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The Difference Between Style & Fashion

The difference between style and fashion, at least in my head, is that you buy fashion and you make your own style. While other folks may go for loud prints and bold colors, I prefer differentiating myself through understated details. I like to think of them as secrets. These are just suggestions, and they’re definitely not for the weak at heart, so GO HAVE FUN!

Dressing Down A Classic Formal Look

Tie Belt and PopoverA navy suit is classic, but I don’t dress for an office, so I’ve focused on dressing down my suits. The most obvious detail in this outfit is the tie that I’m wearing as a belt; it’s a riff on a preppy d-ring silk belt. Somedays I think “Screw it! I’m a pirate, deal with it!”

The more subtle detail is that I’m wearing a popover shirt, which I’ve been designing with Cesar Renuan (Instagram @CesarRenuan) for a couple of months now. It’s the perfect cross between an Oxford Cloth Button Down and a polo shirt.

Details, Details, Secrets, & Details

Cuff and a Weejun

On my wrist, I have a leather cuff with a bear’s knuckle on it. My friend Dan Ewing (Instagram @Ewingdrygoods) made it for me. You can check out my interview with him here. On the other wrist, I have a 1970’s Tudor Prince Oysterdate. My main man Wristi helped me find it. The NATO strap has an orange stripe that mirrors the peach lapel flower that Paul makes.

Suit with accessories, watch, lapel flower, etc..

The cufflinks are real human wisdom teeth, my girlfriend’s. She wasn’t using them.

Human Wisdom Teeth Cufflinks

Lastly, not all pocket squares have to be squares… I like to steal stuff from the girls I date, sue me.

An unusual posket square

God Speed,


(Instagram: @CaptnCarlos)

About the Author:

Carlos is a pilot, self-published poet, and design consultant for Cesar Renuan Bespoke. Carlos’ style comes from watching James Bond films every weekend of his childhood, and after a brief political career, Carlos became enamored by the art of wearing a suit. It was once said that Carlos saved a small Korean family from a fire aboard the HMS Ship-Sail, dissolved an illegal international poaching organization, and spent four years amongst a pack of feral wolves roaming Texas at night. Although he will tell you otherwise, those last few statements are simply not true.

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