What Is An Undercut Hairstyle GraphicThe Undercut is a recent phenomenon in men’s hairstyles. It can be distinguished by the sharp contrast between shaved sides and slicked back longer hair on top. Ironically, the Undercut origins have deep cultural roots ingrained with poverty and delinquency dating back to Edwardian Britain.

At the turn of the 20th Century, working-class men were unable to afford a capable barber. So their sides they would often have their sides buzzed short instead of having a tapered Fade.

The Undercut quickly became associated with the ever-rising street crime in Britain’s industrial cities. The iconic haircut would soon be seen sported by gangs including the Salford Scuttlers, Glasgow Neds and Birmingham’s Peaky Blinders.

Peaky Blinders Salford Scuttlers Manchester Mug Shots

The Undercut saw but a brief revival during the late 1980s and early 1990s. It was often styled with either a Fringe or curtains but soon fell out of fashion due to its unfortunate association with the egregious bowl-cut.

It wasn’t until the early 2010s that we’d be seeing the disconnected side ridges on the odd hipster that imitated 1920s – 1930s hair trends seen in increasingly popular period TV series and film.

In 2009, Undercuts were notably sported by Johnny Depp as John Dillinger in Public Enemies as well as Michael Pitt on HBO’s Boardwalk Empire in 2010.

Ironically, this unexpected comeback really was before it was cool. In fact, its emergence experienced considerable backlash due to its unfortunate association with Nazi Germany. Photographs of Wehrmacht soldiers with Undercuts (to cushion their heavy combat helmets) as well as Hitler himself started circulating online.

Undercut Nazi German Royal Scots Military Haircuts Comparison

However, the Undercut was not exclusive to the Germans (left) as the Royal Scots (right) indicate.

The hairstyle was controversially referred to as “Hitler Hair”, the “Jugend” and recently the “Fashy Haircut” (Fashy for fascist and not fashion). Fuel would soon be added to the proverbial fire when Kim Jong-un emerged sporting a similar haircut when he came to power in late 2011.

The hit BBC series, Peaky Blinders, shocked audiences in 2013 with their protagonists sporting aggressive haircuts. Many many initially believed were a reference to early 1990s subculture styles when they were actually a representation of the post-World War I Undercut.

This paired with trendsetting ambassadors such as David Beckham adorning and therefore endorsing the hairstyle, the Undercut only surged in popularity.

Celebrity Undercut Men Hairstyle Ideas Brad Pitt Zachary Quinto

Unlike the toothbrush moustache, the haircut soon overcame the controversy perhaps by sheer popularity or a genuine disassociation with Nazism. By 2014, the haircut become almost entirely normalised.

Its popularity has endured and even picked up momentum thanks to being represented by more celebrated TV shows such as the History Channel’s Vikings. Justin Timberlake, Brad Pitt, Miley Cyrus and Rihanna are just a few of the many celebrities that have since been seen with Undercut hairstyles.

So What Is An Undercut?

Like a Fade, the Undercut is actually only a component of an entire hairstyle. Although often associated with a long slicked back top, the Undercut is a versatile foundation to a man’s haircut. Unlike a Fade, however, the hair’s transition between the top and the temples is not seamless. On the contrary, the separation is deliberately disconnected for a strong, angular leap between top and sides.

Bespoke Unit's Men's Guide to Undercut Hairstyles

An Undercut can be paired with almost anything on top thanks to the strong contrast it provides. The result leaves the hairstyle with a deliberate, calculated and fashionable finish. A clear distinction between top and sides can be created with a hard or shaved Side Part. Furthermore, a low Fade can also perfect the nape of an Undercut. Occasionally, this can feature a v-shaped finish, which is also applied on the top’s crown.

The style on top can be paired with a Pompadour or Faux Hawk for height, a Fringe or even a Comb Over. Longer hair can be left to fall naturally make a dishevelled hairstyle or even tied up into a Top-Knot.

The Undercut has surely endured all this time because it is simple to acquire and low-maintenance. Wearers will only ever have to concern themselves with grooming the top whilst the back and sides require little attention. Furthermore, it’s an ideal summer haircut. The wearer can retain some length but not have to endure the discomfort of longer hair in the heat.

Will An Undercut Suit My Face Shape?

With endless combinations possible, there are a variety of Undercuts for most men and their different face shapes. We’ve identified 7 individual face shapes, which help ascertain which may styles work and which don’t. If you aren’t yet 100% what your face shape is, follow our identifying guide to double check.

Ideal Matches

What is a man's oval face shape?

Oval Face Shapes

Oval are well suited to Undercuts. Being a high cut with a boxed, angular finish, there’s no risk of rounding the face and it will highlight your features just so.

graphic of a man's round face shape

Round Face Shape

Round face shapes benefit the most from Undercuts. The tight sides emphasise volume on top and elongate the face. An Undercut also provides an angular finish that can be accentuated with a hard Side Part.

What is a man’s Square face shape?

Square Face Shapes

Square face shapes do well with Undercuts as their strong features complement the angular style. Try not to use cuts that are too sharp to find the right balance with your features.

Acceptable Matches

What is a man's oblong face shape graphic

Oblong Face Shapes

With aggressively tight sides, Oblong faces may encounter a serious risk of severely elongating the face. Nevertheless, Undercuts are possible if the height on top is minimal.

What is a man's triangle face shape graphic

Triangle Face Shapes

Triangle faces can enjoy experimenting with Undercuts. Take care that the disconnect remains relatively low to offset the jawline.

Incompatible Face Shapes

What is a man's diamond face shape graphic
Graphic of a man's heart face shape

Undercuts aren’t recommended for Diamond face shapes as these over-sharpen their features and expose their pronounced cheekbones. Meanwhile, Heart shaped faces run a risk of the tight sides accentuating their wide forehead. This may also expose their small chins. Consider opting for something featuring a Fringe instead as this tends to complement both face shapes well.