Davidoff Royalty Mixture Pipe Tobacco WIth Accessories

Although we’re known for our passion for cigar smoking, both Charles-Philippe and I recently rekindled a keen interest in pipes. Lately, I acquired a selection of pipe tobacco as well as a few new pipes. After having enjoyed them for a few weeks, I felt that it was time to start summarising my experiences with a few reviews.

As we’re quite fond of the House of Davidoff at Bespoke Unit, I thought that there was no better blend to begin with than their Royalty Mixture. Therefore, we will be exploring the Davidoff Royalty Mixture pipe tobacco blend together in the following review:

Tobacco Blend Specifications

Consisting of mature Virginia and Turkish Oriental tobacco, the Royalty Mixture features a pinch of Latakia for a touch of substance. The latter’s presence creates an association with English-style tobacco blends even though the Royalty Mixture hails from Scandinavia.

Like all of Davidoff’s pipe tobacco, it has been blended and cured by the Orlik Tobacco Company in Denmark. 50 grams of the ribbon-cut tobacco is tightly packed in an airtight tin, which retains the moisture nicely for your smoking experience.

Davidoff Royalty Mixture Pipe Tobacco & Accessories

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Royalty Mixture Look & Feel

  • Davidoff Royalty Mixture Pipe Tobacco DetailColour(s): Mid-to-Light Brown & Dark Streaks
  • Cut Consistency: Overall Even
  • Aromas: Cinnamon, Charred Oak, Buttercream

Although low in Latakia tobacco, the Royalty Mixture has a heady bouquet a spices when opened. Cinnamon dominates followed by charred oak notes from the Virginia.

Present are also barnyard notes with a touch of leather and ammonia. Meanwhile, a creamy butter note provides a rounded finish. As for the cutting quality, the ribbons are consistent and there are very few hard twigs or chunks.

Davidoff Royalty Mixture Review

In order to paint a complete picture, the tobacco was smoked several times using a variety of different pipe configurations. As the Royalty tobacco is presented as ribbon cuts, it generally performs best with larger bowls. However, we found it to be fine with most average-sized pipes.

Royalty Mixture Flavours

  • Davidoff Royalty Mixture Pipe Tobacco With Loaded Pipe & ToolBody: Medium – Full
  • Notes: Cinnamon, Mahogany, Butter, Fruit Cake

A crescendo of rich flavour, the Virginia tobacco creates a thick foundation while the Oriental adds a touch of light sweetness. Meanwhile, the Latakia provides a woody punch that prickles the nostrils.

In terms of aromas, I experienced a distinctive cinnamon spiciness in the head while the exhale revealed buttery fruit cake. Although there was a woodsy presence throughout, retrohaling through the nostrils opened up a rich mahogany note.

The Royalty Mixture’s body was well within the medium to full category without being heavy on nicotine. Nevertheless, I didn’t experience any bitterness throughout the smoke.

Burn & Smoking Experience

  • Moistness: Mild
  • Combustion: Reliable
  • Average Smoke Time: 30 Minutes

When first opened, Davidoff’s tobacco can be quite moist in their tightly-packed tins. However, this quickly subsided and it left only a slightly malleable texture.

The burn was very reliable and I didn’t experience any issues throughout the combustion. Similarly, the smoke was overall quite dry.

In fact, I was quite impressed on just how easy the blend was to smoke and even a overly-packed bowl didn’t need relighting until there was nothing but scraps of dottle left.

Finally, the overall smoking time come to around 30 minutes with an average-sized 1.24 x 0.74 inch group 3 bowl

Ideal Pairings With Davidoff Royalty Mixture

Davidoff Royalty Mixture Pipe Tobacco With Pipe & Dupont LighterA rich and spicy tobacco with woody undertones and a buttery finish, Royalty is an excellent choice for pairing with fine spirits.

While I’m not the biggest fan of peated malt whisky, I’d be inclined to enjoy the Royalty Mixture with one that has experienced a sherry cask finish. For instance, the Laphroaig Cairdeas Fino would be a fine choice.

Alternatively, a mature dark rum would offer a pleasant accord. Although younger rums may be too sweet and lack the substance for an accord, an older reserva choice would offer the astringent and woody texture for the perfect pairing.

Overall Experience

Davidoff Royalty Mixture Pipe Tobacco TinThe Royalty Mixture is distributed in understated yet elegant 50 g (1.76 Oz) tins. These are well-designed with an airtight seal, which retains enough moisture for as long as you own them. However, we do prefer to use Boveda Humidor bags for long-term storage.

Meanwhile, pricing may vary depending on tax in your area. However, Davidoff retails the tins for $14.95 directly from their website. Nevertheless, I’ve heard that the price can be as high as $21 for a single tin.

While this is quite expensive as pipe tobacco goes, I feel that it’s well worth the investment given the overall quality and experience.

Consequently, this may be a tobacco that you’d prefer to reserve for special occasions. It’s a great choice for the evenings by the fire with your preferred libation. Alternatively, its buttery properties render it quite enjoyable even on a warm day.

Personally, this is among my favourite current blends so I’ll likely be enjoying it on a more regular basis.

Closing Thoughts

Although some Davidoff pipe tobaccos may have received some criticism among the avid pipe smoker community, the Royalty Mixture has been an exception. It’s overall universally enjoyed and it’s perfectly understandable as to why.

Featuring a well-composed and harmonious blend of tobaccos, it offers a rich flavour profile with a balance of spicy and buttery notes. As it’s also quite easy to smoke, it’s also a great choice for beginners who want to branch out to English and Latakia blends.

Davidoff Royalty Mixture
Reviewed by Paul Anthony, on .
"A thoroughly enjoyable English blend. With warm spicy notes and a rounded buttery finish, the Royalty Mixture is a wonderfully pleasant smoke!"
Rating: 5.0 ★★★★★

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