Bottle of Baron Albert Symbolique Brut Nature Blanc de NoirsAfter trying Baron Albert’s entry Universelle cuvée, we were excited to taste the newly-released Symbolique. A brut nature blanc de noirs, this champagne features no added sugar and is made only from black grapes.

In the following review, you will discover Baron Albert’s Symbolique. Here you’ll learn about its unique composition, which creates its rich nose and palate. We’ll also cover its value for money and best pairings below.

Overview Of Baron Albert La Symbolique

Bottle of Baron Albert Symbolique Brut Nature Blanc de Noirs Label

Founded by Albert & Béatrice Baron in 1947, Baron Albert is a family-run Champagne house based in the region’s western tip, Charly-sur-Marne. Today, it is run by the founders’ three sisters, Claire, Lise and Aline.

As we covered in detail in the original Universelle review linked above, Baron Albert was recently redesigned by the sisters with modern labels to incorporate their feminine universe. The latest fruit of their labour is the brand new Symbolique cuvée from the “Coquette” (meaning flirty or elegant depending on context) range.

Launched only in the early fall of 2017, we were lucky to get our hands on a few bottles to try. What makes La Symbolique special is that it’s a blanc de noir made only from pinot meunier, the family and region’s historical grape. Additionally, it’s a brut nature meaning that no sugar was added in the dosage before bottling.

Finally, the grapes were aged in oak casks, which is bound to add a particularly rich character to the wine.

Download the Baron Albert Symbolique Champagne Sheet as a PDFBaron Albert Symbolique Champagne Sheet Review

Baron Albert La Symbolique’s Robe & Perlage

Robe Observations:

  • Hue: Mid-Gold
  • Transparency: Clear
  • Bubbles: Lively & Very Refined

Firstly, La Symbolique serves with a generous and creamy mousse, which reveals a sparkling golden robe. As the froth settles, the golden colour seems to evoke sun-kissed straw with a certain effervescent richness.

Meanwhile, the perlage or bubbles are extremely fine and rise with elegant zeal via a perfect cordon. A wide distribution settles at the surface, which reveals the tantalising aromas.

Baron Albert La Symbolique’s Nose & Bouquet

Detected Nose Notes:

  • 1st Nose: Cassis, Raspberry, Peaches
  • 2nd Nose: Fruit Tart, Shortbread Pastry, Limestone

Bottle of Baron Albert Symbolique Brut Nature On Stone WallAs is to be expected from a Champagne that’s both a brut nature and a blanc de noirs, the nose gives of a powerful bouquet full of character.

Red fruits fill the nostrils during the first note evoking wild cassis, fresh raspberry and blackberries. However, there are discernable notes of fleshy peaches and other stone fruit.

However, the second nose reveals its deeper, yeasty character. Combined with the initial fruity burst, there are overt notes of freshly baked fruit tart with a crumbly shortbread pastry.

Finally, a hint of minerality can be detected with a cool limestone finish.

Baron Albert’s Palate & Mouthfeel

Tasted Palate Notes:

  • Opening: Cherry, Grapefruit, Raspberry
  • Heart: Peaches, Apricot, Elderflower
  • Finish: Shortbread Pastry, Earth, Limestone
  • Overall Flavour Length: Medium-Long

2 bottles of Baron Albert Symbolique Brut Nature ChampagneDespite fulfilling its role as the Champagne’s overture, the mouthfeel tells an overall different story. Whilst the nose is a homely, warm experience, the flavours on the tongue are a rich, festive affair.

La Symbolique opens on a rich burst of cherries, which pair well with accompanying notes of zesty bittersweet grapefruit and sharp raspberry.

Although this cuvée is a brut nature, it’s not overly dry. In fact, the reduced sugar content reveals a rich character without an overly tart finish.

The heart notes that follow are a rounded blend of fleshy stone fruits including apricot and furry peach. A hint of elderflower reveals a floral touch.

Before experiencing the medium-long earthy finish, we enjoy a returning shortbread note that brings together all experienced fruity aromas.

Overall Experience & Value For Money

Baron Albert Symbolique Champagne PlaqueLike Baron Albert’s entire range, the Symbolique has the same stylish label, which wonderfully symbolises its modern zeal.  The foil features a similar design, which gives a tactile experience when holding the neck.

Similarly, the plaque sees the mysterious 19th-Century Baron Albert lady but this time in orange. This conceals a Mytik cork of good quality, which quickly regains its shape.

As we heralded in the aforementioned Universelle review, Baron Albert’s pricing is practically unbeatable. The entry cuvées mere 14€ ($16.50) is hard to beat for such an enjoyable experience.

Likewise, this new release is offered at a very fair price of only 25€ ($30) if you can find it. Having only recently been launched, it’s available at but a few outlets in France.

Therefore, in both the USA and the UK, you may need to wait a while before the French let it leave.

However, if you ever do stray into Champagne territory or come across a bottle, be sure to grab a case. Baron Albert are open for visits, tasting and purchases on-site. You can head to their website in order to get in touch.

Best Pairings With Baron Albert La Symbolique

Bottle of Baron Albert Symbolique Brut Nature & Davidoff CigarsBeing both a brut nature and pinot meunier blanc de noirs, La Symbolique is a Champagne with a lot of character. Therefore, some care should be taken with your pairings.

Overall, La Symbolique can easily be overpower any accompaniments and be too dry for sweeter dishes. However, when paired well, it’s a pleasure to have with your meal. Aim for particularly salty dishes as a general rule.

For instance, most antipasto dishes would go well as would caviar and oysters. If opting for foie gras, it may be a touch dry but would go well if the foie gras features savoury garnishing.

Similarly, most fish dishes would be an excellent choice as would barbecue, cured and white meat. Unlike some Champagnes, La Symbolique features a flavour profile that would go well with even blue cheeses as well as goat. A strong Brie de Meaux would be a fine choice indeed.

As for apéritifs, you could consider most nibbles including strong tapenades and stronger dishes. For those that appreciate a good cigar, La Symbolique would be a fine choice with light or mild tobacco.

Finally, La Symbolique is best serve around 10°C (50°F) but you could chill it down to 8°C (46.4°F) and let it warm as you taste. This way you’ll get to experience how a Champagne reveals its diverse palate as it increases temperature.

When Should You Drink Baron Albert La Symbolique?

Bottle of Baron Albert Symbolique Brut Nature Champagne with flutesAlthough a little-known house and cuvée, La Symbolique is a very versatile choice for most occasions. Those that appreciate Champagne with a little character would particularly enjoy it and so you could consider it for more refined events.

For example, it would be an excellent choice for either galas or weddings. Being a rounded, fruity Champagne, it would feel right at home at events taking place in the colder months such as New Year’s Eve.

Nevertheless, don’t feel that you should reserve it solely for grand affairs as this is a Champagne that can even be enjoyed alone or among friends. For instance, it would be ideal for a Saturday-afternoon barbecue as well as a Friday night in.

Closing Thoughts

Being a Champagne of rich character with a deep bouquet of red fruits that resonate throughout the palate, La Symbolique is a treasure. Unlike most brut natures, Baron Albert’s interpretation isn’t too tart to put of those with a sweeter tooth.

Therefore, it’s a cuvée which may well appeal to most tastes. However, like most treasures, it’s a rarity and may be hard to find if living outside of Europe.

Nevertheless, don’t be dismayed and be sure to seek out a bottle to try for yourself. The search is worth the experience.

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