Ralph Lauren Polo Blue Bottle On Mint LeavesRalph Lauren’s Polo Blue was released in 2002. A surprisingly refreshing and fruity aromatic fougère, it features aquatic and ozone themes.

In the following review, you will discover Polo Blue from its composition to how it can be worn. Furthermore, it will be evaluated using the Bespoke Unit Fragrance Formula for an impartial and standardised review.


  • Brand: Ralph Lauren
  • Fragrance: Polo Blue
  • Concentration: Eau de Toilette
  • Introduction: 2002
  • Olfactive Fragrance Family: Aromatic Fougère
  • Related Fragrances:  Davidoff Cool Water
  • Price On Amazon: From $68 [Buy Now]
  • Price On FragranceX: From $44 [Buy Now]

Ralph Lauren Polo Blue was co-created by Carlos Benaim, the nose of the original 1978 Polo, and Christophe Laudamiel. In 2003, Laudamiel was awarded Fragrance  FIFI Award “Fragrance Star of the Year” following his work on Polo Blue. Interestingly, he had trained under Pierre Bourdon, the nose behind Davidoff Cool Water.

In 2011, 9 years after its initial release, Polo Blue was still featured among the top 10 fragrances on the US market.

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Ralph Lauren Polo Blue’s Composition

Laudamiel trained under the creator of Cool Water and collaborated with Carlos Benaim on Polo Blue shortly after wards. It’s probably no coincidence that Polo Blue is a refreshing and mildly aquatic fragrance, then.

However, Polo Blue is not a directly an aquatic fragrance but its cool notes often mean that they’re related solely by association. Instead, Polo Blue features a lighthearted aromatic bouquet with cool fruitiness and greens. Nevertheless, despite the lack of deep fern notes, Polo Blue is a classic aromatic fougère.

Ralph Lauren Polo Blue Bottle On Oak Stump

Head Notes

  • Melon
  • Clementine
  • Cucumber

Polo Blue opens on immediately discernable fresh melon notes followed by cool cucumber and faint clementine zest. The head glimmers with some surprising delicacy for a men’s fragrance. The atomizer delivers with a gentle mist, which means the trio of fruity notes briefly interact before landing on the skin.

Ralph Lauren Polo Blue Bottle In Long GrassHeart Notes

  • Geranium
  • Clary Sage
  • Basil

Overt floral geranium notes emerge first from the volatile head’s evaporation. This is swiftly accompanied by a duo of aromatics comprising of clary sage and basil. They mingle for a short while before transitioning to the base.

Base Notes

  • Leather
  • Patchouli
  • Oak Moss
  • White Amber

Refined notes of velvety leather emerge first. This is shortly followed by the patchouli and oak moss, which provide fresh earthiness to the base’s blend. A foundation of white amber grows in presence with a short finish.

The Life-Cycle, Wake & Strength Of Polo Blue

Ralph Lauren Polo Blue Bottle With Sky BackgroundComprised of only simple notes, Polo Blue’s dry-down doesn’t feature any peculiar complexities. In fact, it comes across as a relatively linear slideshow of notes with but a few accords. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing but those look for an elaborate fragrance may be dismayed.

Furthermore, each set of notes feels relatively short-lived. Once the atomizer’s mist hits the skin, the head quickly fades leaving a faint heart. This is soon phased out by a lighthearted base.

Needless to say, the above doesn’t bode well for Polo Blue as a long-lasting fragrance. Sillage is minor to non-existant unless the fragrance is layered on. Projection is effective while the fragrance still dries down. However, the longevity leaves much to be desired. This is fragrance that wants regular reapplication if you want to get something out of it.

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When Should You Wear Polo Blue?

Ralph Lauren Polo Blue Bottle On Stone WallFeedback was generally positive if a little detached. Most found the fragrance pleasant and enjoyed the fruity freshness, which they thought uplifting. However, a fair few considered it a little bland if forgettable. It lacked the panache and confidence of a youthful fragrance even if all the ingredients were there.

Nevertheless, this is an ideal youthful and casual fragrance. The fruity notes evoke energy and youth, which pairs well with the light aromatics. Some men may consider Polo Blue as an apt fragrance for sport or working out. Meanwhile, the base comprises of elegant notes, which if used for sport, makes this as quite a luxurious option.

This is certainly not a bad thing. As a sports fragrance, it’s bound to turn heads and leave a lasting impression. Short bursts of application combined by heavy perspiration certainly would improve the fragrance’s performance and draw attention to wearer.

That said, this a fragrance that wouldn’t feel ill-suited to a laid back workplace. Similarly, Polo Blue is a majorly spring/summer fragrance. Its aromatic and fruity notes would fare better in the heat, which probably adds to why this is an appropriate sports fragrance.

Polo Blue is quite versatile in that it’s a seemingly all day fragrance. It’s easy to picture this being worn during the day, in the evening or even at night.

Finally, Polo Blue’s fruity and refreshing notes mean that although this is clearly a men’s fragrance, it isn’t overly masculine. At a push, it wouldn’t be hard to imagine this being worn by women.

Presentation and Value For Money

Ralph Lauren Polo Blue Bottle Surrounded By FirRalph Lauren Polo Blue’s plain blue bottle is particularly stylish. Under the light, it gives off hues of purple, which is quite eye-catching. The minimalist Polo man logo printed on the touch is all that it needs to be able to immediately identify the contents.

Likewise, the box is elegant with a blue, high grain finish. Embossed, silver text below the logo states the contents with refinement and a silver border frames in the contents.

The atomizer is quite fitting for the fragrance in that it’s delicate and not too powerful. It gives off a gently mist with a wide dispersal for maximum coverage. That said, it’s also imprecise so if you like to spray in specific areas, you might want to get in closer.

Finally, in terms of value for money, the $96 RRP / 100ml for Polo Blue is extravagant for what is best considered a casual, sporty fragrance. If the demographic is men in their twenties, then this is somewhat off-putting.

However, 4.2 Oz (125 ml) can be found on Amazon.com for just over $60. Meanwhile, it’s slightly cheaper on FragranceX.

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Closing Thoughts

Ralph Lauren Polo Blue is a delicate yet cool fragrance. It’s ideal for those looking for a simple and refreshing accord. Men who don’t like overly strong colognes may relish its refined notes. Alternatively, this is an ideal if expensive casual option for athletes.

If you’re looking for something lighthearted, downplayed and not overly synthetic, Polo Blue may be the ideal choice for you.

Enjoyed the review and want to see more of what Polo Blue has to offer? Watch the video below and see our first impressions:

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