Perrier Jouet Grand Brut Champagne & Official Flute Tulips

With its famous floral design and festive attitude, Perrier-Jouët gives the impression of a good time. The Grand Brut was even featured at second place in our best Champagnes under $50! However, does it deliver on its promise?

The following article will evaluate Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut. Using the Bespoke Unit Champagne Sheet, we will review its composition, tasted and smelled notes as well as its value for money. You’ll also be able to read about the best pairings to accompany this Champagne.

Overview Of Perrier-Jouët Grand BrutPerrier Jouet Grand Brut Champagne Label Close Up

  • House: Perrier-Jouët
  • Cuvée: Grand Brut
  • Location: Épernay, Vallée de la Marne
  • Grape Classification: Cru
  • Vintage: No
  • Blending Style: Tradition
  • Grapes Used: 40% Pinot Noir, 40% Pinot Meunier, 20% Chardonnay
  • Sugar Content: Brut
  • Producer Identifier: NM-267-001
  • Price On Amazon: $57 [Buy Now]
  • Price On $45 [Buy Now]
  • [Learn More About Identifying Champagne From The Label]

In 1811, this Champagne house was founded by newlyweds, Pierre-Nicolas Perrier and Rose Adélaide Jouët. Today, the house produces over 3 million bottles a year under the Pernod Ricard group!

Perrier-Jouët became particularly famous during the Belle Époque era, which was symbolised by the Art Nouveau movement. At the turn of the 20th Century, prevalent artist Émile Gallé designed an anemone flower wreathed in gold on a Perrier-Jouët bottle.

This creative approach resonated with enthusiasts and became a hallmark of Belle Époque cuvées that were launched in 1964.

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Perrier Jouet Grand Brut Champagne Sheet Review

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Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut’s Robe & Perlage

Robe Observations:

  • Hue: Pale Straw
  • Transparency: Crystal Clear
  • Bubbles: Minute & Lively

Perrier Jouet Grand Brut Champagne Sky BackgroundIn the first pour, Grand Brut reveals its crystal clear pale robe through a frothy mousse. The resulting perlage is intricately small with a buzzing energy towards the surface

Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut’s Nose & Bouquet

Detected Nose Notes:

  • 1st Nose: Cherry, Plum & Brioche
  • 2nd Nose: Aromatic Herbs, Earth & Mushrooms

With a subtle yet intense and diverse range of notes, Grand Brut’s bouquet consists of cherry, plum and yeasty brioche in the first nose. The second note reveals hidden notes of aromatic herbs, moist earth and fresh mushrooms.

Perrier-Jouët’s Palate & Mouthfeel

Tasted Palate Notes:

  • Opening: Cherry, Plum & Lemon Rind
  • Heart: Red Apples, Honey & Grapefruit
  • Finish: Brioche, Chalk & Minerals
  • Overall Flavour Length: Medium-Long

Perrier Jouet Grand Brut Champagne With Davidoff CigarsOn tasting, Grand Brut reveals a rich and dry yeasty palate with a velvet texture and complex composition. The first opening notes burst with the cherry and plum notes experienced in the nose as well as bitter, zesty lemon rind.

Next, sweet red apples follow paired with warm honey and bittersweet grapefruit before extending to a long brioche and chalk mineral finish. Throughout the experience, the dry red fruit cherry aromas remain present but evolve to accord with the following notes.

Similarly, the yeasty flavour remains consistent throughout the tasting but develops into tangible brioche only during the finish.

Overall Experience & Value For Money

Perrier-Jouët-Grand-Brut-Cork-&-CapsuleUnlike many brands that seek to modernise themselves with new designs, Perrier-Jouët have remained loyal to their original identity by preserving the anemone aesthetic. The premium velvety label is framed by a web of golden flowers that encircle the bold Art-Nouveau style text.

Meanwhile, the capsule is attractive with a gold colour featuring the Perrier-Jouët initials. However, it would have probably been a nicer touch if it revealed itself as an anemone flower. As for the cork, it didn’t regain its shape and showed signs of age. This means that the Champagne had been corked some time ago but it didn’t negatively affect the overall flavour.

Finally, Perrier-Jouët’s value for money is excellent and is well worth the extra cost compared to more mid-range Champagnes. In France, the bottle tested was purchased for 35€. Due to duty and importation, this is usually a bit more in the USA.

