Following our detailed review of Scent Box, I thought it would be important to also explore its predecessor. Scentbird has been around for slightly longer than Scent Box and while the service is similar, they are not entirely the same.

In this review, we’ll be exploring Scentbird together as we touch on the following points:

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Why Use Scentbird?

Scent Bird Atomiser & PouchLike other popular subscription services, Scentbird offers its customers an access to luxury products for a small monthly fee. While most popular subscription services will provide users with unlimited access, Scentbird instead sends small quantities of perfume to both men and women.

As such, why would you want to subscribe to a serve that offers you only limited quantities of fragrances when you can buy a full bottle instead?

For a monthly cost of $15, subscribers are sent an 8 ml (0.27 Oz) bottle of fragrance, which offers a 30-day supply.

If you’re someone who is new to collecting fragrances and wants to try the different options available, this would be a great way to start. Alternatively, you may be someone who gets easily bored with a fragrance and tends to let them go to waste at the back of a medicine cabinet.

Therefore, Scentbird certainly has its place and provides a convenient service to someone who may enjoy the opportunity that it offers.

Setting Up Your Scentbird Account

Compared to Scent Box, Scentbird is a more straightforward process. However, Scent Box does make it entertaining with quizzes and questionnaires to help discern your taste in fragrances.

Similarly, Scentbird does not distinguish between premium and regular fragrances. Therefore, a single subscription plan will provide you with access to their entire selection of fragrances.

Scentbird Subscription Options

Nevertheless, there are a number of options and price plans available to cater to your budget or preferences. For instance, you can add one or two more fragrances to your monthly subscription at a discounted rate.

Scentbird Order ShippedSimilarly, you can choose to pay on a 3-month or yearly basis, which reduces the total price compared to a monthly subscription.

Once your subscription has been completed and you have chosen your preferred fragrances, you will receive a notification that it has been dispatched.

What’s great is that Scentbird keeps you updated on your subscription and you will be informed on the fragrances you will receive before they arrive. However, if you’re somebody who prefers surprises, it does come with a spoiler alert!

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The Benefits Of Scentbird

Scent Bird AtomiserAs mentioned above, Scentbird should resonate with the generally two sort of people. Firstly, if you’re just starting to get into fragrances and cologne, you’ll be able to discover the rich variety out there in an affordable way.

Rather than having to build a collection of fragrance bottles, which may cost anything from $50 to $100 each, you’re only spending a small amount. Furthermore, the 8ml bottle is larger than most testers available for free, which tend to only provide 1.5 ml (0.05 Oz).

Even if you’re happy with such a small amount, it would require several trips to a fragrance store and the sales assistants may not appreciate it after a while!

Additionally, it’s quite common for fragrance bottles to never be even finished by some enthusiasts. In some cases, they may get bored of a fragrance after a while. Alternatively, they may become disappointed by the fragrance’s performance or how it acts on their skin.

In either case, the bottle may end up collecting dust on a shelf somewhere. Therefore, opting for a service such as Scentbird will undoubtedly reduce both waste and cost.

The Drawbacks Of Scentbird

Three Fragrance Scentbird SubscriptionWhile there are only a few drawbacks to Scentbird, they may be enough to put some people off from using the service.

Firstly, you only have limited control over the fragrances that you receive. Rather than choosing the exact ones that arrive at your doorstep, you are able to add certain fragrances to a wish list. However, there’s no guarantee what you will receive.

Nevertheless, it can be argued that this adds some adventure to your experience!

Additionally, while the subscription is cheap, it’s important to understand that you are paying slightly more with regards to quantity. For instance, you might pay at least $50 for a 100 ml of fragrance, which comes to 50 cents per ml. Alternatively, a premium $100 fragrance may cost $1 per ml.

Meanwhile, a fragrance will cost $1.88 per ml for every fragrance with Scentbird. Therefore, you will be paying more whatever its typical RRP.

Indeed, you are paying more per overall. However, you do benefit from accessing a greater variety of fragrances for less.

Scentbird Presentation & Value

Scent Bird Subscription ContentsUnlike Scent Box, Scentbird uses less packaging by simply sending the vial in bubble wrap. Your first order arrives with the 8ml encased in a black plastic tube as well as a felt sheath.

Accompanying the fragrance is a convenient card, which describes the fragrance as well as its notes. It’s attractively designed with the retail bottle on one side and a breakdown on the other, which acts as a great introduction to the fragrance.

You’ll notice that the 8ml vial is labelled with the fragrance it contains. This is because the tube that houses it is to be kept for your future deliveries. When you want to use another fragrance, you simply remove the glass vial from its tube and replace it.

The tube protects the fragrance and you twist it to reveal the atomiser for an application. Although the tube was very much like Scent Box’s, I found that it had a tendency to close shut when I tried to use the atomiser.

Nevertheless, I’m very fond of the concept of keeping the same tube as it reduces the overall waste with your subscription. As for the atomiser itself, it provides an excellent, thick mist. Therefore, two sprays are more than enough for a full application.

Closing Thoughts

As stated in our Scent Box review, the value of its service is ultimately a question of perspective. If you feel that the cost per millilitre is too significant or you’re someone who doesn’t tire of a particular scent, this isn’t necessarily for you.

However, if you do like to try something new every month in an affordable way, then it’s certainly a service worth considering. Scentbird boasts an rich inventory of over 450 designer perfumes. Therefore, you’ll have a rich selection to keep you occupied for many years!

Would we recommend Scentbird over Scent Box? Honestly, it’s hard to say without using them both over a longer period of time. Perhaps that should be something to explore in its own article!

What Next?

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Scent Box Subscription Review
Reviewed by Paul Anthony, on .
"A worthwhile service for fragheads. Scentbird may not be suitable for everyone, but those who can appreciate its value will undoubtedly benefit from its service."
Rating: 4.0 ★★★★
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