Wearing clothing to great effect is not just about the clothes themselves. As fit is arguably the most important element of style, it stands to reason that considering the shape and size of one’s body is an equally important consideration. We have identified five common body types and will address each in their own articles:

  • Average
  • Short & thin
  • Tall & thin
  • Heavy (both short and tall)
  • Athletic

At this point, we’ll address the average man. Average heights and weights vary across countries (Americans tend to be the tallest and heaviest Westerners), so consider “average” as a relative term to your nationality.

While the average guy may, by definition, not necessarily be a beautiful and unique snowflake, he has an advantage over all other men: he can wear whatever he wants. Subtle pinstripes? Go ahead. Bold windowpanes? Knock yourself out. Suits with double-breasted odd waistcoats? Go ahead with your bad self. Anything will look good on the average frame and sartorial decisions can be left up to personal preference and situational appropriateness.

Enjoy, average guys.