss Brand CODE41 New Carbon Chronograph NB24

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Nearly 1400 watches totaling over 6 million CHF were proved that the level of enthusiasm for the NB24 went far beyond the CODE41 team’s expectations. The hard work had paid off, but it was not over, as the brand’s pre-order model also left many members of the community without the chance to get their hands on a watch. 

CODE41 NB@$ Case Material And Dial Options

CODE41 NB24 1st Edition

Luckily for those who had missed out, they won’t have to wait very long to try their luck again as CODE41 has decided to launch the second edition of the NB24 chronograph from November 24th. 

A Chronograph In Its Purest Expression

One thing is sure: lovers of mechanical watchmaking are certain to succumb to the charm of the  NB24. This skeleton watch distinguishes itself through a strong, sporty esthetic, that subtly accentuates the movement without hiding its performance. 

Valjoux 7750 Chronograph Caliber In NB24 Titanium Watch

CODE41 based its architecture on the Valjoux 7750, a celebrated self-winding chronograph movement. For decades, this movement has become renowned in the Swiss watch industry for its robustness and reliability. In producing the NB24, CODE41 has paid particular attention to both the design and the features of this distinguished movement while making significant changes.

Titanium Case And Black Dial Option NB24 ChronographThe bridges on this 7750 have been redesigned and the two chronograph counters migrated on the dial. Now, the 30-minute disc can be found at 6 o’clock and the second subregister at 3 o’clock. Note also that of the 326 components,  only the mainspring and the 35 jewels come from abroad; everything else was designed, produced, and assembled in Switzerland. 

And as if that wasn’t enough, the NB24 has been fitted with a peripheral oscillating weight visible on the dial side. This technological feat alone bears witness to the immense value of the NB24, as similar peripheral winding rotors are only implemented at significantly higher price points. Indeed, with the NB24, it represents a full third of the watch’s production costs.

NB24: Performance, Quality, And Technicality

Unlike CODE41’s past projects, the NB24’s case is offered in a single size, 42mm. This should come as no surprise, as the customized movement powering this automatic chronograph likewise calls for a tailored case.

NB24-AeroCarbon-Black-Red-Disks-Red-Hands Dial

When it comes to the case material, options are expanded to two equally innovative options: AeroCarbon and grade 5 titanium.

AeroCarbon Or Titanium Case

AeroCarbon is a high-density carbon fiber used in aeronautics; its production process makes it 2.5 times more resistant to bending than steel, and 2 times lighter than titanium. In other words, the best there is when it comes to carbon fiber. As for grade 5 titanium, it offers double the durability of steel, a substantial decrease in weight, and very fine detail in terms of finishing touches.

November 24th, 2021 @ 9AM EST: Launch Of 2nd Edition Pre-Orders

The NB24 Edition 2 will be available for exclusive pre-order from November 24th to December 16, 2021, inclusive. The price of the NB24, which starts at 4,593CHF, is appreciably reasonable when you take into account the customization and complexity that goes into the watch. Given that this is a pre-order, delivery is expected in October of 2022.

Skeletonized Dial And AeroCarbon Case NB24 Chrono

As mentioned earlier, the CODE41 NB24 is manufactured largely in Switzerland. Precisely speaking, 85% of the watch’s value comes from Switzerland. Yet, you’ll note that the production photos do not show the NB24 being labeled as “Swiss Made,” in spite of Swiss law allowing the designation if a minimum of 60% of the production value originates from within the country’s borders.

CODE41 has voluntarily chosen to omit this label as they consider it to be deceptive and confusing. Instead, the watch is certified TTO – Total Transparency on Origin – a label created by CODE41 that places transparency at the heart of its approach. Not merely a label, this TTO designation is backed up by the publication of production costs (top-to-bottom) on the NB24’s own page.

To be among the chosen ones who’ll be able to proudly sport an NB24 on their wrist and to learn more about this rising Swiss watch brand, head over to

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