Indeed, it costs somewhat more when it’s available on at $57. However, it can be found on for only $45 or even less when on sale. Taking the exchange rate into account, this is merely $3 more than the French price at the time of writing this article.

When Should You Drink Perrier-Jouët?

With regards to the occasion, Perrier-Jouët is a grandiose and festive Champagne. Therefore, it would be the perfect companion for any grand event from weddings to galas. Although it could be enjoyed casually among friends, its character and soul more-or-less demand that it should be reserved for an occasion.

Nevertheless, if your entourage is passionate about Champagne, Perrier-Jouët makes an enjoyable alternative to more common cuvées such as Veuve Clicquot’s Carte Jaune.

Best Pairings With Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut

Perrier Jouet Grand Brut Champagne On Stone WallFeaturing a rich palate bursting with powerful notes, Perrier-Jouët is best reserved with strong dishes that can complement its aromas. For example, salty dishes such as caviar, oysters and rustic pâté are all great options for starts.

Similarly, Grand Brut would pair well with cured meat, curries, fish dishes and rich pasta sauces. Other options include shellfish and marinated white meat. If you’re seeking to pair this Champagne with cheese, know that it would go well with even strong options including blue Roquefort.

Although this Champagne is exceptionally dry, the lemon rind notes may pair well with a sour meringue or a sugar-free fruit tart. As for appetisers, Perrier-Jouët is quite versatile and would be quite at home with olives, tapenade, nuts, breadsticks and fresh fries.

For those that enjoy a smoke with their drink, you could even consider mild to medium bodied cigars with Grand Brut.

Finally, given its eccentric character, Perrier-Jouët is most enjoyed around 10°C (50°F) but can be served at a cooler 8°C (46.4°F).

Closing Thoughts

Usually offered at a lower price that other premium brands, Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut is an exciting and adventurous choice. With its elegant bottle and rich palate, it’s a developed Champagne with unique flavours that would suit discerning enthusiasts.

If you’re looking for an insight into traditional and grandiose Champagnes that represent a moment in history, then Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut deserves your attention.

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About the Author:

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  1. Beate Gatermann March 12, 2020 at 3:13 pm - Reply

    Hi, I found a bottle oc Perrier-Jouet with the following number on it: L61701320F. Can anyone please tell me, if that champaigne brut is still any good? it does not show a year on it….NM-267-001. Thanks so much for info. Best regards.BGatermann

    • Charles-Philippe March 13, 2020 at 4:33 am - Reply

      Hi Beate,

      Happy to help!

      Firstly, the digits “NM-267-001” refers to the producer code. All Perrier-Jouët bottles will feature this. As for the lack of year, it’s a non-vintage blend (made from several different years, harvests, and grapes) so it’s rarely mentioned. Occasionally, smaller houses will detail at least some of the harvests or disgorgement date on the reverse but it’s rare with big houses like Perrier-Jouët.

      As for “L61701320F”, this is actually a disgorgement code, which tells you when the bottle was corked. Every brand is different but I did a little research for you. If what other people are saying is correct, this might be a bottle from 2001. However, that does seem extreme to me. It would be more likely that it was from 2013.

      If you really want to know, you can contact Perrier-Jouët directly and they can decode it for you. However, I think the best way to know whether it’s any good is to crack it open and try it!

      Should it be from 2001, it might not be very good. That said, I’d be interested to know how it tasted if it was from 2013! I suggest that you serve it between 10 – 12°C to open the flavours. Any colder and you might lose out from its full potential.

      All the best,


  2. Beate Gatermann March 13, 2020 at 7:24 am - Reply

    Hi, CP,

    thank you so much for getting me up-dated. I guess, it is rather from 2001 as a trophy for a won golf turnament as my sister hast been handicapped by parkinson the last 15 years. We will give it a try with lots of young people so one can have the bottle dissapear if it is no good.

    Thanks again. BGatermann

    • Charles-Philippe March 13, 2020 at 8:24 am - Reply

      Hi Beate,

      Wow, that’s an old one! If it was well-stored, you might be lucky and it could be rather good. It’ll be quite vinous and there’s a chance that there will be a slightly musty taste. Don’t be surprised if it’s a little corked.

      All the best,


  3. Steve from Brighton. August 21, 2021 at 1:05 pm - Reply

    Hi Charles. Just opened my first bottle of perkier jouet grand brut. Loving it. Its up there with my 2 personal favourites tattinger and bollinger. Great review by the way.

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