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The great majority of luxury timepieces sold in the present-day possess the traditional watch silhouette, with the crown and pushers (when present) on the right side of the case. A much, much smaller segment of these are designed with those same fundamental components attached on the left flank.

These are known as left-handed watches, and they’re intended for lefty watch collectors.

Interestingly enough, the proportion of lefty watches produced does not correlate with the amount of left-handed people in the world. Clearly, ‘lefties’ are not so bothered by the traditional case profile to demand more left-handed options.

Nevertheless, some appealing lefty model lines have been established over time, and which we look to highlight on this page:

We’ve also addressed the question of which wrist your watch should go on, so keep scrolling for the final word on this proverbial question.



Men’s Left-Handed Watches

The lefty watches highlighted on this page are crafted by very varied brands with very diverse designs.

Fortunately, the uniqueness of the left-handed watch has not translated into exorbitant prices. Even the most expensive on our list, the beautiful PAM 796, retails right below $7,000. The low production volume, on the other hand, sets them up as prime collectibles for the future, so make sure to snatch one while you can!

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Should Watches Be Worn On The Right Or Left Hand?

Simply put, if tradition is to be followed, then watches should be worn on the left hand.

The earliest wristwatches began with a crown at 12 o’clock which was then moved (almost permanently) to the 3 o’clock position. This was practical given that watches were expected to be strapped on the left wrist and adjusted, when necessary, via the crown with the right hand.

It’s a lot more convenient for the crown to be on the right side of the case, as opposed to the left, if it’s being actuated by a right-dominant individual. Seemingly, left-dominant individuals were not fresh on the minds of the earliest watchmakers.

Longines Avigation Type A-7 1935 with tweed jacket

Longines Avigation Type A-7 with offset crown

This bias for ‘righties’ in product design is not exclusive to watches. For instance, do you recall ever seeing a left-handed can opener?

The need to adjust your watch with your dominant hand is usually not a matter of life or death, nor is a philosophical can opener dilemma. Moreover, it’s clear that it hasn’t been such a point of contention for lefties, evidenced by the comparatively small number of left-hand watches produced.

Some have gotten used to wearing a watch on their left hand, others have rebelled over to their right. Even bolder are the ones who seek out the left-handed timepiece.

At the end of the day, it’s a matter of preference. We believe that how you wear it is almost as personal as the style of watch you wear. In fact, there’s many righties out there who strap their watch to their right hand daily.

So, don’t let tradition stop you from comfortably enjoying the rewarding hobby of watches. Especially if its corruption has resulted in countless enticing left-handed watches, our favorite ones of which we cover next.

Panerai Luminor Left-Handed Ref. PAM00796 – $6,900

Few conversations on left-handed watches transpire without mention of Italian watch manufacturer Officine Panerai.

It makes sense when you consider how iconic their patented crown guard is. Any change to it is bound to cause waves. The PAM 796 isn’t the brand’s first foray into the Destro style, but it is one of their most modern.

Panerai Destro Luminor Left-Handed PAM00796

Instagram: @panerai_hk

The Panerai Luminor Left-Handed boasts the same external look as the most classic Luminors, except for the obvious crown switch. Nevertheless, many aspects have been upgraded.

Panerai Left Handed Watch PAM 796

Instagram: @panerai_hk

Most notably, this Luminor Left-Handed is powered by the brand’s in-house P.5001 caliber. This manufacture caliber touts an 8-day (192 hour) power reserve which can be tracked via the power reserve indicator visible through the caseback.

The dial has the tried-and-true Luminor configuration, except for the attractive splash of color imparted by the blue text. This accent is recalled by the neighboring accents on the calfskin strap.

There’s something innately strange about glancing at a watch with a crown on its left flank. Some find it disturbing, others crave its quirkiness. What can’t be denied is that it works, and works particularly well, on this PAM 796.

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Tudor Pelagos LHD Ref. M25610TNL – $4,450

So successful has been the Black Bay Heritage line that many have forgotten about another outstanding dive watch in Tudor’s catalog – the Pelagos.

Tudor Left Handed Pelagos 25610

Instagram: @tudorwatch

Originally released in 2015 in blue and black themes, Tudor put an unconventional spin on the line by debuting the Pelagos LHD (Left Hand Drive) one year later.

The LHD maintains the titanium construction, black bezel and black dial. As far as changes, Tudor went a step past the crown shift, and implemented some vintage cues to differentiate the lefty-minded model.

