Bacardi Carta Oro Rum Review

Referred to as either Carta Oro or simply “Gold”, Bacardí’s amber rum has been part of many Cuba Libres in its time. In this review, I’ll be taking a close look at Bacardí Gold as I cover the following:

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Drink Overview

  • Distillery: Bacardí
  • Expression: Carta Oro
  • Variety: Amber Rum
  • Region: Puerto Rico
  • Age: NAS (3 – 5 Years)
  • Casking: American White Oak
  • Cask Strength: 37.5% ABV
  • Pricing:
    • Drizly: From $15 / 75 cl [Buy Now]
    • Reserve Bar: $19 / 75 cl [Buy Now]
  • Parent: Independent

Bacardí Gold is blended from 14 different rums that have been aged for between three and five years in American white oak casks. However, the label doesn’t feature an age statement. Meanwhile, it can technically be classed as an Amber “Spanish” or “Latin” style rum. You can learn more about the different types of rum with our guide.

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Bacardí Carta Oro’s Robe

  • Hue: Amber
  • Clarity: Clear
  • Viscosity: Moderate

Bacardí Carta Oro features a clear pale amber hue. It’s not overly sticky or syrupy, which suggests few additives if any at all. Since it’s been chill-filtered, it doesn’t produce whirls when water is added. Similarly, the legs are thin and fast when trickling down the side of the glass. Overall, its viscosity is moderate.

Bacardí Carta Oro’s Nose

Bacardi Carta Oro Rum & Glass

  • Notes: Toffee, Peardrop, Asphalt
  • Nosefeel: Prickly

A prickly nosefeel delivers a heavy alcoholic bloom on the nose. The bouquet is mild but strong in intensity. It has a limited range of notes that consist of toffee, solvent expressed by peardrops, and asphalt.

Bacardí Gold’s Palate & Mouthfeel

  • Primary Taste: Salty, Sweet
  • Mouthfeel: Oily
  • Opening:  Nutmeg, Caramel
  • Heart: Fudge, Gingerbread, Flint
  • Finish: Short [Salted Caramel]

A salty and sweet primary flavour gives the impression of a relatively umami experience. The overall taste is quite natural and not as sweetened as expected. Meanwhile, Bacardí Gold’s mouthfeel is quite oily.

It opens with a simple accord of caramel and nutmeg spice. This soon fades to reveal a heart that combines fudge, gingerbread, and flint mineral. Eventually, it leaves a simple salted caramel finish on the palate.

Bacardí Gold isn’t particularly complex but it’s not unpleasant. The texture is light and relatively smooth. Indeed, it has a reputation for being rough but that’s not quite the case.

How To Drink Bacardí Carta Oro

As long as you’re enjoying it, there’s no wrong way to have a drink. However, if you’re not quite sure how to have Bacardí Gold, I’m happy to provide you with a few suggestions.

While it isn’t offensive neat, it’s probably better as a mixer. However, if you choose to have it neat, I’d recommend chilling it first or pouring it over ice. Otherwise, our guide can give you ideas on how to drink rum and we have a few cocktail suggestions below.

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Bacardí Gold Cocktail Suggestions

Cuba Libre Cocktail

Here are my suggestions for using Bacardí Gold as a cocktail ingredient:

  1. Cuba Libre
  2. Rum & Coke
  3. Mojito
  4. Daiquiri
  5. Mai Tai

Although a darker rum, I find that Bacardí Gold is generally too mild and lacks complexity for cocktails that require aged rum. However, it’s a great substitute for white rum when you fancy a little added nuance.

For instance, it’s an excellent option for a mojito and will impart greater depth. You can also use brown sugar instead of white sugar for a richly flavoured cocktail as well. The same approach applies to the above cocktails and you can find their recipes in our guide to the best rum cocktails to make at home.

Best Pairings With Bacardí Carta Oro

Bacardi Carta Oro Rum & Avo Cigar

If having it neat, consider perhaps pairing it with some milk chocolate. This can help in imparting some creaminess, which may increase the smoothness of the palate. Meanwhile, dried fruit can produce additional complexity whereas pastries such as croissants can offer a buttery texture.

Similarly, we’re quite fond of cigars at Bespoke Unit. When looking for a pairing, consider a Connecticut shade cigar whether you’re having it neat or as part of a cocktail. I would suggest blends like the Avo X.O. or the JC Newman Brick House Double Connecticut.

Overall Experience & Value For Money

Bacardi Carta Oro Rum & Glass

Bacardí Carta Oro’s label is iconic with the distinctive bat logo, gold letter, and strong text. It looks great and the off-white label produces a certain vintage aesthetic. It doesn’t come in packaging and the cap is a screw-top rather than a cork.

Meanwhile, it’s not a particularly formal drink, but it’s quite versatile. While you’re unlikely to see it sipped neat at a black-tie event, its stylish presentation makes it an easy cocktail ingredient to display on the shelf. Otherwise, it’s ideal for casual house parties and get-togethers.

Finally, it offers good value for money. Expect to pay something between $15 and $19 for a bottle in the USA and a little less in Europe. If you’re looking for a cheap rum for mixing, you could do far worse!

Closing Thoughts

Although purists may regard Bacardí Carta Oro with disdain, it’s not a bad rum for what it is. Of course, it can’t be fairly compared to premium añejo rum. However, it’s a great option for crafting fun and affordable cocktails.

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"A great cocktail ingredient and deeper substitute for white rum, especially given the price point."
Bespoke Unit Rating: ★★★★

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