Whether you’re standing all day or your feet tend to get tired, you understand the importance of comfortable shoes. Following our thorough research and trying dozens of different shoes, we’ve found 10 Most Comfortable Shoes For Men that you can buy online:

  1. Hybrid: Amberjack The Original
  2. Oxford Shoes: Wolf & Shepherd Closer
  3. Brogues: Allen Edmonds Strandmok
  4. Boat Shoes: Vionic Lloyd
  5. Penny Loafers: Allen Edmonds Addison
  6. Chukka Boots: Vionic Chase
  7. Sneakers: Adidas Original Stan Smith
  8. Walking Boots: Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX
  9. Work Boots: Wolverine Legend Durashocks
  10. Slippers: Rondinaud Gabin Charentaises

Interested in a particular pair? Just click on the link above to jump right to it! Otherwise, scroll down to see them all. We’ll also cover what makes comfortable shoes in terms of construction and design.

Amberjack The Original Shoes

What Are The Most Comfortable Shoes For Men?

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1. Amberjack The Original

Amberjack The Original Shoe Sole Detail
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Founded by John Peters, Amberjack was created to offer a versatile business casual shoe that’s both affordable and remarkably comfortable. The Original is designed by John Kraljevich who has also created shoes for Allen Edmonds, Coach, Rag & Bone, and John Varvatos.

The result is a shoe that marries athletic footwear technology and dress shoe tradition. Its unique aesthetic is stylish and wears well with both casual and business casual attire. Its unparalleled comfort is perfect for long days running between meetings, whether it’s by foot or behind the wheel.

Finally, please note that they run a little large. Therefore, we recommend ordering a half-size lower than usual.

2. Wolf & Shepherd Closer Cap Toe [Oxford Shoes]

Wolf & Shepherd Closer Cap Toe Sole & Upper
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Wolf & Shepherd made the headlines when they claimed to have designed the most comfortable dress shoe in the world. After testing them, we have to agree! These premium Oxfords look and feel incredible with an impeccable construction.

How To Wear

If you work in an office or require more formal wear for your profession, these shoes are ideal. They’re great for men with busy schedules who either stand all day or run between meetings. These are perfect for business professional attire or even more formal events.

Best Colors

If you need something more casual, you can choose between the mid-brown “maple and tan “honey” leathers. These can be more versatile if your needs aren’t so formal. However, if these are your first or only pair of Oxfords, we’d opt for the black pair.

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3. Allen Edmonds Strandmok [Brogue Shoes]

Allen Edmonds Strandmok Brogues
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With superior construction and cushioned inner-soles, these make for very comfortable brogues. Furthermore, the Dainite soles offer extra spring in your step for more support. They also look fantastic!

How To Wear

What we love the most about these brogues is just how versatile they are to wear. At the uppermost, they can be worn in business professional attire. However, they can be as casual as you like too. From jeans to a custom-made check suit, they fit in seamlessly.

Best Colors

Although available in only a single shade of leather, they’re quite colourful and can be paired with different attire. From the deep leather nuances, tan welt and terracotta soles, they’re fantastic. Furthermore, they’re delivered with both tan and red laces for a dash of personalisation.

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4. Vionic Lloyd [Boat Shoes]

Vionic Lloyd Boat Shoe
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We first stumbled upon Vionic when researching shoes for Plantar Fasciitis, which you can see in the link below. However, these Lloyds are excellent for even unaffected feet! They look fantastic and your feet will feel right at home in these classic boat shoes.

How To Wear

You can wear boat shoes with both casual and business casual attire. However, we wouldn’t take it any more formal than that. Classic boat shoes look their best with chinos and a shirt but you could pair them with jeans at a push.

Best Colors

Whilst they’re also available in brown, we’re very fond of the blue boat shoes, which come with a strip of white in the sole. They’re somewhat flashier and give you a nice pop of colour.

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5. Allen Edmonds Addison Penny Loafers

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Nothing beats a good pair of loafers when nipping out on a few errands. However, Allen Edmonds’ take on the classic shoe style is one of the most comfortable that we’ve had the pleasure of trying. The Dainite sole offers extra support compared to other loafers with a cushioned inner-sole too.

How To Wear

In the summer, you can pair loafers with a beige suit or lightweight materials for a dressy look. However, in the milder months, consider wearing them as casual footwear with chinos or even jeans.

Best Colors

For more versatility, you can opt for either tan or burgundy leathers that would go well with the aforementioned beige suit. However, they’re also available in either mid-brown and black as well if you’d prefer something more refined.