The dial on this Pelagos is marked by the beige indices, as is the bezel. The color of the “Pelagos” on the dial has also been changed to red, a nod to vintage Tudor timepieces. Lastly, the date font is now red-on-white as opposed to black-on-white.

The subtle aesthetic changes have revamped the already desirable Pelagos watch, making for an even more special timepiece. We’d also argue that this vintage-styled Pelagos looks better than the original, and is made more unique by its left-handed crown.

Tudor Pelagos LHD M25610TNL

Instagram: @tudorwatch

Despite this, the LHD remains an obscure model, and is not likely to be encountered too often in the wild. If you’re searching for a rare and individual left-handed watch, this Pelagos may just fit that bill precisely.

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TAG Heuer Monaco Calibre 11 Ref. CAW211P.FC6356 – $5,900

Unlike the previous left-handed watches which began with right crowns that were relocated, the TAG Heuer Monaco possessed a left-flanking crown right from the start.

TAG Heuer Monaco Calibre 11 CAW211P

Image: TAGheuer.com

It hasn’t become an established figure of horology for just this fact though. It was also the first square water resistant watch, and the first automatic chronograph movement offered for sale. Its looks were equally revolutionary, demonstrated by its modern day success.

Even 6 decades later, the design proves successful. The square profile is a clear sign of its era, as are the square subregisters. Similarly, its deep “petroleum blue” is very captivating, and unlike blues seen today.

The caliber inside is the same Calibre 11 from the 1969 model, albeit held to modern standards of quality and finishing. If nothing else, this watch is worth it just because of its Hollywood past, given its cameo on Steve McQueen’s wrist in Le Mans.

Some may say this is not a true left-handed watch, given that the chronograph pushers remain on the right flank. It’s also not a true right-handed watch due to its crown. It clearly sits somewhere in the middle, with a compelling aesthetic that is yet to be challenged.

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U-Boat Sommerso Ref. 9007 – $2,100

U-Boat’s watches are recognized for their characteristic flair and oversized cases. The Classico line is also renowned for its left-handed canteen-style crown, now a hallmark of the brand itself. In the Sommerso, the Classico achieves an updated look with vintage inspiration.

A rotating diver’s bezel is now featured on this classic Italian diver, along with beige indices, a 9 o’clock date, and a 24 hour indicator. The crown is where it has always been, on the left flank of the case, to the satisfaction of the brand’s widespread adepts.

U-Boat Sommerso 9007 Left-hand

The Classico design is borne of watch designs kept in the Fontana family since the ’40s. With the Sommerso, the essence remains, but now reflects some measured enhancements.

The left-handed watch is not something that U-Boat has been making for a couple of years; it’s what they’ve been working on since inception. The experience shows, and it’s perceived not only by the success of the watches in stores, but also by taking a look through the brand’s catalog.

It’s true, not everyone is able to rock a 46mm size watch and make it look good. But one certainly can appreciate the individual style, and the brand’s bold proposition to renovate a classic.

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Sinn Diving Watch EZM 3 – $1,800

Sin EZM 3 Mission Timer Black Dial

Instagram: @sinn_spezialuhren

German watch manufacturer Sinn Spezialuhren has been creating timepieces for more than half a century. Throughout that time, they’ve been resistant to trends and fads, holding fast in their own hallmark style.

Most of their popular offerings are steel sports watches, and a large proportion of those are dive watch models. It only made sense that they expand into the left-handed watch category, with how closely left-handed watches are intertwined with the diving timepiece style.

The EZM 3 is just that, a left-handed dive watch, crafted in the brand’s iconic military motif with their most advanced technology. This includes the bead blasted stainless steel construction, the anti-magnetic iron cage for the movement/dial, and their proprietary Ar-Dehumidifying Technology which protects the movement’s lubricants and maintains its accuracy.

Even if you’re not interested in the minutiae of the brand’s technology, it’s easy to like the EZM 3. Its dial is uncomplicated and functional, as has come to be expected from Sinn. Its bracelet is also of superior quality, and can be swapped out for the rubber strap option if that’s more to your liking.

Sinn EZM Left-Handed Watch Steel

Instagram: @sinn_spezialuhren

It can even be dressed up in some “leather shoes” as seen above, and look just as good. Admittedly, it may be difficult to make an unappealing steel sports watch, but this EZM 3 is clearly much more than just “not bad”, and at the price point, is also one of the best value propositions in left-handed watches you may find.

What’s Next?

Let us know in the comments which of the featured lefty watches highlighted here is your favorite, or if there’s any notable others we may have missed. If you’d like to continue exploring the intricate world of watches, jump into some of our most popular watch guides below:

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