Canard Duchêne Authentic Brut Champagne Bottle On Oak StumpSold in over 130 countries, Canard-Duchêne Authentic Brut is an undeniably popular Champagne. It is even said that a bottle is opened every 15 seconds! However, does its reputation hold to scrutiny?

In the following review, you will discover Canard-Duchêne Authentic Brut. By using the Bespoke Unit Champagne Sheet, we will uncover its robe, aromas and flavours while taking into account its value for money and the overall experience.

Overview Of Canard-Duchêne Authentic BrutCanard Duchêne Authentic Brut Champagne Bottle Sky Background

  • House: Canard-Duchêne
  • Cuvée: Authentic Brut
  • Location: Ludes, Montagne de Reims
  • Grape Classification: Cru
  • Vintage: No
  • Blending Style: Tradition
  • Grapes Used: 45% Pinot Noir, 35% Pinot Meunier, 20% Chardonnay
  • Sugar Content: Brut
  • Producer Identifier: NM-137-004
  • Price On $35 [Buy Now]
  • [Learn More About Identifying Champagne From The Label]

Firstly, French speakers reading this may be wondering why there is a Champagne called “Duck of Oak”? However, before perpetuating the myth that the house is somehow linked to wooden birds, let’s explore its backstory. In the mid-to-late 19th Century, barrel craftsman Victor Canard met winemaker Léonie Duchêne and they fell deeply in love.

Not before marrying, they founded their own Champagne house carrying their own namesakes in 1868. Today, Canard-Duchêne is a grande marque Champagne house and exports their wines around the world.

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Canard-Duchêne Authentic Brut’s Robe & Perlage

Robe Observations:

  • Hue: Pale Straw
  • Transparency: Crystal Clear
  • Bubbles: Relatively Energetic & Refined

Canard Duchêne Authentic Brut Champagne Bottle & GlassesA first pour of Canard-Duchêne will showcase its pale straw hue yet crystal clear robe under a foamy mousse. The resulting burst of effervescence reveals sprightly bubbles that although aren’t overly energetic, consist of refined pearls.

Authentic Brut’s Nose & Bouquet

Detected Nose Notes:

  • 1st Nose: Green Apples
  • 2nd Nose: Straw, Apricots

The bubbling effervescence brings out undeniably vivid notes of green apples, which tingle the nostrils. Persisted inhalation will reveal latent aromas that consist of fresh straw and ripe apricots. Although Canard-Duchêne’s bouquet isn’t intense nor diverse, the notes are very perceptible and lucid.

Canard-Duchêne’s Palate & Mouthfeel

Tasted Palate Notes:

  • Opening: Citrus Zest, Rhubarb
  • Heart: Green Apples, Apricot
  • Finish: Brioche, Limestone
  • Overall Flavour Length: Short-Medium

A first taste introduces you to a smack of citrus zest followed by tart notes of cool rhubarb. Shortly after, the heart opens to reveal lively green apples that swim across the palate. Just as you begin to feel your saliva coagulate, the bouquet’s ripe apricot notes return for a sweeter sensation.

As the notes subside, there is a latent brioche note, which provides a yeasty flavour before coming to an end of a slightly short, cool limestone finish.

Overall Experience & Value For Money

Canard Duchêne Authentic Brut Champagne Bottle Cork & PlaqueFirstly, it’s important to realise that Canard-Duchêne is considered a national treasure in France because it provides one of the most accessible Champagnes. Furthermore, it is sold almost anywhere over there and can be found in most supermarkets.

Overall, Canard-Duchêne is one of the most convenient and best value Champagnes. Naturally, it’s more expensive than crémants and other sparkling wines but it’s by no means marketed as a premium choice. Therefore, it’s important to keep this in mind when reviewing it.

With regards to the label, it features a grandiose font over the Russian Empire’s double-headed eagle. This has been present since around 1890 when the house secured a contract as the Romanov’s official supplier. Whilst the label is interesting, its dark shade of green doesn’t contrast much from the bottle’s glass, which makes it feel quite modest.

Likewise, the plaque consists of the Canard-Duchêne logo on a green background, which is a nice touch but overall uninspiring. Meanwhile, the cork didn’t regain its shape, which suggests that it had been bottled for a while.

As mentioned above, Canard-Duchêne’s value for money is outstanding, which makes it such a popular Champagne. However, this isn’t exclusive to France and the brand can even be found in the USA. For instance, you can find a bottle on for a mere $35.

Best Pairings With Canard-Duchêne Authentic Brut

As is consistent with its frugal appeal, versatile palate and modest yet regal design, Canard-Duchêne is a apéritif Champagne by definition. Therefore, it’s no surprise that it pairs so well with savoury snacks and light meals.

For instance, you could consider antipasto, fish eggs, foie gras and oysters as all great candidates. Similarly, pasta dishes, vegetarian meals or even white meat would pair equally well with this cuvée. Finally, simpler cheese would fare better with Authentic Brut as blue cheese may have too much character for a harmonious pairing.

For those that enjoy a good smoke with their drink, even mild cigars might be too heavy for Authentic. However, its palate would pair wonderfully with light cigarette or pipe tobacco.

When Should You Drink Canard-Duchêne Authentic Brut?

Canard Duchêne Authentic Brut Champagne Bottle & Davidoff CigarsWith its modest price tag, Canard-Duchêne is perfect for low key social gatherings and events. Those restricted to a budget would certainly enjoy the authenticity it brings whilst benefiting from the reduced economic pressure.

Whether at a wedding, a barbecue among friends or even drinking alone, Canard-Duchêne is an excellent choice as a laid-back offering for unwinding. For instance, my parents religiously open a bottle every Friday night to celebrate having survived yet another week.

If you’re looking to add a touch of class to a friendly get-together without over-spending, Canard-Duchêne Authentic Brut is an ideal choice. We recommend it so much that it was featured in our recent Top 5 Champagnes!

Closing Thoughts

Finally, Canard-Duchêne may not provide the refinement that you’d seek out from a Veuve Clicquot or Dom Pérignon. However, it has its well-deserved place as a low-budget Champagne that gives you outstanding value for an authentic experience. After all, it’s in the name.

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  1. Charles January 2, 2018 at 1:12 pm - Reply

    I am not sure that we drink a bottle of CD every Friday to celebrate having survived another week more like to be grateful for having had another week in each others company, which we treasure. It is our private celebration to each other.
    It was the first bottle of Champagne we ever drank together and loved it … so carried on…only limited for Charles’s mother’s health sake, and that of the unborns during her two pregnancies.
    We thoroughly agree with the reviewer regarding the zest, fruits and flavours. He has summarised it so well, in a better way than we could have described it, and where as there may be “better” champagnes out there at much higher prices, for the freshness of taste, lightness and delicate changing flavours his review hits the spot…just like the champagne does when one tastes it.
    Keep the reviews coming. They are perceptive and accurate….soon be another Friday?

    Charles and Véronique Bowles

    • Charles-Philippe January 2, 2018 at 1:24 pm - Reply

      Thanks for the comments! Couldn’t not mention you both since you both were a great influence in my love of Champagne. There is indeed a Friday soon – in fact I think there’s one every week!

      Love to both of you,


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