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6. Vionic Chase [Chukka Boots]

Vionic Chase Tan Chukka Boots
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Like the boat shoes above, these Chukkas are made by the American firm, Vionic. Chukka boots are a great option for a versatile year-round casual boot. Furthermore, these ones have ankle and arch support as well as a cushioned interior.

How To Wear

Vionic’s Chase chukkas are ideal for business casual wear but you can also wear them at a less casual level. As mentioned above, they’re very versatile and would suit most styles.

Best Colors

These boots are made out of water-resistant leather in both black or tan. For us, black is a little too dressy for chukkas so we’d opt for the tan boots, which will give you more styling freedom.

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7. Adidas Original Stan Smith [Casual Sneakers]

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Fans of Stan Smith sneakers often applaud how comfortable they are to wear. We must agree that these are the best casual sneakers that offer maximum comfort. Furthermore, they’re a classic and far more wearable than athletic sneakers that offer similar comfort.

How To Wear

Thanks to their classic look, Stan Smiths are a lot more versatile than most sneakers. This means that you’re not limited to wearing them with sweatpants or jeans. In fact, you can happily pair these with chinos or even bermuda shorts and no-show socks in the summer.

Best Colors

Stan Smith sneakers are an iconic white. However, they also come with a variety of different accent colours to choose from on the tongue and heel. We’re fans of the green accent but you can also go for either red, blue or yellow.

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8. Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX [Walking Boots]

salomon quest 4d gtx hiking boot
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When it comes to walking boots, there are many comfortable pairs to choose from. In fact, unless you’re in the military, uncomfortable walking boots is something of an oxymoron! We love how these Salomon boots are equipped with an advanced so-called “4D” chassis for extra arch support.

How To Wear

If you’re someone who loves a good hike, then you probably know how to dress properly for the occasion. However, remember that these boots are largely utilitarian in nature so they’d be an odd choice when out and about.

Best Colors

You can choose from a number of colours such as a stealthy matte black as well as a flashy Mallard blue. However, we’re fans of the brown colour, which is a classic choice.

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9. Wolverine Legend Durashocks [Work Boots]

Wolverine Legend DuraShocks CarbonMax Boot
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If you’re a contractor, then you’re likely working on sites all day. That means that you’re probably walking long distances and spending most of your time on your feet. Therefore, you need solid boots and Wolverine’s Legends are the best on the market.

Tradesmen and workers are also at risk from Plantar Fasciitis given the strain that they put on their feet. However, Wolverine’s Legends offer superior protection and support to alleviate symptoms and protect them. They feature the ASTM standard as well as a Carbonmax safety toe as well as waterproofing and flame resistance.

How To Wear

With ASTM standard, a Cardonmax safety toe, waterproofing, electrical hazard proofing and shock-absorbant soles, you’re fully equipped with the Legends. Just remember to dress right and safe when hard at work!

Best Colors

We’re fans of the two-tone details of the brown tan boots. However, they’re also available in a darker brown or somewhat tactical black. Whatever you choose, you’ll be pretty stylish!

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10. Rondinaud Gabin Charentaises [Slippers]

Rondinaud Charentaise Slippers Gabin
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Recently, the Bespoke Unit team discovered Rondinaud slippers when they visited Charles-Philippe in France. Little known outside of the country, these handmade “Charentaise” slippers follow a centuries-old method from pure virgin wool lining and flannel exterior.

How To Wear

Being ridiculously comfortable and warm in any weather, it’s tempting to wear these with anything. In fact, we’d condone it! These are perfect for lounging around the house and the felt soles offer unique sponge support. A thin plastic lining prevents slipping but shouldn’t be worn outdoors.

Best Colors

In France, you have a plethora of colours and plaids to choose from. Unfortunately, they’re very hard to find in the USA. We’ve only found one Canadian seller online, which sells them via Amazon. These are from the unicolour “Aix” range. We like the Gabin green but you can also choose the Calmont grey and Jullié blue.

How To Choose Comfortable Shoes

Did you know that the majority of Americans wear harmful footwear, which causes feet ailments such as Plantar Fasciitis or overpronation? Therefore, it’s imperative to wear shoes that are comfortable and good for your feet!

However, it isn’t always possible to wear super comfy slippers and sneakers everyday. In most cases, we have to wear something that’s suitable for the office or caters to a particular dress code.

Nevertheless, the list above shows that it is indeed possible to wear comfortable yet formal shoes. In this section, we’ll be exploring the features to look out for when choosing shoes that ensure some level of comfort.

Measure Your Feet Properly

Shoe horn in brown dress shoeFirst and most importantly, the biggest issue we face is wearing ill-fitting shoes! In fact, most of us only presume to know our true foot size but haven’t had it properly checked in years.

Whilst you can measure your feet at home, you can also have it done by a professional when going into a shoe shop. However, that doesn’t mean that you’re committed to buying from them if you don’t find what you want.

If you know your size, you can use our guide on how a shoe should fit, which will vastly improve your level of comfort.

Similarly, you should become familiar with the shape of your feet. You may or may not know that shoes are built on what are called “lasts”. These are effectively templates that determine the shoes’ size. These can have slight variations in their curve.

However, your feet are also of a particular shape. Therefore, it’s important to find the lasts that best suit yours and don’t force your feet into an odd position.

Breathable Materials

Rolles Of Horween Leather HidesAlthough it won’t directly affect the immediate comfort of your shoes, the materials used can have a profound effect over a long period of time. In short, the key is to find breathable materials that allow for the exchange of moisture and air.

If you only wear shoes that are sealed, they will cause them to sweat and perspire. The buildup of moisture in your shoes can cause your feet to rub and bring out either blisters or sores.

Both canvas and leathers are the most common options that allow shoes to breathe the most. However, utilitarian shoes such as work boots and hiking boots often feature mesh materials such as Goretex that allow them to breathe and still be waterproof.

Support Your Arches

As mentioned earlier, every foot shape is different. One of the areas where this can differ the most is in the arches, which is the space between the heel and the balls of your feet.

Whilst most people have relatively average arches, some can have quite high or low ones too. Those with flat feet will have low arches. Meanwhile, some disorders can bring about high arches.

Each arch type requires a suitable amount of arch support. Whilst high arches need higher support, low ones will require them to be equally low to avoid discomfort. Meanwhile, neutral arches require a firm mid-sole for a mix of both.

Stable & Lightweight Footwear

Allen Edmonds Dalton Wingtip Brogue Boots GrassAlthough many people talk about shoe flexibility, they may sometimes overlook stability. Whilst flexibility is key for comfort, it shouldn’t be the case all over the shoe.

With regards to flexibility, you want the shoe to bend near the balls of the feet rather than being too rigid and only bending in the middle. However, the heel needs to be quite rigid in order to ensure stability.

You can twist shoes to test their flexibility. If you twist them and they don’t resist, then they may be too flexible and not provide sufficient protection. Conversely, if they only bend in the middle, they may be too rigid.

How much stability you need also depends on the above section. For instance, high arches needs flexibility and cushion. However, flat feet need stability and support.

Finally, the weight of a shoe can make a huge difference to your daily activities. This facet is quite logical. Heavier shoes will weigh you down and put strain on your feet, knees and hips. The lighter they are, the more comfortable they are to wear.


We briefly mentioned cushion, which is another important factor to consider. Cushioning comes in several forms and can vary depending on the type of shoes you require.

When looking for comfortable shoes, the inner soles are the best place to start. It’s important to have some cushion on the heels as well as the arches. Failing that, you can buy inner-soles to provide extra support.

The inner-sole’s cushioning affects the comfort of your shoes when just being worn. Meanwhile, the mid-sole makes a difference when walking on hard surfaces such as concrete or tiles.

Furthermore, the mid-sole tends to offer the most cushioning in a shoe. You want this to be firm enough to ensure a stable gait but flexible enough for comfort.

Allen Edmonds Strandmok Brogues Daimite Soles

Finally, the outer-sole is what provides the most grip. However, it can also provide cushion. Nevertheless, you don’t want it to be too much as it can be detrimental to the shoes’ stability.

That said, rubber soles, such as the Allen Edmonds’ Dainites, give you a slight “bounce” when walking, which feels fantastic!

Achilles Notches & Ankle Collars

Finally, there are other small shoe details that can avoid certain discomfort. Small touches like Achilles notches and ankle collars are both designed to protect the heel from blistering.

The Achilles notch is a small groove on the back of a shoe that reduces friction and rubbing on the heel. Meanwhile, the ankle collar provides the same protection but wraps around the shoe to brace the heel in place.

What Next?

Now that you have read about the most comfortable men’s shoes, consider checking out our other lists. For instance, if you’re here because you suffer from discomfort due to a specific foot condition, we cover several here:

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